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  • Okay, well i made mine pretty easy.

    I should have a .txt in the zip file called codes or soemthing like that. That should go in a folder called codes, or textcodes (in the root of your SD card). The one that DOESNT contain a .gct

    When you load up homebrew, you should have a code manager, just click on that, and activate the like, 4 codes i have. Which should be saved tags, basic hacks, music, and no tripping. It'll be in "Ryan's Awesome Codes" or something cocky like that.

    If thats too complicated... then ... tell me where i lost you. LMAO

    Thanks for being patient and cool.
    If the characters begin fighting and then just immediately begin killing themselves like a minute in, it's because the .gct of your sd card needs to be updated with the No Tripping hack. Do you know how to do that?
    Yes please. I want all my wolf matches online lol. and i know ed wants his doubles online as well.
    Thank you very much.
    Depends on how big the files are.
    If it's too much of a hassle for you to upload them, i will.

    But if it's too much of a hassle to try to get all those files back to me, could you?
    Well, at that tournament (Come To Papa) i used Puff, Wolf, and Zero Suit. Ed obv used Zelda/sheik.

    So, whatever of either of us is on there would be awesome.
    Is your wii hacked?
    Cause you MAY have to use my .gct to take off tripping in theory. I'll give you the txtcode too, jic.

    The textcodes and gct should be in the zip
    I have a big folder on mediafire, and my wii's at a friends..
    we have two options:

    1) I'll give you the link to my .zip of all of them and you can go through and look for :zelda: :sheik: :jigglypuff: :wolf: :zerosuitsamus:

    or wait for an unknown amount of time and hope i get my wii back in which i will then send you only the replays we want.
    Hey, Ed wanted me to ask you if you'd upload replays from our tourney. Of him. And if you're going to i'd of course ask that you record mine as well :3
    Very nice Zelda guide and I liked your post about the Zelda boards. I seriously use Zelda in tournament alongside Donkey Kong and I agree that the Zelda boards are just an undesirable place, I've tried to avoid them as much as possible. Keep up the good work on the guide and of being a cool person :cool:.
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