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  • Bud, what was the song on SV when we did our MM? it sounded like a techno song i know.
    We have a couple other people interested in fort worth smashfest, they'd like for it to be on Mondays or Tuesdays. fort worth scene is bumpin up to the mat. It's echo and that FK1 guy who plays ZSS and placed 7th with me at phase.
    Weird...everytime I see my friends list...someone keeps taking you, UTDZac and Fogo off my friends list.....i dunno who it is but i'm investigating. My bad if you seem confused by it....i'll add you again and change my password.
    hey everybody brawl shindig at my house today.

    let me know if you are interested in coming...

    address: 797 s old orchard ln. lewisville Tx, 75067
    My Cell: (541) 390-7781

    ps it starts at 4 o'clock

    one rule as of now when you come find an uncovered parking spot, Do NOT!! park in covered parking or your car will get towed.
    hey man i got news that i might be moving to FW so i was wondering the next time you FW guy get together you should invite me.
    Dude I"ll admit....playing Link is really fun. I can see who you want to get better with him. He's got some nice range movements, the pivot walk always pisses Pat off....and I think I'll use him more.
    Remember if you lose to Captain Falcon, you'll have to main him lol

    So don't EVAR LOSE :)
    Study him....and he'll be a walk in the park.
    How would I know? I money matched someone similar to him....the tech is to edgehog him.
    hey i seen ur vid and u can actually use link im going 2 a trny soon and i want to run him could we spar for awhile add me on msn i think u are the best link out there email is The-Organization-Akatsuki@hotmail.com
    I haven't set up an AIM account, but I might be able to play tomorrow. I'm usually available nearly everyday around 2:30 pm to whenever. I'll PM you next time for a immediate brawl online,alright. I should be good for tomorrow...we'll see...
    Usually during the week and on weekends ill play. if you have an AIM account we could talk then and see when we could brawl. other wise times when i play arent really specific
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