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  • hey if its not to much to ask van you like rate from 1 to ten my characters (mainly fox and kirby) because I want to main one of them and i just keep switching thx
    Wow Aero that was fun (except final smash match I felt cheep) hope to play again soon =D nice deedeedee btw
    sure im on brawl frequently so ill gladly play brawl with you
    ill brawl u just have to add k hope to become friends also if we brawl would u like anyone else playing with us?
    you are very good as well. it was rough against your snake. its nice to finally have a challenge. cant wait to brawl again.
    those were some great matches we had there ^^ the best one had to be the DEDEDE VS Lucas one....whoever was to hit the bottom of the screen first would've lost...it was SOOO CLOSE!! anyways yeah they were all great matches (except for my Ness....I'm still getting used to him) and we seem pretty well matched when it comes to skill ^^ hope to brawl ya again soon~
    well I'm back from dinner and I'll be glad to brawl you now. I'll be waiting online probably
    welcome to the smash board ^-^ I hope you have a great time here~ I'm also new here so I hope we can get along. also, if you'd ever like to Brawl, my code is 0731-6761-6762, I'll add yours in advanced ^^
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