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  • I hit to join your match when it let me last night, but I never joined for some reason.
    add and brawl XD
    what is ur code?
    hey bro my friend code is 4897-9264-0804 hit me up whenever you want to brawl
    This is a little random, but you change your avatar a lot, and I find it funny that your avatars are usually my favorite things, like the geno you have right now.
    Hey man, im not mad at all. We had some good matches. You have a really nice kirby if I do say so myself. I just got off soo quick cause I had to leave asap, sorry about that. : / Yea we should definitely brawl again sometime. : D
    Thanks, also, I'm really that good with Rob?
    I just took him up this week. I guess my playstyle is fit for rob.
    Your pikachu has a lot of potential to kick butt, you'll do great with him in no time.
    it sayed u were braling then it sayed u signed off so i diddnt get a chance to fight u, get on sometime today Ill probably be on all day :D
    I 'd say Fox as your main and Kirby as a secondary.
    Your good with Kirby, but I find your Fox more of a challange.
    I would give your fox and kirby a 6-8 because you have good tactics and attack setups, but your fox recovery is getting predictable and your kirby is also getting somewhat predictable. Otherwise, you really good, in my opinion.
    You weren't cheap with the landmaster, but that was funny though.
    Thanks on the compliment with Dedede, it took me a while, but I'm finally am getting good with him.
    my brother is better then me he is on a different level then me and he is 15. i play with him mostly. i like your kirby alot man it is very good.
    I recently picked up with Charizard ^^ he looked like fun so I thought I'd give it a shot~ your kirby was toungh to beat though...though I only did once hehe ^^;
    hehe sorry about not being able to brawl ya...I went online and you weren't there so I made a room and I was brawling some guy. when I was finally done brawling him, you were in a brawl so I decided to take a bit of a break. ^^; I could try to go online again in a bit though...mabye we can brawl then?
    waaaaaaat that IS my code though...perhaps you need to try it again? that's the code I always use and it worked fine for everyone else....
    What router do you have? I need to get a good one, but I don't know which is good for smash
    I would but my stupid router lags my game and I can't even play comfortably. I'm getting another one soon, but I can't log into the freaking internet with it.
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