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Recent content by Aayla

  1. Aayla

    Event - EVO 2016 EVO 2015 Fantasy League - 1st Dreits, 2nd Futile, 3rd Fennel!!!

    Post in this thread your fantasy players in LIST ORDER (12 players) Shroomed PewPewU Plup MacD The Moon Kalamazhu Gahtzu Porkchops Laudandus Kira Tafokints Azen zagenite Post your answers to the following questions How many games will be played in the finals? 5 Will there be a 4 stock in...
  2. Aayla

    Collaborators List

    Where? I would say to keep this email private in our group for the moment. We are not an organization, we don't have a website nor anything. And most of all nobody decided that we had to be the representative smashers for each country, we are just a group of people who are trying to coordinate...
  3. Aayla

    Current goals and ideas.

    It seems it might work really well, I agree :)
  4. Aayla

    Collaborators List

    Here's a list of people you can contact from each EU country. The list is incomplete so please add a comment with your information and I'll make sure to add them here. Please use these info only for EUnit purpose and don't share outside the group without permission. Denmark Julius 'King Funk'...
  5. Aayla

    Wiki Pages

    I'd love to create/update/keep updated the page of the main eu smashers on the various wiki/databases available on the web. Even if I'll not be able to write all the content by myself (mostly because my own lack of knowledge) I hope I'd help keeping it clean and updated. To start, I have two...
  6. Aayla


    Well, I'm here :)
  7. Aayla

    2014 FIFA World Cup discussion and prediction game

    I just noticed your cute instruction paragraph. **** you, Slhoka.
  8. Aayla

    Republic of Fighters 3 - Paris, France - European MLG qualifier

    I'd like to thank all the ones who asked me to get a photo with the little blackboard. I know that many people don't feel comfortable about being portrayed and I appreciate they overcame shyness to allow me working on this project. Also I wish to thank the people I've played with in tournament...
  9. Aayla

    [May 17, 2014] Republic of Fighters 3 - MLG Qualifier (Noisy-le-Grand, France)

    I really want to :D But the blackboard got broken at Beast 3. I'm trying to fix it with my poor DIY skills
  10. Aayla

    [May 17, 2014] Republic of Fighters 3 - MLG Qualifier (Noisy-le-Grand, France)

    AvengerAngel, Dax, Alain, Pablo, NikeXTC and me already booked our tickets from Italy :)
  11. Aayla

    Air Dash Online - A competitive platform fighter

    Syder Universe is still a concept, we hope we will be able to develop it someday. Escape Velocity seems cool indeed! I pm you my email so you can write there when you need.
  12. Aayla

    B.E.A.S.T 3 - Results and Shoutouts

    Uops sorry, the photo hasn't been uploaded for some reason. Here it is: https://picasaweb.google.com/113545355337414774365/Finland#5867499862732845074
  13. Aayla

    B.E.A.S.T 3 - Results and Shoutouts

    Finally the mugshots are online! https://picasaweb.google.com/113545355337414774365 I really want to thanks everybody who asked for a photo and helped/encouraged my work (it made everything easier for me) and apologize if somebody didn't had a chance to take his picture. If we will ever meet...
  14. Aayla

    Air Dash Online - A competitive platform fighter

    My friends from Studio Evil, the Italian indie development team I'm part of, found about this on Reddit and thought it was really cool (and so do I). If you guys need some visibility in the future let us know and we will tweet around about that
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