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Xbox Smash Bros... Who's Ready?

Qwerty UIOP

Smash Lord
Feb 19, 2022
JOB 4(The New One): Submit a idea for a moveset

When we were originally doing this, I guess I was going too fast paced for you guys. I'm sorry and now I am going to make a submission to my new fourth job, So in the context of this being a new game, I would like to keep it simple.So Here is what I think you could add for moveset jobs in the future:

  • How will this character control/Pros and Cons
  • Basic Moves
  • Charged Moves
  • Finale Attack(What I will call it.)
  • Miscellaneous(Idle/Entrance/Victory etc.)


Smash Lord
Sep 26, 2021
Job 4:My Moveset Gameplay

How Will This Character Control?
the character gameplay is a mix from to Super Smash Bros. and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl gameplay,the character control has the commands of Light Attacks,Strong Attacks and Special Attacks,the Light Attacks are useful for combo,the Strong Attacks are useful for more damage and the Special attacks are same from Smash games,each character has their own Special attacks,have more one attack,the Assist Attack,the Assist Attack is attack that player summons an assist character,it's similar to assist move on Dragon Ball FighterZ and Marvel VS. Capcom games,the character control has the shield move,dodge moves,floor attack moves,edge attack moves,grab move,throw moves and pummel move and get up move,similar to Smash games and the Finale attack is called X-Treme Attack,the X-treme Attack is similar to Final Smash from Smash games,the player can gain the X-Treme Attack when the bar on the player's HUD is full.

(i put an image of a Xbox controller's Layout to explain what the character control buttons will be)
Button 1/A button:Light Attack
Button 2/B button:Strong Attack
Button 3/X button:Special Attack/X-Treme Attack
button 4/Y button:Assist Attack
stick 1/left lever:Move,Crouch and Jump
stick 2/right lever:Catch Item
button 5 and button 11/LB button and LT button:Shield Move
button 6 and button 12/RB button and RT button:Grab Move and Pummel Move
POV up/D-pad up button:Up Taunt
POV right/D-pad right button:Right Taunt
POV left/D-pad left button:Left Taunt
POV down/D-pad down button:Down Taunt
button 7 and button 8: Pause/Unpause
  • 4 ground light attacks (Neutral, Side, Up and Down)
  • 4 ground strong attacks (Neutral, Side, Up and Down)
  • 5 air light attacks (Neutral, Forward, Backward, Up and Down)
  • 5 air strong attacks (Neutral, Forward, Backward, Up and Down)
  • 4 special attacks (Neutral, Side, Up and Down)
  • 1 Assist Attack
  • 1 X-Treme Attack
  • 1 grab,1 pummel attack and 4 throw attacks (Forward, Backward, Up and Down) (same from Smash games)
  • 1 shield move,2 roll dodges (Forward and Backward),1 spot dodge (only Down) and 8 air dodges (same from Smash Melee) (Forward, Backward, Up, Down,Forward-Up,Forward-Down,Backward-Up and Backward-Down)
  • 2 floor attacks (Backward and Forward) and 2 edge attacks (Light Attack and Strong Attack)
  • 4 taunts (Up,Forward,Backward and Down)
  • the characters has 2 idle animations
  • the characters has custom entrance animations,are 4 on total and similar to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale,but the animations are Smash-style
  • the characters has 4 victory animations
  • some characters has crawl,wall jump and wall climb and others don't have,same on Smash
  • the characters has 8 alternate costumes that change the character's color and 2 alternate costumes that change the character's design,are 10 on total
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Qwerty UIOP

Smash Lord
Feb 19, 2022
So guys... funny thing... I accidentally misread one of my posts as a submission...
so that means that DragonRobotKing26 DragonRobotKing26 's moveset wins by default... sorry for the misunderstanding

In Other News,we can finally get to...
JOB 5:Submit a Banjo Kazooie Moveset:

Have fun and I apologise...
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