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Who Needs Pokemon? The Bea for Smash Support Thread


Smash Ace
May 12, 2006

Who is Bea?

Bea is 1 of the gym leaders of Stow-on-Side Town in 2019's Pokemon Sword (but not Shield) for the Nintendo Switch and later a contender for the Galar League tournament. She specializes in powerful fighting type pokemon like Machamp & Sirfetch'd.

Why a human? The humans in Pokemon don't fight!

There's a difference between "Don't" & "Can't". Even though most humans are competitors in a Pokemon-based combat sport, that doesn't mean none of them are capable of throwing down, just the circumstances where they need to fend for themselves rarely come up in their world. In the Pokemon games, practically every trainer who specializes in fighting-types are themselves trained martial artists or are in considerable physical condition, often showing off what skill/strength they have before the start of a pokemon battle.

These types of trainers sure do look like they're capable of putting up a fight if they ever need to. Additionally, there are also the various psychic-type trainers who inexplicably have their own psychic abilities like telekinesis, the water gym leader Crasher Wake who is a pro wrestler by trade, Team Rocket grunts who utilize traps & contraptions, ninjas like Kogas, & Lt. Surge, a war vet who very likely has killed people & pokemon alike on the battlefield. But for the purpose of this thread, we'll be keeping it to the fighters & Bea in particular.

So why Bea in particular?

A few reasons come to mind why I'm singling her out:

1. She very much is in fighting fit shape, easily looking like the type of person who could chop bricks in half.

2. She's a Gen-8 rep. Chances are very good that something from Gen 8 is going to be in Fighter Pass 2 & frankly Bea sounds like a more intriguing prospect than yet another starter evo.

3. She's a much needed female DLC rep. Kazooie & Byleth don't exactly count as proper female representation.

4. & an even more needed ethnicity rep. IDK, maybe she's just really tanned or something, but SSB is sure overdue a human character that isn't white or Japanese.

5. This video that just went up today.

In this video, we see her engaging directly in battle with a Rhydon, outrunning her pokemon, pulling off a heavy rock with one arm, & holding her own against a Machamp. That TPCi is even willing to show a human directly fighting/sparring with pokemon on-screen is a surprise in of itself. The whole episode is basically a declaration that Bea is Smash Bros. material.

Okay, so what's the moveset?

Oh right, I need to come up with 1 of those don't I?

Jab: palm strike. Does a kick with the last hit of her combo.

Tilt: Roundhouse kick

Forward Smash: Closed fist punch

Up Smash: Backflip kick

Down Smash: Axe Kick

Dash: Double handed palm strike

Neutral Air: spinning back kick

Up Air: Upward punch

Forward Air: Knee strike

Back Air: Elbow strike

Down Air: Foot Stomp
B: Pokeball Go! This functions a bit like :ultyoshi:'s B, briefly trapping an opponent inside of a poke'ball. The opponent will always break out but at higher % it takes longer. This move also borrows a trait from :ultpacman:'s B in which holding the B button cycles through different types of balls that each have their own property:

Poke'Ball-The 1st projectile, the standard version of the move with no extra effect but the quickest to throw out.
Quick Ball-A quicker moving projectile that has a shorter trap duration.
Dive Ball- When the opponent breaks out, a watery splash knocks them backward.
Heavy Ball-A slower projectile that inflicts damage on contact before trapping.
Moon Ball-Floats up in the air while the opponent is trapped.
Dusk Ball-Inflicts a 1-second long poison effect when the opponent breaks out.
Net Ball-Reduces the jumping height of the opponent for a couple of seconds when they break out.
Ultra Ball- The last of the cycle, opponents stay trapped the longest in an Ultra Ball, long enough for Bea to deal a few hits in. But Bea only carries a limited supply of a few Ultra Balls with each stock.

Up B: Escape Rope. Uses a rope as a tether recovery.
Side B: Rotom Bike. Functions like a slightly slower :ultwario: Side B but it doesn't break apart & inflicts electric damage on contact.

Down B: Clefairy Doll. Throws out a doll that does no damage or knockback if it hits anything but it can act as a shield to absorb 1 hit before being destroyed.

Grab: Super Rod. Functions similar to :linkmelee:'s & :samusmelee:'s ranged grabs.
Final Smash: Summons a Gigantamax Machamp in the background that 4 different spots on the stages. A bit like :ultbowser:'s current FS.

Stage: The Wild Area

The stage is a "tour" style map where the main platform will pick up the fighters & drop them off in different zones of the Wild Area:

Watchtower ruins-The ruins serve as platforms/walls to fight on.
Motostoke Outskirts-Fighters are placed on a high rise bridge. Section of the bridge will be randomly destroyed by a rampaging Gyarados.
Rolling Fields-A flat area where Wooloos roll across like tumbleweeds.
Lake Axewell-A large body of water with a small island in the middle. The tree in the middle of the island serves as a platform.
Dusty Bowl-Sheer cliffs on both sides.
Dappled Grove-A forest zone with many trees.

Galar Route 1
Hop Battle
Sword/Shield Trainer Battle
Wild Area Ver. 1
Wild Area Ver. 2
Max Raid Battle
Motostoke City
Team Yell Battle
Bede Battle
Gym Leader Battle
Marnie Battle
Stow-on-Side Town
Chairman Rose battle
Eternatus Battle

All of the Pokemon series spirits have been well, pokemon. So Bea comes with a number of human spirits to make up for it:

-Sword/Shield Male & Female Protagonists (:ultpokemontrainer: & :ultpokemontrainerf:)
-Leon (:ultganondorf: with a :ultcharizard:)
-Hop (:ultinklingboy:)
-Marnie (:ultbayonetta:)
-Team Yell Grunt (:ultwario:)
-Bede (:ultrobin:)
-Sordward & Shielbert (:ultlink: & :ulthero:)
-Nessa (:ultzss:)
-Kabu (:ultincineroar:)
-Milo (:ultvillager:)
-Allister (:ultmetaknight:)
-Raihan (:ultridley:)
-Melony (:ulticeclimbers:)
-Chairman Rose (:ultsnake:)


Smash Lord
Oct 25, 2019
If we're getting a Pokemon Sword & Shield character (and I do think it's at least somewhat likely we will, considering Byleth was chosen for the first Fighters Pass despite their game not being released yet), Bea would be a cool choice to mix things up.

Even if they go with someone else or we just don't get a full Pokemon DLC character at all, Bea would still make for a cool Mii Fighter costume, especially if she comes with the Gym Leader theme or Battle Tower theme.
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Planet Cool

Smash Ace
Sep 18, 2014
For whatever reason, TPC really doesn't seem to want human characters in Smash (except for the male and female Pokemon Trainers, and they don't even get official art from the games). Bea could be cool, but I really don't think she stands a chance.

It's too bad. I liked that Professor Oak and Misty got cool 3D models in Melee. I wonder what changed.


Smash Journeyman
Nov 6, 2019
I made a thread about Urshifu, and was going to make one for Grapploct (might be spelling that wrong), but forget that if Bea could literally be the fighter! I support 100%, and I love your moveset ideas... I think a pokèball could be awesome K.O. material. I think the clefairy doll should deal a small amount of damage if it hits from above though... Also one of her taunts should be a group hug with her 3 ma-mons... Alt costumes could see her take the clothing colors of other gym trainers, to!
1. Fighting (normal clothing)
2. Fairy
3. Water
4. Ice
5. Fire
6. Grass
7. Ghost
8. Dark

And one last thing, would the pokéball be a menu like shulk? Or a cycle like pacman? I'd like it as a menu like the bag from pokemon? I like the idea of thwm being limited per stock too!
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Smash Hero
Jul 2, 2013
I think its time we got a human pokemon character. Cynthia has always been my top pick but i would be happy for Bea. That new animation was great at showing her off. If she got in i think having her fight with calling out machamp for some moves would be fitting


Smash Ace
May 12, 2006
For whatever reason, TPC really doesn't seem to want human characters in Smash (except for the male and female Pokemon Trainers, and they don't even get official art from the games). Bea could be cool, but I really don't think she stands a chance.

It's too bad. I liked that Professor Oak and Misty got cool 3D models in Melee. I wonder what changed.
They generally underestimate just how important humans are to the franchise. But there is the Masters game now, which places a heavier emphasis on them, which might be a sign of change.


Smash Ace
Mar 11, 2019
The Cale-Zone
Switch FC
I support Bea for smash, i had the idea that she could be like a reverse pokemon trainer : she does most of the fighting but her pokemon can appear beside her to help her in some of her moves (Like Toad for Peach or the Phantom Knight for Zelda).

Her Up-B could be Machamp throwing her into the air, her side-B could be sirfetch'd charging ahead, spear in hand(/wing?) and she could have a long reaching grab with the help of Grapploct's tentacles.


Smash Ace
Jul 10, 2017
we have pokemon that fight, a trainer with a pokemon team that can fight other characters and switch amongst each other, why not have a trainer that can fight other characters?

supports :)


Smash Lord
Aug 9, 2016
Somewhere Else
Switch FC
Though I doubt it'll ever happen, I'd really just like to see a Pokemon fighting game based on the human characters. Pokemon has so many great character designs that go unexplored because the people just aren't the focus.

Support, though some of your points/move set for Bea in the OP don't really sell me on her no offense.

In regards to the move set, I think it'd be neat if she had a more distinct fighting style maybe based on some of the Pokemon she owns/trains. The specials in particular feel more fitting for :ultpokemontrainer::ultpokemontrainerf: if we could actually play as them as opposed to their team. I get that it's supposed to tie into actual stuff from the Pokemon games, but I think that if we were to get a proper human character and not a general Player trainer then there should be more creative liberty involved. Giving a character like Bea (or really any others like Cynthia, Koga, Maylene or whoever) generic "trainer" moves so to speak seems like a waste imo.

I know that its generally seen as a big no-no (well in some cases at least) to just make stuff up when it comes to move set ideas as people always try to trace stuff back to what a character can in their source game/s but for characters like Bea you kind of have to.


Smash Ace
Jul 10, 2017
How about a moveset for Bea where her jab, tilts, and smash attacks are her physically fighting but her specials are pokemon she uses in her Gym and Champion Cup Battles. I posted the idea in another thread

Bea whose normals, tilts, and smash attacks could be her fighting while her specials and grab could be her pokemon and her final Smash is either Gigantimaxed Machamp or a dual attack with Machamp

Hawlucha could be her Up Special: Bounce, operates similar to Cloud's Up Special
Falinks could be her Down Special: Megahorn
Hitmontop could be her Side Special: Triple Kick, Hitmontop turns upside down and rotates his legs three times horizontally operates similarly to Ken's Side Special
Sirfetch'd could be her Neutral Special: Leaf Blade
Grapploct could act as her grabs: said to have high gripping strength, operate similar to Peach and Toad
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