Who else misses brawl


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Aug 6, 2019
Like others I miss Brawl for a few things but I don't miss it all that much (Nor do I miss it's online. That was awful. So, SO awful). I miss the single player content. It felt like of the most jam packed in the entire series, even without Subspace. Subspace though was a really fun and unique diversion from the staple local multiplayer of yesteryear (Only local I get now is at tournaments. Not many of my actual friends play Smash in the same room together anymore). Brawl is a fine game it itself but it has cemented its place as a more casual experience for me to goof around with only on occasion (it's just too jarring to play after all these years). If Ultimate added a nice content pack later on I'd be super happy. I know things like Target challenges and 'Race to the Finish' won't likely return due to roster size but it'd be amazing if it did (Especially if each Race to the Finish was unique to each character as opposed to a simple three level drop down challenge with only mildly annoying obstacles).
Sep 3, 2018
Houston, Texas
I don't miss Brawl for two reasons:

1. Mewtwo being cut.

2. Tripping.

Other than that, I really don't have anything else against Brawl. I agree with everyone on here that Brawl had the best single player experience of all the games.


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Apr 19, 2019
Like some others already said, I think I mostly miss the times in which I played Brawl. I was around 12 years old when I first played Brawl (also my first Smash game). Me and my younger brother would just casually play with items on and have fun not knowing what competitive play was at all. The game is very nostalgic to me.

Also I miss the Subspace Emmisary (just an awesome time consuming story mode and love the cut scenes) and the one minigame in which you launched coins to get trophies. :D
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