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When Peach is hanging on the ledge...


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Dec 24, 2008
The Netherlands, sometimes Japan
This thread is dedicated to Peach’s option when she’s hanging on the ledge. I personally eat a lot of damage whenever I’m on the ledge and I have heard I am not the only one with this problem. I’m going to sum up a few options first. Then, I’d like to ask everyone what their strategies are when they’re on the ledge. How do you guys escape and make it back to the stage while taking as little damage as possible?

Options Peach has on the ledge (and their weaknesses)

Standard get-up: Has an animation that lasts for 32 frames and is invincible on from 1-31, which means it has only 1 frame of lag. By looking at its frame data this option seems very safe, but in practice a predictable get-up attack is easily punished by a (charged) smash.

Get-up attack: Invincible from frame 1-15, hits on frame 18, lags till frame 55. Usable if you’re 100% sure you’re going to hit your opponent (e.g. when he’s charging a smash attack), but is super punishable if whiffed or blocked .

Roll: With an animation lasting for 49 frames, it is invincible from 1-28, meaning 21 frames of lag. Can be used as a mix-up, but if you start getting predictable with it you’re bound to get punished since 21 frames is a lot. It’s also very easy to react to.

Jump: Takes 12 frames of start-up. You’re invincible during the 12 frames. The problem is making it back to the stage. What do you guys usually do after a jump?

Second jump – Fair:Has amazing range and is super strong, forcing respect on the opponents side. This is a really good tool to scare your opponent. However, it’s slow and predictable, and if you whiff you can get punished. There’s also the risk of messing up your autocancel.

Second jump – Dair: Not as scary as Fair nor is it as ranged, but on shield it’s much safer.

Second jump – Uair: Disjointed, and opponents usually don’t see it coming because they usually expect a Fair. It also has less lag than Fair has. Its horizontal range is somewhat lacking, though, and it doesn’t as well on stages with thick ledges such as Final Destination.

Second jump – Peach Bomber: Pretty safe on shield (although you don’t have a second jump after you hit a shield). Opponents usually don’t see it coming. If you do it too often, however, its slow start-up (it’s slower in the air than on the ground) makes it quite telegraphed. If you whiff you’re dead.

Second jump – Turnip Throw: One of her safer options since there’s very little lag on throwing a turnip. Unfortunately you don’t always happen to have a turnip in hand, but if you do, using it as a ledge option is a very viable option. The opponent’s attack will sometimes destroy the turnip though.

Instant Float: I never have my float when I’m on the ledge so I have got no idea. :p

So what options do you guys use when you’re on the ledge? Please share anything you know!


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May 9, 2012
Jump-cancel Fast-fall from ledge is essentially a faster standard get-up. It is really useful if you have your float available. Also Jump > Float > D-air is really good for pressuring your way back on-stage.

If you have a turnip on the ledge, you could ledge-hop > throw turnip off stage to turn yourself around for a double jump B-air (could also use Toad to turnaround).

Parasol has a really good hitbox and goes through a portion of the main platform on most stages. It seems to work best on Lylat Cruise, where you can Up-B underneath the stage and cover a large portion of the stage with a hitbox while still being able to make it back to the ledge.

This option can be really good when used occasionally, imo. It can even set up potential combos, if your opponent misses a tech, because Parasol always puts your opponent into tumble.

Obviously, it's important not to abuse this as you lose your invincibility frames once you re-grab the ledge without being hit.


Smash Cadet
Jan 18, 2015
Sydney, Australia
I usually mix up between bomber, jump nairs and dairs, and insta floats if i mange to keep it. I use ledge attacks to punish. I pretty much always use my turnip before I grab the ledge to not get edgeguarded
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Jun 13, 2008
Toot Toot thrills in Green Hills (England, UK)
It depends.

...I mean, it very VERY heavily depends on what character you're facing and also how your opponent plays. This is something that plagued Peach in Brawl and tbh there isn't really a right answer.

What I would absolutely NOT recommend doing is putting yourself in a position where you're faced to grab the ledge without invincibility because of the way Parasol and ledge snapping work this time around

If your opponent likes to attempts ledge trumps, buffer a roll (by doing this, it's impossible to ledge trump...lol.)

Ledge drop -> onstage Fair is very good for a surprise but whiffing it puts you in a truly awful position. Definitely don't do this if someone like Shulk is charging up an F Smash or if your opponent is sitting in their shield. Infact, most of her ledge drop options are a bit naff...

IMO Instant Float is very meh this time around as she starts up the Float a lot later than she did in Brawl.

In my experience, standard get up and jump get up are the safest, with the odd roll get up thrown in there. Standard get up followed by an immediate grab can take opponents who like to sit at the edge and shield by surprise. Jump get up followed by an airdodge can work as well helps you avoid any immediate threats. Mix up when you come off the ledge as well to throw your opponents timing off.

Honestly, the dodge options in this game are so crazy that you might just be best doing a standard get up and rolling away to safety...


Smash Ace
Dec 12, 2013
Up yours, kid.
Yeah its seems that Ledge Drop>Umbrella works most of the time for me. But honestly i question my opponents ability to ever respect Umbrella's start hitboxes. So it's definitely not the best get up option with higher level players? I do feel like jump>Dair will pressure pretty well...

but i tend to do this the just as much as anything, and only because im a scrub and like super useless flashy things or, super useless lame things...

But yeah technichally just Peach bomber like mentioned before, but its from a ledge drop and no more than maybe 5 frames later Peach bomb, it results in a nifty slide that reaches about half stage. I think its swell and works on people expected to sheild grab it.

--sorry for quality and grammer 'xD
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Smash Rookie
Aug 26, 2015
Good thing is Second Jump -airdodge.
When the opponent stands on the edge you can get behind him and use bair to punish whiffed moves and their dropped shield.
By inputting the analog stick down and use fair right after the airdodge you can autocancel on the stage and get back to the neutral(maybe get the grab cause they think you'd use bair).

Bombchu Link

Smash Cadet
Apr 9, 2015
I've never really had a tough time on the ledge, most of the time I just wait to see what the opponent does, ie commit to a hard read U-smash on roll up and proceed to punish with drop>double jump Fair/Nair also if necessary float can be used to stall against longer lasting smashes or Fsmashes if we have it ect.

This of course doesn't work on giddy falcons that like to run off and Bair all the time, but we have other options at that point...

Drop double jump backwards to bomber also works somewhat and is safe on shield against some of the cast, (though if they know it's coming it put you in a 50-50 against say...mario's Fair if you air dodge (though you might be able to beat it out with Nair as I haven't actually tested this..)) I can get away with it 90% of the time on shield shield because it's so unexpected because they are shielding to catch getup attack and will instantly shield grab out of it, though is will leave you vulnerable to double ledge snapping without your float.. but a beefy upB can work when they try to catch you on re-snap.. or just a beefy upB to start with is a good mixup and it's pretty safe if they are onstage and are close enough to hit.

I almost never ever get to the ledge with a turnip in hand because it always gets knocked out for some odd reason so I don't have much advice on that...
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