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When A Person Moves


Human Nature
Jul 22, 2008
Kennesaw, Georgia
Link to original post: [drupal=5499]When A Person Moves[/drupal]

When a person moves away from sight figuratively or mentally a weight and warmth disappears leaving a feeling of lost and cold breeze brushing or whipping past you. Similarly to how if a piece of a barrier were to break. Obviously the immeadiate cons would be loss of a bond and all that came with that bond. Unlike a barrier however, that leaves an image of where they used to be; that being all the fond memories that were shared with that person. A person can leave but never their memory. Also, that missig piece can lead to positive things as well; such as, replacement or adventure. A broken bond can be mended by fixing the dissolved bond or by creation of a new bond with another person, place, thing, song, or even memory.

Everyone wants to belong and networking of bonds establishes this sense of belonging. They've become or felt they've become an important link of society, a group, and/or relationship. The person has now accomplished rebuilding their barrier in one way.

Previously mentioned, adventure. can rectify a broken bond when someone moves. With cold air coming in where said person used to be also comes with a new eyesight. People can blind on another and losing a person can be like having laser eye surgery. Light or darkness filters through and it's up to that one person to venture to see new aspects of life, new perspectives, and meet new people. The more seen, the more known, the more gained.

For all that person knows maybe it was better off for the bond to broken.

Chapter 2: Geometric Of Life

Shapes cannot be made of one or two angles so those who view things or tackle obstacles from only one or two angles without acknowledging the other possibilities are close-minded and.or irrational thinkers. There are a plethora of perspectives that can conquer the devils of life and solve the simplest daily problems people face. The more philosophies and tactics we accept and adopt, the more likely we are to deal with and handle ourselves, others, controversy, and the unknowns.

Look at it this way, the more angles one has, technically, the larger the shape will be. In other words, the more one bends a line outside of two vertices, the more shapes one can create. Bringing it to reality, the more ways one bends a problem the more paths are found to reach the desirable point on the line or outcome.

However, on the negative side of things, don't let geometry overwhelm the mind. Once the desirable path(s) are found, use those and those only. Using negative outcome paths can convolute the problem more than need be and possibly out of control. Basically, this leads to a matter of common sense, process of elimination, educated guessing, or pure luck.

As a whole we all need to learn to understand the concepts geometry presents to us and life will become an easier enigma to conquer.


Smash Hero
Nov 1, 2008
Look at it this way, the more angles one has, technically, the larger the shape will be.
I'm not positive on this, but I'm 99.9% sure that changing angles in a shape results in the exact same area since the increase in angle on some corner results in the decrease in angle elsewhere to compensate.

I may be wrong though.

Orange Fox

Smash Cadet
Jul 4, 2011
Gainesville, Florida
Actually, I think he meant that if you add in another new angle then it will be larger Which in my head seems to be true for the most part because it will take up more space in the 360 degree space.

Also, if you change the magnitude of the angle then it will not stay the same, its true that other angles will get larger as you make the others smaller and vice versa, but this changed many things and the area/volume as a hole could increase or decrease.
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