What Veterans Should Enter or Cut?? Smash Switch Discussion and Thread

Outside of Clones, What Character Group Will Have The Greatest Chance to Get Cut?

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Jun 15, 2014
John Cena
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I'm just going by the Smash Wiki on this one. One move has a smaller hitbox (meaning it's less likely to hit), one move has significantly less knockback (making it harder to KO with), the arrows are harder to control than Pit's, and the Electroshock Arm does slightly more damage and knockback. (then there's his final smash, which is completely different from Pit's but is basically a copy-paste of Zelda's)
Ah, didn’t realize the infinite was also a different between them. Weird


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Aug 22, 2014
The problem is that Dark Pit doesn't really have a different playstyle from Pit, unlike Lucina, Dr. Mario, Young Link, or even Pichu. All but four attacks (five if you include his final smash) are identical to Pit's, and many of those four attacks are outright worse than what Pit has or have differences that are so marginal that they are difficult to notice.

If he returned, that could be an opportunity to change up his moves and make him more worthwhile as a separate character, but as he currently is, he doesn't really add much.
Again, he didn't really need a different playstyle because Sakurai never envisioned him with a different playstyle, and he's literally a clone of Pit. It was only in thinking about it later that Sakurai realized it would be weird to have Dark Pit use the Three Sacred Treasures. Dark Pit is not a newcomer that doesn't bring anything new, he's a different flavor of Pit. And personally, I prefer the Dark Pit flavor.
Why? I prefer his more straightforward (pun not intended) arrow attack, because I'm not good at angling Pit's arrow. I prefer his Electrodash Arm to catch people near the edges of stages and it's just more satisfying to me than the Upperdash Arm. Though mostly I prefer his deeper voice and more serious nature over Pit. If he had remained an alt I would probably still play as Dark Pit over Pit. So that being said, it's cool that what essentially should have been an alt has gotten some bonus attention to detail that makes sense for his character, with a couple differences from Pit, which is more than Alph can say.

If Sakurai had had more time after making the decision to make him a 'clone' I fully expect he would have made Dark Pit even more different, as his clones usually are. But for now, I'm just glad we got what we did. And I hope for the next game he gets some more tweaks.
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