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What are situations against Marth/Spacies where CCing is a better option than shielding?


Smash Rookie
Nov 25, 2016
I'm starting to try and practice without using a shield and trying to learn when it's a good idea to cc, but i'm struggling to realize when I should.
Any ideas?

Fortress | Sveet

Dec 21, 2005
Northern IL
First, I will clarify the difference between CC and ASDI down.

True crouch cancelling happens when you are in the crouch animation, holding down and pressing no other buttons. This reduces your knockback and hitstun by 1/3. This effect never stops, and you can see it occasionally when someone holds down and fox usmashes them at KO percents, but they do not even go close to the blastzone. Another way to see it is when fox shines someone who gets knocked down by shine (eg, falco), but if they are CCing, they will remain standing and not go very far.

ASDI down can be done while in any animation, though you must be on the ground (or very close to it). When you ASDI down against an attack, the game puts you in the air for 1 frame from the attack, but then your ASDI down puts you back on the ground, and the game puts you into the normal landing animation which only has 4 frames of lag. This effect only works on certain attacks in certain percent ranges, otherwise you will knocked over onto the ground or simply go flying with poor DI. Here is an example of this: https://gfycat.com/AmbitiousIllegalArgentineruddyduck on the 2nd gimp, m2k does a getup attack from ledge, Ice punishes the lag with bair, but m2k ASDIs down and grabs immediately.

True CCing is not used as often as ASDI down. Since you must be in the crouch animation and not attacking, you must be expecting to be hit and have a counter attack prepared. One use is during reaction tech chasing, you can hold down and crouch on top of a missed tech; if they getup attack you will remain grounded and easily be able to punish the lag. Otherwise, there aren't many times when you would rather crouch than shielding or evading.

ASDI is useful in many situations, but it is attack and percent specific. ASDI down is a key component to amsah teching, where you ASDI down and tech roll against a KO move ( https://gfycat.com/FortunateAggressiveIberiannase ). It is important to learn which moves can be ASDId down and at what percents, and how you should counter attack with your advantage. There might be a list out there, but mostly this comes with experience.

If you have any specific questions, please let me know.
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