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Warioware's Coolest Cat - Jimmy T. Support Thread


Super Pac-Fan
Jun 7, 2013
US (Mountain Time, -7 Hours)

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's Jimmy's showtime!"

Who is Jimmy T.?

Jimmy T. (short for Jimmy Thang) is a recurring character from the Warioware series, and one of seven employees of Wario in the first game, WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! He's a "groovy dancer with a sweet afro" and "rumored childhood friend of Wario," known for his love of dancing. He frequents a disco called Club Sugar, occasionally joined by his family, who share his love of dance. He also has a love of felines, regularly appearing with cats in his appearances.
Why should he be in Smash?

While there are certainly other characters in the series who could make an appearance (Mona and Ashley being stiff competition,) Jimmy stands out as truly embodying the spirit of the Warioware games: he's kooky, he's silly, and he's fun. To fight, he could easily incorporate elements from his various microgames, which tend to be themed after sports or dance. Plus, he has some killer music tracks associated with him:
Below are some recolors that I made (shoutout to my brother for vectorizing the lead image so I could work with it):

Colors two and three reference his two outfits from Game & Wario's Ski minigame, color four references his doppleganger Jimmy P. from WarioWare: Smooth Moves, and colors five through eight reference his four family members: Papa T., Mama T., Jamie T., and James T.
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