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Jul 20, 2014
Anna dialogue for face rubbing

When I'm with you, I feel like wonderful things will keep happening. Although for now, you're still next to money... I love you too.
I'm in love with you.
Have you seen my face somewhere before?
Don't you think there are others with familiar faces other than me?
If you meet anyone out there that looks like me, treat them nicely, okay?
If you're going to touch me, you should make it a massage and charge money!
There might be someone who resembles you in some other world. Maybe you'll be reborn someday!
I've come to like this...
This is a bit embarrassing...
For you, I'll make it cheap.
You better not get me confused with one of my sisters!
If you've got time to fool around like this, then help out around the shop!
I'll give you something good, so close your eyes...
*giggle* It's special service just for today...
Wouldn't it be great if we could open up a store together someday? But you're royalty, so that might be difficult...
Good work today.
Let ME touch you once in a while!
I hate to admit it, but I love you more than money.
You need to take care of your health.
Even if you're my husband, if you do something weird, I'll slap you!
I'm so glad it wasn't one of my sisters who met you instead...
Geez, I know you love me, so have some restraint for now...
I guess there's no helping it. Shall I "service" you tonight?
How about we set up a shop in a small room like this? We'll call it the Secret Shop.
I love you. No matter how many of my sisters there are that look like me, there's only one me that loves you in this world. No other.
No matter where I go, make sure to find me, okay...?
sorry for the double post but:

Anna has the highest overall stat growths in the game

Here all the classes she can be promoted to:
Great Merchant

This means Anna can use Spears, tomes, concealed weapons (Knives/Shuriken), bows, and staffs

Anna Skills:

Move+1: Increase movement by 1
Locktouch: Can open locks
Resistance +2: Increase Resistance + 2
Demoiselle: All men within 2 tile radius recieves 2 less damage.
Rally Resistance: Rally to increase resistance +4 for 1 turn
Battle Command: Allies within 2 tiles raidus deal 2 extra damage, receives 2 less damage
Servant's Joy: Heals self for same amount when healing allies
Tome Breaker: Increase hit and avoid +50 when going against tomes.
Effective Medicine: Boosts HP recovery Items by 50%
Household Cure: Able to do another action after using a recovery item
Easy Life: L% chance of obtaining gold coins after moving for the first 7 turns
Extravagance: Use 10 gold to increase damage by 10 and reduce damage taken by 10 (unclear if it's the actual gold as in your money or if it's a separate item, presumed to be picked up by the skill easy life)
Puppet Break: Increase attack against puppets and golems
Copy Cat Puppet: Produces a puppet clone, with the exact same skills and stats, for the duration of the map.
Rally Skill: Rally all allies within 2 tile radius to increase skill +4
Kunai Breaker: Increase hit and avoid +50 against hidden weapons
Lucky 7: Increase Hit rate and Avoid +20 for first 7 turns
Pass: Can pass through enemy units.

Anna is amazing in this game
holy ****
Here's Anna support with femKamui

Its pretty funny lol


Here's anna with her Amie expressions

Her support with Male Kamui confirms she's a spot pass character

"But, I'm the Anna you saved from a bandit attack."

Might want to also add that her growths are pretty great on certain classes
and she can class change too
Witch and Great Lord

Her starting class is outlaw
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Aug 28, 2014
Here, there, who knows?
Thank you~!

OP updated! :3

EDIT: Would anybody happen to have a full portrait of Fates Anna with her default expression? I want to use it for the OP.
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Aug 25, 2014
Anna has the same theme in Fates/If, right? Yeesh, it's so adorable, mischievous, and fun sounding.

Anna's basically Cid from the Final Fantasy series if all the Cids were redheads. :p
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Aug 25, 2014
And looked basically the same each time instead of being so masively different in looks
That too. The mystery of the Anna sisters makes me wished it was never revealed, but I kind of do want to know. Seriously, if there are tons of little Annas in a school for Annas, I think people would die of cuteness overload. Little redheaded children running around being kids and whatnot. The whole kid can haggle you thing too would also be hilarious.

Then there's the blue-haired Anna. Definitely Fire Emblem protagonist material right there. :p
Jun 26, 2011
there is at least a 99% chance you can have Anna on your computer now

slight bit of language near the end. might be fates spoilers at the end as well but I dont know.

have fun with that. or dont
Wow, that was somewhat creepy. But to each its own. BTW so it is official Anna will be in Fates? Or that was just a fan script on pastebin?


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Jul 8, 2014
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Wow, that was somewhat creepy. But to each its own. BTW so it is official Anna will be in Fates? Or that was just a fan script on pastebin?
We have art
We have full animations for the Fire Emblem Amie stuff
We have her full lines for the amie junk.
She's a spotpass character so she isn't gotten yet but her data has been found and mined out.


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Dec 16, 2012
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So, this topic was never brought up, but which one do you guys prefer between the white Fates dress and the red-yellow Awakening one? I preferred the red one (and not because of my red banner. :p)

Jul 20, 2014
Her new outfit is way better

Burgundy and Beige is a superior more pleasant color combination over burgundy and yellow. There was to much burgundy going on with the Awakening design and adding more yellow would have been an eyesore. The more pleasant color combination now adds more charm to her design.

The asymmetrical chest/hip belt was a nice touch

She reminds me of the Theif girl from Shadows of Mystara or the Archer girl from Dragon's Crown. The red hood cape really adds a nice sillouhette to her design. Not only that, but when I see Anna I can see Little Red Riding Hood or a Thief now rather than whatever her Awakening design was trying to be.

Its always good to have a design be recognized as something. If someone saw a pirate character you created, you would want the person to recognize the character as a pirate. So of course the character would have traits in it design that would make it recognizable as a pirate (eyepatch, jolly roger). People wont know who Anna is but at least if you showed them a picture of her they can recognize her as Little Red or a Theif.

Of course her iconic finger on chin pose should never be forgotton. That will always be part of her sillouhette.

She's alot more expressive too, but that most likley from the artist getting better with expressions.