Uses fo Weak Bair

Jul 8, 2015
I've seen Mango do stuff like weak Bair into Dair, or to just use it as a combo extender in general. Question is, when/how do I use it? In what situations would it be good/useful?


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Sep 28, 2014
Bay area, California
its useful in combos for the most part. its jsut a di mixup cause holding away on it doesnt send people far enough at lower percents, which leads into pivot uptilts or a nair, fsmash, or something else depending on their percents. at closer to kill percents you can mix up whether you will go for the strong or weak bair because you have to hold away on the weak bair otherwise falco can get a nair or a dair, while the strong bair you di up otherwise they die.

I use it a lot (probably more than i should) but it is really a great mixup thats useful in a large variety of situations
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