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Uniracer Races In! Uniracer Support Thread


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Nov 9, 2015
Name: Uniracer
First Game Appearance: Uniracers (Unirally in Europe)
Platform: SNES

Why should a Uniracer be in Smash?
Rockstar is upping support for the Switch. Uniracer would be a unique character, with most of its moves increasing its speed.

Reasons it might not happen:
It has never been released in Japan
There is no Uniracers game coming soon (as far as we know) (Rendered pretty null with Banjo & Kazooie)

Alt. Costumes:

There are 16 different racer colors in Uniracers, any of them could be the Uniracer's costumes.

Special Moves:

B: Zip (similar to Jigglypuff's Rollout, but faster, weaker, and doesn't need charging, increases speed)

Forward+B: Twist (does a 360-degree spin, increases speed)

Down+B: Wipeout (Turns upside-down while it bounces on the ground, loses gained speed)

Up+B: Flip (does a flip, increases speed)

If it stops moving, its gained speed is lost.

Final Smash: Anti-Uni (Summons the Anti-Uni, making the stage harder to fight on by effects such as upside down screen, reversed controls, enabling tripping, etc.)


Up: Leans back and forth while rotating

Side: Imitates Sonic's side taunt, then laughs

Down: Trip on a Lemming

Entrance: Rolls down a spiral-shaped track, while the track magically disappears.

NOTE: Some of its A-Moves are parts of itself hitting its opponent. Sometimes it magically uses the track for some of its moves.

Trailer concept:
The trailer starts with fighters that have appeared in racing games in their vehicles, racing. Sonic is focused on the most. Then, something hits his car. It crashes. He sees a silhouette through the smoke. He says, "What are you?" Then it runs out of the smoke. "Uniracer Blasts Blast Processing!" Proceeds to ram into Sonic.


The trailer ends with Sonic crashed in the background while Uniracer is racing.

Credit to parrothead for original thread.

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