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Thoughts on PKT2 Landing Lag?


Smash Champion
Jan 14, 2012
cave plantation
The most unnecessary change to Lucas was the unavoidable 20 frames of landing lag suffered after using PKT2.
I was expecting the tether nerf, but not also this nerf to his recovery.
I would quite simply prefer the shortened old version with variable lag compared to this.
20 Frames, coupled with hangtime in the air and the time it takes to aim PKT2, makes this a very slow recovery.
I'm not sure why Lucas has to have 20 frames of landing lag, when other spacies have barely any after their up-b special fall, and not to mention very fast Phantasms/Illusions.
I used to use PKT2 and space it perfectly for little endlag as an offensive/movement option but now its just pointless to use unless combo'd into or something.
Convince me otherwise?


Smash Ace
Sep 17, 2009
Planet Tallon IV
>Fox can opt for up B or side B
>Side B has little landing lag
>Throw out a move to intercept side B, Fox goes for the up-B
>You can't tell which direction Fox is going to up-b until he does it, unlike PKT2
>you try to throw out a move that will cover both high and low options
>Fox goes for ledge
>Up B trades with your move anyway or hits only you, setting up for your bad positioning, potential string
>he has 4 frames of landing lag on up-B, PKT2 has 20 frames and you have to be far out/set-up to sweetspot it

Fox has a bad recovery, guys. That's a weakness he has. Along with uh, getting comboed, but not as badly as Lucas or Bowser or Ganon or any of those dumbos. Still, he gets comboed. Fox has weaknesses. FOX IS BALANCED. LUCAS IS OP. PLEASE NERF.
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