The Solid Snake for Smash DLC thread! Such a lust for Smash news....WHOOOOOOOO?


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Apr 1, 2015
I've never been much of a fan of online forums in the past, but this thread single-handedly got me interested in Smashboards, and eventually got me into making an account. My overall impressions of this thread were very positive; and even when issues would show up, I was surprised to see how calm an collected this thread would usually deal with them. From my previous experiences on forums, that's pretty rare! It's sad to see this thread get shut down, but at least we do have a new thread to go to.

One thread must die and one must live. No victory, no defeat. The survivor will carry on the fight. It is destiny... The thread that survives will inherit the title of "Official Snake DLC Thread". And the one that inherits that title will face an existence of endless battle...

... at least, until Snake makes his return. Then Snake shall face an existence of endless Smash battles! Here's hoping to a better future for the legendary Soldier of Fortune!


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Nov 6, 2012
Hello there. At the time of this post, the fate of snake in smash 4 is unknown. To many, it doesn’t seem he’s likely to return. However we still kept pushing on in hopes we’ll see him pop out of cardboard box in some trailer. It’s not the end of snake support, as we have a new thread in a character support group ( [Ask a mod in the group for an invite]). Still though, this thread is very special to us. We’ve had it since the day smash 4 speculation started, and today is the day we part with it. Smash 4 speculation has been a wild roller coaster for us, both pre- and post-. With Kojima’s statement on Snake’s return during pre-release and Konami’s situation during the post, we went through a lot of events during our campaign for snake. Some that made his chances look good, and others that brought his chances down for many. But Liquid Snake always says, “It’s not over yet!”(Or at least it isn’t when I’m typing this, as the ballot dlc isn’t out yet.) So if you want to support us, click the link above.

I was expecting to type this message if snake was confirmed to not be returning, but this is good isn’t it, not knowing? If he doesn’t come back then it is a real shame. We would lose a really unique moveset, he brought so much to smash. It sucks even more because if he doesn’t come back now, then he probably won’t come back at all. But who knows, maybe he’s just keeping us waiting.
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