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The Panda Global Rankings have been Frozen


Recently, the official PGStats twitter account announced that the Tournament Tiering System and Panda Global Rankings will be frozen. This decision applies to both the PGRU (Smash Ultimate) and MPGR (Melee) due to how unsafe travel currently is.

It is currently unknown when the rankings will be unfrozen. However, it has been noted that this might lead to there only being one ranked season for the year.

The PGR and TTS aren’t the only Smash-related things suffering from COVID-19’s spread either, Full Bloom 6 and Pound 2020 both were recently cancelled because of it. And even though they weren’t cancelled, HFLAN 2020 is rescheduling to Fall and CEO Dreamland 2020 has seen many players drop out.

Author’s Note: I think it really sucks that this had to happen, but it's definitely the right move. As awful as this is, it'd be much worse if a ton of players who were sick felt pressured to go and protect their ranking. Honestly, I'm pretty scared of this virus and it's been making me much more hesitant to go to events while COVID-19 is still running rampant, especially because I have a very weak immune system. Has it affected whether or not you'll be attending events? Please let us know in the comments below!
Mitchell "Zerp" Brenkus


This is the right call. Yes, it sucks for both players and organisers that tournaments have to be cancelled, however reducing the spread of the virus is a much higher priority, both globally and locally. And if doing this saves even one live, in my eyes it's worth it.
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