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The Other Epic From Bungie- Destiny Character Support Thread


Smash Journeyman
Oct 17, 2018
The epic from Bungie.

Destiny is filled with a rich world full of characters that would be great inclusions. Destiny 2 is a game played by millions around the world and supported with DLC every year. The moveset Potential is incredible, and you have many Characters pick from.

First off you have the Guardians themselves


The Hunter is light and nimble, and with moves like Golden Gun, and Blade Barrage they can be a force to be recokned with in Battle. Tether is a good distraction move, and Arcstaff and Spectral Blades can allow you to go on the offensive.


The Titan is more of a bulk defense character, with powerful shots from a gun. Moves like Stentinel Shield, Burning Maul, The Throwing Hammers and Fists of Havoc, Titan can punch far above their weight


A more interesting Character is the Warlock, which has a variety of powerful moves. Well of Raidance could make them invulnrable, Dawnblade gives attacks reach, Stormcaller and Chaos Reach can do serious lightning damage and Void Bomb and Nova Warp can lay powerfll damage and slowing effects

Now we move onto the Enimies of Humanity

Fallen Capitan.jpg

A Fallen Capitan has a solar shield around it, and has weapons like an arc sniper and fire spread shotgun. And can use swords to deadly effect and hitch rides on Ketches

Vex Minotaur.jpg

Vex Minotaurs also have a shield around them normaly, they are brutal enforcers and have strong weapons, and in Smash would have the ability to place a Cyclops for cover fire and make vex gates

Hive Wizard.jpg

The Hive Wizard can be deadly, and could use spells and summon waves of thrall and use the Deathsong as a final smash

Cabal Psion.jpg

Cabal Psion, Using a slug sniper and telekinetci abilities, this could be a nimble fighter on the battlefield

All in all, The Destiny Universe is filled with incredibly unqiue characters that could be fun in Smash.


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Writing Team
May 17, 2020
Ice Paradise
I support. I liked Destiny when I played it and it could be really cool to see in Smash.


Smash Journeyman
Oct 17, 2018
There seems to be a new Glicth regarding shooting and grappling mechanics, Reimu, Doom Guy, Master Chief or DESTINY CHARACTER, Only one way to find out.
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