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The New Messiah - Gill for Smash!


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Jan 7, 2019
Guile's flat top
  • "You will have to exceed your limitations if you wish to survive."

Who's Gill?

Gill is the main antagonist of the Street Fighter III series, he is the leader of the Illuminati, a secret organization in the Street Fighter series that has manipulated many of the events throughout the world of earth to achieve their goals of world domination.

Why Gill?

The Street Fighter series is one of the most recognized videogame series of all time, many people (including me) want to see more representation of this legendary series in Smash, why not have one of the coolest characters in the franchise to represent arguably the best fighting game of all time

Gill's stage entrance is his final boss intro from Third Strike, his secretary Kolin makes a small cameo


Size: Around Ganondorf's height
Weight: 745 lb, 337 kg - Heavyweight (heaviest character in the game)
Fallspeed: 1.8
Fastfallspeed: 2.5
Air Speed: 1.5
Walk Speed: 0.7
Run Speed: 1.7
Wall Jump: No
Crawl: No

Up Taunt
Gill laughs at the opponent, his taunt from Third Strike

Side Taunt
Gill's victory pose from Third Strike

Down Taunt
Another of Gill's victory poses from Third Strike

Neutral Special


(Note: you can execute the SF inputs to do a stronger version of the attack)

Just like in SF, if Gill is facing left, his Pyrokinesis will turn into Cryokinesis, Pyrokinesis does more damage and Cryokinesis does less damage but freezes the opponent at high percent, you can also aim it upwards if you hold down the button

Up Special

Moonsault Knee Drop
Gill jumps high in the air and falls knees-first, the attack can be cancelled to turn Gill into his freefall animation

Side Special

Cyber Lariat
Gill performs an elemental lariat that hits twice at the start and at the end, if Gill is facing left his lariat will have fire properties, if he's facing the right the lariat will have ice properties
(Note 2: Every attack that has ice properties will be weaker than it's fire counterpart, but obviously the ice attacks will freeze the enemy)

Down Special

Psycho Headbutt
Gill hops and headbutts the opponent, the attack can bury the opponent and if performed in mid-air it can meteor smash

Weak Jab

Gill's LP, MP and Palm Upper attacks

Strong Jab

Gill's HP attack

Weak Forward Tilt

Gill's LK attack

Strong Forward Tilt

Gill's MK attack

Forward Smash

Gill's HK attack

Weak Up Tilt

Urien's Quarrel Punch, this may not have sense at first, but keep in mind that when Ryu first appeared, his pummel was a move that Ken originally had, and since Urien was created to be a weaker playable clone of Gill, this would make a lot of sense

Strong Up Tilt

Urien's Wild Punch, Urien had this on 2I and it got repoace with the Quarrel Punch, I thought it could be used as Gill's SUTilt

Up Smash

Gill's Crouching HP

Weak Down Tilt

Gill's Crouching LK, i couldn't find any gif of Gill using the attack so i used this Urien one because they have the same animation

Strong Down Tilt

Gill's Crouching MK, again i couldn't find any gif of Gill using the attack so i used this

Down Smash

Gill's Crouchink HK, couldn't find the one where he's facing left but it does have fire properties

Dash Attack

Gill's Step Kick attack


Gill's Jumping LP attacks


Gill's Jumping MK attack


Gill's Jumping HK


Gill's Jumping HP


Gill's Jumping MP


Seraphic Wing
Three pairs of wings sprout on Gill's back and blast the opponent away with multicolored waves


Meteor Strike
Gill summons a rain of Pyrokinesis and Cryokinesis
The supporter list will be updated every day (except sundays) at 10 A.M CEST

Thanks for reading :)

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Jul 10, 2017
put me down as a supporter

more SF reps ftw :)
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Jan 7, 2019
Guile's flat top
The post is finally complete, I added the statistics and the Final Smash ideas, I would appreciate if you guys share this with other Street Fighter enthusiasts that might be interested in supporting the thread, meanwhile I'll be working on another support thread for Alex's character

Night Gale

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Nov 6, 2019
He honestly might be too lewd for Smash. lmao

He has a kickass theme and looks sick in Champion Edition so I support.


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Apr 8, 2018
The perpetual trash fire known as Planet Earth(tm)
...Okay, kill me for this, but I made Gill into a boss in light of recent news, in the Ultimate Boss Creation Thread:
Sorry to triple post, but this thread's been dead awhile.

View attachment 247564

Boss: Gill (VA: Liam O'Brien)

Game of Origin: Street Fighter III: New Generation (1997)

What does the boss do?

-Impact Claw: Gill chokes the player with either hand (16%, OK knockback). With his left hand, Gill can freeze the player. With his right, Gill can Meteor Smash the player.

-Pyro-kinesis (left side only): Gill shoots a fireball from his right hand that goes wherever the players is (17%, OK knockback)

-Cryo-kinesis (right side only): Gill shoots an ice ball from his left hand (17%, OK knockback) that has a chance to freeze the player.

-Moonsault Knee Drop: Gill jumps up doing a moonsault, and then drops down attacking with his knees (19%, OK knockback)

-Divine Comet: Five small icicles rain down one at a time at Gill's command (6% each, small knockback)

-Primal Fire: Gill creates a fireball that shoots three streams of fire (11% each, OK knockback)

-Ice of Doom: Gill can either create an icicle with his left hand, going out horizontally (16%, OK knockback with a chance to freeze the player) or step on the ground with his left foot and create a row of stalagmites (17%, OK knockback)

Super Arts: Gill has a gauge below his health bar (about ⅕ the length of his health) that gives him access to one of three Super Arts (along with a secret one) once full.

Meteor Strike: Gill sends down a rain of pyrokinetic and cryokinetic meteors (7% each, OK knockback) in the space in front of him.

Seraphic Wing: Gill jumps up and lets out six wings, and then summons an attack similar to Tabuu's Off Waves (39%, far knockback)

Primal Tornado: Gill surrounds himself in a tornado of fire and ice, and launches it in the direction he's facing (44%, far knockback)

Resurrection: When defeated with a full Super meter, Gill comes back to life and his health is restored to ¾ the length of his Super meter, pushing back the player with a brief shockwave (15%, OK knockback)

Setting/Intro: The Egypt stage from Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact. Gill gives his book to his assistant, and raises his right hand up.

"The mark of my dignity shall scar thy DNA."

Defeat: When defeated with normal attacks, Gill's knees collapse and he falls to the ground. When defeated by special moves, Gill is launched into the air and falls on the ground.

Who fights this boss in Classic Mode?
-:ulticeclimbers: (A tandem of fire and ice)
-:ultchrom: (Two sides of the same person)
-:ultmetaknight: (See Chrom)
-:ultlucas: (Sacred powers)
-:ultpalutena: (False god)
-:ultryu: (DUH)
-:ultcorrin: (Red and blue are polar opposites, just like black and white)
-:ultincineroar: (Fighting game character)
-:ultbanjokazooie: (Small reference to Chilli Billi and Chilly Willy)

Music: Nile
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