The Melee Games Season 6 Announcement

The Melee Games, the collegiate league dedicated to the players of Super Smash Bros. Melee, and ran by Matthew Zaborowski and Jesse Hurtz, is back for Season 6. The brand new season starts registration on August 15th.

The new plans for this season are:

  • The Format is changing from a rolling event schedule to a scheduled qualifier system
  • Instead of cramming the season into a 3-5 month period, they’ll be running The Melee Games from September 2016 to April/May 2016
  • Alumni are no longer allowed to participate in TMG
  • Matches are now limited to 45 vs 5
  • Schools do not need to submit a lineup prior to an event, rather they will double-blind their lineup in person prior to every match at a qualifier
  • Registration will not close until before the final qualifier in each region
  • Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Quebec (CA), Alabama, and Oklahoma are now integrated into TMG
  • Entry free is now $100 per team. This counts towards entry to the fall and spring season. Spring season will have another qualifier circuit just as the fall season does.
With that said, here's some detail on the qualifiers:
  • Scheduled in advance of the season
  • Schools can attend as many qualifiers as they want in their own region
  • When a school wins a qualifier they advance to the regional finals and can no longer attend qualifiers
  • When all qualifiers are done 1 Regional Finals event for the winners will occur (mostly in November)
  • Regional Finals winners won’t be playing again till January/February

More information and can be found here
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