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The Cackling Skeletal Pirate of Killer Instinct - Spinal


Smash Hero
Jun 17, 2018

The Character:
Spinal is a character dating all the way back to the original arcade release of Killer Instinct back in 1994. Like many characters in Killer Instinct, he was seen as rather unique when it came fighting game characters back in the day, as not many games had you play as a skeletal warrior strait out of Jason of the Argonauts. This is no exception to the current Smash roster, as we have yet to get the distinct undead flair Spinal brings. He become a mainstay of the Killer Instinct series, including Killer Instinct 2013 in its season 1 pack, where he got a major overhaul in design and became much more pirate themed.

Potential Moveset:
His moveset could potentially bring some of the notable Killer Instinct combo mechanics that is common to the entirety of its roster, as well as his own personal skills like teleportation, store up spectral skulls for powerful attacks, and maybe even transforming into your opponents or even other Killer instinct fighters momentarily as a nod to the older Killer Instinct games. Since he is a fighting game character, he is likely to always face the opponent like Ryu, Ken, and Terry, but that also gives him the chance to follow Terry's lead and potentially get him two different side B's.

Potential Stage:
His potential stage could be Killer Instinct 2013's Shipwreck Shore, the stage Spinal came along with in that game. The stage could good use of cannons, undead skeletons, grounded ships, and giant octopuses for potential landmarks and hazards to make it very unique. The stage would also likely come with not only themes associated with it and Spinal(Those themes, along with a trailer showcasing the stage and Spinal in action are right below), but of the wider Killer Instinct selection.

Notable Spinal Associated Material:
His original theme
His 2013 theme (Warlord)
His trailer for Killer Instinct 2013

Support List:
Like the first post or voice your support to be on the list.
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Aug 12, 2018
Switch FC
Count me in! They should include music from the Killer Instinct series. Both originals and new remixes. I’d love to hear Smash remixes of Main Theme/The Instinct (Killer Instinct), Tooth and Claw, Spinal's Theme, Tusk's Theme, Gargos' Theme, and others. I'd also like to see Jago and Fulgore in Smash too.
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Smash Master
Dec 9, 2009
I would love to see any Killer Instinct character in Smash. Fulgore, Spinal, and Jago make the most sense but you can't really go wrong with any of them. I'm playing KI right now even though I'm terrible at fighting games and I'm really loving Hisako. Back in the original games, I used to use B. Orchid so she would be great too. Feel free to add me as a supporter for Spinal.


Smash Ace
Aug 5, 2015
I support. Spinal is one of my favorite characters in killer instinct. Like top 2. I will juggle you to hell if you challenge me. cackling laugh
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Jun 14, 2013
Studio Naux
Wow, Spinal actually has a thread.

Since we need an obligatory fighting game character with every Smash DLC, my vote goes to Spinal if another pass ever happens.
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