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SWEET XIII Results [1/11/14 - Ann Arbor, MI] feat. Mango, Abate, Duck, Dart, VaNz, & more!

luigi master tae

Smash Journeyman
May 3, 2006
shout out artificial for going double Luigi with me that was fun

pgh carrol you u punk lol always that last stock be so close then I die both Roy and link lol ggs I'm getting u next time my pool rival

shout out to vidjo took my three dollars in money match lol but I won it back plus more from other 2dollar n 1dollar money matches so was all good but def nice seeing you again

juggleguy I respect you your the man and also Eric you guys are awesome TO's you get the job done so I salute youmy smash brothers

was very fun to see alot if ppl I hope to come to more tournaments and see more ppl
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