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Super Wooper Bros - The Wooper (Pokemon) Support Thread


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Mar 5, 2019

Who is Wooper?
The Wooper should need no introduction. But in case you have been living under a rock for the past 2 decades, Wooper is a Pokemon from the second generation that started with Pokemon Gold/Silver. It is the first form of Quagsire, and yet it should not be underestimated because....

Wooper's Mad Skills
...he has powerful moves like Tail Whip, Rain Dance, Haze, Slam,and Mist. Oh yeah, he can also use Earthquake but who needs that?

Why Should Wooper Be In Smash?
Because he's Wooper! Everyone loves him! He is cute, and is so powerful he can hold his own with no arms! Take that Min Min! Not only is Wooper super popular, to the point where he was featured heavily in the Game Awards 2020, but he even got a spirit in Ultimate and is one of the Pokemon in Pokefloats! He also appeared in the anime, in the manga, and in many spinoffs. With this much love, you have to question why he isn't a playable character yet. He's got enough merits that Nintendo should just forget about Gen 8 and push for this guy even though we already have Pichu as a Gen 2 rep but he is inferior. What are you waiting for Sakurai?

To celebrate this occasion, here is some Wooper Watch!


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Oct 9, 2020
:195:?:194::194::194::194::194::194::194::194::194::194::194::194::194::194::194::194::194::194::194::194::194::194:Do you know that Woopers German Name is Felino!:194::194::194::194::194::194:Theyre Spreading NooYES!

The most cursed thing:
Where is his Smile He cant be sad right RIGHT!
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