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Super Smash Bros Oracle (Idea) Help Wanted

Oracle Link

Smash Master
Oct 9, 2020
So here is an idea i have for a Smash Bros Brawl Mod:
Super Smash Bros ORACLE
Here is The Ver.1 Of The Roster

I might Change Things Arround Later!
Keep In Mind This Mod has some Bias In it!

Some Goals were:
Finnaly haing a smash mod with tons of cool Zelda and Kirby Characters!
Just having some characters i like in there! Also an Extension to 3 Classic Smash Third Parties!

Is Anyone interested in working on this Mod with Me!
Advice is also appreciated!

25 Meters
Peaches Castle (meele)
Bowsers Castle
Wind Waker: Ganondorfs Arena
Death Egg

Oracle Link (Idea and Planning)
YOU (maybe)
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