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SSB: Newcomers Approaching! | Plusle & Minun


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Apr 8, 2018
The perpetual trash fire known as Planet Earth(tm)
Plusle.png Minun.png
Plusle & Minun
Equals Two Cuties!

You guys are familiar with the infamous "Forbidden Seven", right? A group of codenames for characters that never made it to Brawl, some more ambiguous than others.
  • "pra_mai", commonly theorized to be Plusle and Minun from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. However, the name also means “every player”, so it could’ve also been a name for Miis (which were considered for Brawl but ultimately dropped) or the RANDOM button on the CSS.
  • "mewtwo", "roy" and "dr_mario", definitely known to be three characters who were planned to return from Melee, but were dropped due to time constraints. It should be noted that Mewtwo and Roy’s data put together includes unused victory themes and a Wii Remote sound.
  • "toon_zelda" and "toon_sheik", commonly theorized to either be Tetra or simple Toon versions of Zelda and Sheik.
  • "dixie", last name Kong. According to Sakurai, Dixie and Diddy were supposed to be another tag team like the Ice Climbers, but this was dropped because of technical issues and Diddy became a solo fighter.
I wanted to tackle Plusle & Minun in particular, and I decided to make them a tag team character serving as a spiritual successor to Pichu's moveset. Keep in mind that I designed this moveset assuming they were introduced in Brawl, but I will be adding some minor flourishes from Ultimate.
  1. Plusle & Minun (default)
  2. Shiny (red & green)
  3. Espeon & Umbreon (pink/purple & black/yellow)
  4. Latias & Latios (white/red & white/blue)
  5. Palkia & Dialga (pink & blue)
  6. Reshiram & Zekrom (white/orange & black/blue)
  7. Joy-Cons (red/black & blue/black)
  8. Team Magma hat and Team Aqua hat (special costume)

Intro: Plusle and Minun both appear out of Poké Balls.

Stance/Idle 1: Their idle stance from the games.
Idle 2: Plusle looks at the camera and scratches an ear.
Idle 3: Minun looks at the camera in confusion.

Walk: Pichu’s walk
Dash: Pichu’s dash
Damage: Pichu’s damage animation
Jump: Pichu’s jump
Crouch: Pichu’s crouch
They are a tag team duo, like the Ice Climbers. However, an important difference is each Pokémon’s electric attacks have different properties. Plus deals multiple hits but less knockback, while Minus deals a single hit with more knockback, though the amount of damage dealt is generally the same. If the partner is K.O.’d, certain moves that require the partner's presence will be rendered useless and the leader will be at a huge disadvantage, because once your partner is K.O.’d, they won’t appear again until after the leader is K.O.’d, too.
The damages values assume that the opponent is hit by only one of the two Cheering Pokémon; in other words, the normal attacks are primarily meant to be used together whenever possible.

Jab: Encore; Plusle and Minun both jab twice with pom-poms made of sparks (1% each, small knockback), which are then used for their flurry attack (1% each, small knockback)
Forward+A: A double-footed sweep (4%, small knockback)
Up+A: Plusle and Minun rear their heads backwards while attacking with their ears (5%, small knockback)
Down+A: Plusle and Minun swipe their tails in front of themselves (4%, small knockback)
Dash Attack: Plusle and Minun perform a jumping headbutt (6%, small knockback)
Edge Attack: Plusle and Minun flick their tails out after climbing back up (5%, small knockback)
Get-Up Attack: Plusle and Minun swing their tails on both sides (5%, small knockback)

Air+A: Plusle and Minun discharge electricity around themselves (6%, small knockback)
Air Forward+A: A forward barrel roll enveloped in electricity, hitting four times (2% each hit, small knockback)
Air Back + A: Plusle and Minun envelop their tails in electricity (7%, small knockback)
Air Up+A: A frontflip tail attack (4%, small knockback)
Air Down+A: A downward barrel roll enveloped in electricity (8% with a meteor effect, OK knockback)

Smash Attacks (only the leader can charge Smash attacks, making them useful for combos)
Forward+A: Thundershock; Plusle and Minun launch a short jolt of electricity from their cheeks (8%, OK knockback)
Up+A: Headbutt; an upward headbutt (8%, OK knockback)
Down+A: Shock Wave; Plusle and Minun discharge electricity while quickly spinning in place (8%, OK knockback)

Grab Game
Grab: Plusle and Minun quickly lean forward and grab the opponent with one arm. Only one of the two can grab the opponent.
Pummel: Plusle or Minun shocks the opponent (1%)
Forwards+Throw: Plusle or Minun places the opponent on its back and shocks them, sending them forward (12%, OK knockback)
Back+Throw: A backwards somersault with the opponent (9%, OK knockback)
Up+Throw: Plusle or Minun tosses the opponent up and headbutts them (10%, OK knockback)
Down+Throw: Plusle or Minun places the opponent on the ground, then jumps on them (8%, small knockback)
Okay, so Plusle and Minun share quite a few moves with Pichu...but the special moves are where they really begin to stand out.

B : Thunder Jolt
Plusle and Minun both fire a jolt of electricity forward, zapping anyone it touches (7%, small knockback). Plusle's jolt travels along surfaces, like PIkachu and Pichu's; basically one of the special moves that's nearly identical to the latter two. But then Minun's jolt acts more like Luigi's Fireball and defies gravity to travel in a straight line. Neither version is anything that imaginative for a special move, but they can still be used in conjunction with each other to catch opponents off guard and even perform fake-outs during edgeguarding, for example.

B + Forwards : Baton Pass
The only fully unique special move compared to Pikachu and Pichu. The leader throws their partner forward as they are enveloped in electricity (12%, OK knockback), which then switches who the leader is. When used in the air, the former leader enters freefall while the new leader can act out of it, but can’t use Baton Pass twice in a row. However, when the leader is in a position where they can use Baton Pass again, doing so calls their partner right to them, assuming the partner isn’t K.O.’d. If your partner is not present when you attempt to use Baton Pass, the leader instead turns their head left and right, looking for them; in other words, the attack doesn't work unless your partner is around.

The effects of the attack also change depending on who is switching to leader. Plusle hits the opponent six times while moving forward without stopping, while Minun hits the opponent once and moves backwards a bit upon contact. Use this smartly to either control the space between you and your foe or finish them off before by surprise.

B + Up : Quick Attack
Plusle and Minun both zip forward in the direction tilted on the control stick (7%, small knockback). Again, another special that's essentially the same as Pikachu and Pichu's versions, but a key difference is the sweetspots. Plusle’s is at the end of the attack, while Minun’s is at the start; the leader's version is used first.

B + Down : Helping Hand / Thunder
The partner holds their position and cheers on the leader, giving them and their team battle teammates a 1.5x damage boost. However, while the partner is defenseless while cheering for the leader, they will also be charging Thunder in three stages (each represented by a ring of electricity). Press B + Down again to have them perform Thunder at their current position; the power depends on the stage of charge.
  • Stage 1: 12%, small knockback
  • Stage 2: 18%, OK knockback
  • Stage 3: 25%, far knockback

Using Baton Pass in conjunction with Helping Hand gives the former a 2x attack boost, which can make it deadly depending on the situation. The leader also gets a 3x damage boost to their Smash attacks, since they're using them entirely solo. And unlike Baton Pass, you can still use Thunder when your partner isn't around...but you'll be stuck at the Stage 1 version.

Final Smash: Magnet Rise
Plusle & Minun join together and slowly start spinning. Their electricity then turns into an inescapable magnetic field that attracts opponents into an electric sphere hitting up to 20 times (2% per hit). Plusle & Minun then finish by repelling the opponents with one last electric burst (25%, far knockback)
Up: Plusle and Minun cheer to the camera with pom-poms.
Side: Plusle and Minun move their heads back and forth.
Down: Plusle and Minun charge electricity.

1: Plusle and Minun perform a victory dance with pom-poms.
2: Plusle and Minun perform a cartwheel while holding on to each other’s ears before tumbling over accidentally.
3: Plusle and Minun charge electricity in their bodies before letting out a shower of celebratory sparks.

Applause: Plusle and Minun happily cheer for the winner.
Icon: Poké Ball
Boxing Ring Title: The Cheerful Duo
Star K.O.: “Praaaa…!” “Maiiii…!”
Victory Music: Victory! Pokémon Series
Kirby Hat: Plusle or Minun’s ears
For this moveset, I mostly took inspiration from this (honestly, very well done) mod from Rivals of Aether.
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