Special gimmicks/HUD displays for certain characters


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Apr 8, 2018
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I was stuck on a loop with some ideas I’ve been having for a while, and that’s certain characters having their own special gimmicks and/or HUD displays they don’t have already. Here were my ideas:

Ness/Lucas: A PP meter showing how much PSI is left in their PK attacks, which can be restored using PSI Magnet.

Mewtwo/Charizard/Lucario: A gauge that lets them Mega Evolve without relying on Final Smashes, and has a period before it depletes, as shown on the HUD with their respective Mega Stone (Mewtwo in particular would become Mega Mewtwo X). This gauge would deplete automatically when their Final Smashes are used.

Wario: Small clouds of gas to indicate how much fart power he has. The first indicates small charge, the second indicates medium charge, and the third indicates full charge.

Pokémon Trainer: Give all three Pokémon a unique :GCD::GCB: and switch Pokémon using Shield + :GCB:.

R.O.B.: A small but readable gauge showing how much Robo Burner fuel is left.

Corrin: When their counter is used, they transform into a dragon completely using their Dragonstone, meaning they have a completely different moveset. They can revert by using the counter again.

Belmonts: The Heart Count from the Castlevania series. When the Heart Count is glowing, their special attacks are stronger; when not glowing, their special attacks’ strength is normal; when the Count is 00, they’re weaker. Hearts can be replenished through successful combos and K.O.’s.
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