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Sonic Central 6/23/23 Recap

If you're a Sonic fan and dying for a news update, the Sonic Central presentation today, hosted in celebration of Sonic's birthday, has you covered. If you missed the live show, don't sweat it! We've gathered all the spotlights here for your convenience.


Sonic Origins Plus

Kicking things off, Sonic Origins Plus received a launch trailer. This new version of the game will feature Amy Rose, the ability to play as Knuckles in Sonic CD, new modes and challenges, more museum content, 12 Game Gear titles, as well as "classic music." It is available digitally, physically, and as paid DLC for vanilla Sonic Origins owners. Super Amy, a series first, will be unlockable following the usual sets of special stages. Sonic Origins Plus releases today, June 23, 2023.

Sonic Mobile Games

Speaking of surprise Super forms, mobile games Sonic Dash and Sonic Forces have received Super Silver and Dragon Hunter Lancelot, will be joining the mobile games' rosters, the latter being a seemingly Monster Hunter-inspired variant of Sir Lancelot from Sonic and the Black Knight. Classic Super Sonic was announced for both games as well, though no footage was shown. Sonic Dash will be receiving a new update titled "Sonic Prime Dash", featuring versions of Sonic, Tails and Amy from the Netflix series, which will launch alongside the new season of Sonic Prime.

Sonic Prime Season 2

Premiering at this year's Sonic Central was a brand-new trailer for the second season of Sonic Prime. In the first season, leaping to conclusions led to the blue blur shattering the multiverse and traveling throughout it, helping these new versions of his friends in the new versions of their world. Now, Sonic and Shadow will have to work together to bring the worlds back. Sonic Prime gets its second season on July 13th.

Sonic Frontiers: Sonic’s Birthday Bash

Dropping today is Sonic's Birthday Bash, the second of three DLC waves for Sonic Frontiers. This update decorates the Starfall Islands for the blue hedgehog's 32nd birthday, gives him a cool hat and sunglasses (and bowtie!), and opens up several brand new challenges for players. Several new kinds of collectible Koco have been added into the game, which appear larger than the standard Koco and have funny hats.

Sonic Speed Simulator

The officially-endorsed Roblox game, Sonic Speed Simulator, is receiving a Tuxedo skin for Classic Sonic to go along with Sonic's birthday.

Sonic Symphony World Tour


As revealed last year, the Sonic Symphony live orchestral music event is going on a World Tour. Today during the stream, there were plenty of brand-new tour dates announced. If hearing 32 years of fantastic music played by a live symphony orchestra and special guests seems way past cool to you, visit the website to see all upcoming tour dates.

Tails Tube

Tails Tube, a YouTube series featuring Sonic voice actors using facial capture, has been announced to receive new episodes on YouTube soon. The series is often used to answer fans' FAQ's about Sonic series lore.


We got a hefty bit of new merchandise.

  • Sonic and Eggman got a new Death Egg playset from Jakks Pacific, available today.
  • Also available now are Sonic-themed Crocs and Croc charms.
  • Street wear brand Hypland will be releasing new Sonic-themed apparel on June 26th.
  • Sonic and Shadow Cable Guys are now available, who can helpfully hold many of your devices like smartphones and chargers.
  • ESP is making a Sonic-themed guitar, coming soon. Sonic lunch boxes from Igloo are available now.
  • Pre-orders are now live for a Sonic and Shadow collectible statue inspired by Sonic Adventure 2, which is being made by S-Fire.
  • Amy Rose is receiving a one-shot comic from IDW Publishing, in celebration of her thirtieth anniversary. The comic seems to feature Metal Sonic (who will similarly be turning 30!) and will be released later this year.
Surprisingly, LEGO got quite a lot of stuff during this Central. We're getting 5 new Sonic LEGO sets later this year, and LEGO Eggman's new design was revealed - something that was hyped up given the somewhat goofy looking design of the doctor seen in the Sonic LEGO Ideas set from last year. LEGO Eggman then got a surprise musical number sung by Eggman voice actor Mike Pollock. Finally, if you pre-order Sonic Superstars, you'll get an exclusive LEGO skin for Eggman.

Sonic Superstars

A quick interview about Sonic Superstars was highlighted starring Takashi Iizuka and Naoto Oshima, the current president of Sonic Team and the original character designer of Sonic respectively (who has returned to help develop Superstars with Arzest). The game’s conceptualization and the return of fan-favorite Fang The Sniper were discussed, and the full interview is available on YouTube. Sonic Superstars releases this Fall.


Of course, if you want to watch the full presentation for yourself, you can do so below!

Author's Note: Maybe it's just the high standards set by yesterday's exhilirating Nintendo Direct, but man, this Sonic Central was boring. That LEGO Eggman bit was absolutely worth it though. What are you looking forward to from this year’s Sonic Central? Let us know in the comments below!

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