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Smashboards Creates: Dragonball Fighterz 2!

Oracle Link

Smash Champion
Oct 9, 2020
ill try it again with a "lets make a dragonball game thread" this time its Fighterz based!
Edit: I changed the name to better Conform!

Some rules:
No game mechanic Changes meaning no Installs sadly
No Cuts (to minimize unnesary disscusion)
Were talking strictly about Characters and Stages for now!
Maybe also some Costumes

I will always give some specifications:

So a Character That needs to be in is:
Goku (classic)
With Gt gokus moveset being split betwwen him and Goku (classic) and dont worry if you want to we can add SSJ4 Goku later!

NOW its up to you suggest your favourite DBZ Filler character (movies and filler Episodes)
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