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shffl fair vs off the ground fair


Smash Champion
Oct 20, 2005
discuss if you will. I almost always just do the fair off the ground then fastfall and l cancell afterwards as opposed to a normal sh fair fastfall L -cancel..with the fair coming out going down instead of up.

anyways, i'm wondering if one is better for comboing than the other or if i need to incorporate teh other. The thing is, when i say dthrow or dtilt them, they pop up, and it grates on me to wait till i hit the peak of the jump to fair..i guess i'm worried about the hit stun wearing off on them before my fair connects..anyways i guess logically i should have time, but i'm just curious if there is any advantage to comboing and such..i see a lot of shffls to grabs that i don't tend to do as much..i just follow up with another fair on the way down or switch to another aerial in general

edit; second question..in the mewtwo guide it says the bair's sweetspot is at the thick part of the tail and a little down...does it mean down on the screen, ie below the tail or down the tail? i would assume it means down the tail, but with all the hitboxes in the game that don't correspond to character motions i wouldn't be surprised either way


Smash Ace
Jun 15, 2005
When the opponent is grounded i either DJC fair, or I fulljump and fair right when I leave the ground.

if they're in the air, then obvious just fair when it'll hit. earlier is probably better as they have less of a window to pull out a sex kick or something, yes.


Smash Champion
Nov 17, 2005
Bay Area, Cali
it means down, like the direction, down towards the ground, not down the tail

and the later you can land the fair, the better it is for combing, but don't let him get over his stun obviously

(the reasoning on that is because if you fair him too early, you still have to reach the peak of ur jump, fastfall, l cancel, then throw out the second combo piece. But if you fair him on the way down, you just fastfall and l-cancel, taking less time, giving you more time for the next hit)

(But then again, you can link fairs by doing a regular jump as well)

whatever works dude
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