Atlantic North [Sep 16, 2015] Smash @ Xanadu Melee/64 Weeklies (Baltimore, MD)


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Xanadu Melee Weeklies, every Wednesday night!

"You never know who's going to show up...literally" Featuring special guests every week!

Previous OoR guests include: Sethlon, D1, K9, DJ Nintendo, Alukard, Lazarond, Rat, ESAM, Mew2King, ZeRo, Xzax, Keitaro, Nakat, and many others!

Location: Xanadu Games (thread has the address info! If Baltimore doesn't work as the city address, try using Halethorpe or Arbutus. This really isn't within "Baltimore" per se.) Should be easy to find. Xanadu is the premiere spot for Smash in MD/VA and always has the hottest livestreams. We are known for the S@X tuesdays, and we have a monthly tournament that is a bit larger.

Games: Super Smash Bros. Melee


3pm Venue Opens/Signups are open at the front counter
7:30pm Melee Singles Begins

8:30pm 64 Singles Begins

Join the S@X group:

Calendar of games:

Mondays- Project M
Tuesdays- Smash for Wii U
Wednesdays- Melee/64


$5 Venue fee (First 5 setups for the featured tournament game will have venue fee waived. The front counter is handling this for the weeklies)
$5 Tournament Entry fee

Rules: These rules apply to all events, specific events below. If you have any questions about the rules, please ask up front rather than waiting till after a match to ask. It could be too late!

General Gameplay:

- 4 stock
- 8 minute timer (optional for smash 64)
- Items are set to "off" and "none"
- If the timer runs out, the victor is determined first by stock and then by percentage. If there is a tie, see the tiebreaker section to follow.
- Controller ports will be decided by players. If there is a conflict, we prefer using the G&W Hammer method to determine who gets to choose.
- You may switch controller ports on your counterpick only.
- BYOC (Bring your own controller). I recommend having a spare, just in case. If you don't have one, I might have a few for sale.
- Any controller malfunction mid match is on you. If you need to reset, your opponent will have to agree to a reset as doing so will require you to pause the match. (if pause is on).
- Stalling is banned. You know what this is, ask if you're unsure.
- If you freeze the game on an action initiated by your character, you lose the game. You are expected to know the boundaries of your character. (This rarely, if ever, happens.)
- Pause is recommended to be turned on for quick resets, but players can request it be turned off for the duration of their match.
- If a player pauses the match mid game (accidentally or intentionally), it is a stock loss to the player who pressed it (unless for valid interruption at T.O's discretion).
- A match ending in simultaneous death does not go to the initiator. If the result is sudden death from this, use the normal tiebreaking rules (to follow) to determine the winner. Otherwise use who the game declared the winner.

- Coaching mid-match is banned. Don't do it.
- You cannot re-select a stage you have won on as a counterpick (Melee Only)
- Any and all infinites (basically, where someone can control the opponent without them being able to do anything about it) must end at 300%, otherwise it becomes stalling. All infinites are entirely legal otherwise.
- ALL sets are best 2 of 3 games, INCLUDING the finals.
- In the event of a game running to time, the winner is determined first by stocks, then % if the stocks are tied.
- LGL Rule: ALL games have a ledge grab limit of 50. This only comes into play if a match goes to time. If the match goes to time, and one of the players have exceeded the LGL, than the other player automatically wins regardless of the original outcome. If neither player or both players have, then normal tie breaking procedures take precedence.

Set Procedure:

1. Character selection
2. Stage strike 1-2-1 (Melee Only)

3. Play Game 1
4. Winning player announces ban stage for the set (Melee Only)
5. Loser of previous match announces next match's stage
6. Winner of previous match chooses characters
7. Loser of previous match chooses characters
8. Play next game
9. Rinse and repeat 4-8 if set goes to a third game.

Tie Breaking:

Note: Tiebreaking is only initiated if the game started a sudden death round upon completion. Otherwise, the game declared winner is the winner of the match.

1. Winner is determined by highest stock count then lowest percent.
2. Verify neither player violated the LGL rule (if the match went to time)
3. 1 stock, 3 minute match is played as a tiebreaker match. The winner of this match wins the game. If there is a tie in this match, proceed to step 4. The LGL is modified for this match to 20.
4. A second 1 stock, no time limit match is played. If a simultaneous death is initiated (such as swallocide) in this match, the initiator loses the match. There is no tie for this match, it is play until you win.

Conduct Rules:

- No intrusive Cosmetic hacks permitted (no altering characters to look like master chief, no reversing the ice climbers colors, etc.)
- Drugs/Alcohol are banned from Xanadu. Don't let me see any, smell any, etc. We'll send you home packing.
- Intentionally disrupting someone mid-match intentionally or accidentally is not acceptable. Please do your best to make sure you are not disrupting a match. This can result in a penalty at T.O.'s discretion.
- Don't lose anything you're bringing to the event please, we are not liable for lost/stolen etc.
- TTL Rule: You must register for the event in person, on-time. Once the registration deadline is closed, no further entries will be permitted. Do not try to call me in advance to hold the bracket.
- Collusion of any kind (asking, intentionally throwing matches yourself, "agreeing to split", etc.) is subject to instant disqualification from all events, forfeiture of all prizes, banning of said players from stream matches and a potential 1 event suspension at the T.O's discretion.

Stage rules:

- Melee Starter Stages:

Yoshi's Story
Fountain of Dreams
Final Destination
Dream Land 64

- Melee Counterpick stages (1 stage ban)

Pokemon Stadium

Prize Payouts:

< 32 Entrants

1st: 55%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%
4th: 5%

Between 33-96 entrants

1st: 48%
2nd: 24%
3rd: 12%
4th: 8%
5th: 4%
5th: 4%

97 and above

1st: 46%
2nd: 22%
3rd: 12%
4th: 8%
5th: 4% each
7th: 2% each

Food Nearby:

All within close proximity is Chick-fil-A, McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy's. There is also a pizza place that delivers that everyone is extremely fond off, as well as Chinese take out. Xanadu should have the chinese and pizza place order list right there at the counter if you want something.

Dominos also delivers:
Phone: (410) 242-3030

Livestream/Media: -follow them as they are our gracious hosts! -ask me if you have any questions about the event -Their twitter - VGBC's Lead commentator and the voice of Project M - Local facebook group for S@X
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Do we have a rule set yet for Smash 4 3DS monthly?

I found last times rules but...

Am I not allowed to use my Japanese 3DS? If so, that is incredibly stupid.
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Well, the intent was that if we were to do customs you would need an english 3DS in case it was needed to be proven if you had equipment on or not. It was also to make sure that there wouldn't be discrepancy between versions.

I think we are ok with it now though. We aren't doing any more 3DS events anyways.


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A troll in the Ontario Smash group started a flame war against himself trying to reason why Fortune was right to abuse the rules...had to consult here to show that technically, SG had full power over the decision of whether or not Fortune should SD and therefore the pause is null and void. Get Nintendude to add that to the Apex ruleset for the trolls that like to argue semantics and technicalities.


Jul 27, 2012
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there already is that technicality, it's called "the TO's decision is always final". this isn't a democracy, it's a damn smash tournament


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Well before I edited the rules it was a "strict" rule, but I could've enforced this rule:

- Intentionally disrupting someone mid-match intentionally or accidentally is not acceptable. Please do your best to make sure you are not disrupting a match. This can result in a penalty at T.O.'s discretion.

I chose not to and let them continue to play.
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