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Science Is Fun: Test Subject #1, Chell, for Smash!


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Oct 29, 2006
Sydney, Australia
I like the move sets in this thread.

But the main thing I’d change is her grabs. It’d be cooler if at least one of her grabs I.e. down throw involved her making a portal underneath and throwing the enemy into it.
Then they will fly out whenever the other portal is on the stage.
This would make her grab game extremely interesting and the most unique in the game.

You could then place the second portal to create easy combo’s from her grab, or just to send them flying off the stage (near the edge or under the stage making it a spike throw).
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Jun 18, 2021
I guess I'm late to the party, but I think it's interesting (and also a little sad) that most portal fans (including myself) outright dismissed Chell as a possible fighter. I had the same realization as everyone else last December, and made my own move-set idea. The entire move-set is in one image, however it does contain spoilers for the end of Portal 2. I had never seen this thread (or had a smashboards account) until today, so it's pretty funny how similar my move-set is to everyone else. I haven't updated it since December, but there are some things I would change after reading this thread.
The image link above comes straight from my reddit profile page. (The reddit post also has a non-spoiler version.) Feel free to view it there, in case the image compression is really bad.


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Jun 18, 2021
I think everyone in this thread would also appreciate that the voice actor for zero suit samus in brawl, sm4sh and ultimate is Alésia Glidewell. Alésia is also the model for chell's face in portal 1 and 2. So Chell is kind of in smash bros already!


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Jul 17, 2021
Hey all. So, recently, I've been thinking a lot about characters I'd love to see as Smash DLC, or even just Smash characters at some point in the future. In thinking about this, I remembered my two favorite games of all time - Portal 1 & 2. I thought about it for a while, and I came to the conclusion that I would absolutely love the games' main character - Chell - to be a playable fighter in Smash. I did some looking, and apparently no one on this forum has made a thread about the idea, which surprises me quite a lot. Lucky for me, though, that means I get to be the first to make a discussion about it... something I'm happy to do!

First off... who is Chell?
So, I know quite a lot of you are already familiar with the character, but let me summarize briefly for those who have not had the pleasure. (I'll try to avoid spoilers, so this section will be rather brief)

Chell (pictured above) is the protagonist of both games in the Portal series, created by Valve Software. Little is known about her origins, and all we know for sure about her is that she is a young and tenacious woman who has a part-time job as a test subject at a midwestern scientific research facility known as the Aperture Science Computer Aided Enrichment Center. Here, she proves to be the best and most resourceful user of Aperture Science's greatest invention - the Handheld Portal Device. Simply put, this gun-like object can create two portals on two different surfaces that are spatially linked. As in, once both portals have been created, you can enter one and come out the other. This can be used for instantaneous transportation of people and objects, among other things.

One thing to note about Chell is that she never speaks - not at all. She simply doesn't make sounds with her mouth, as silly as that sounds. Whether this is by choice or not is left unclear, but the important thing is she doesn't talk.

That's pretty much all you need to know about Chell, really. If you think she sounds a bit boring, I highly advise you go play the Portal games. They will get that notion out of your head very quickly. In fact, if you haven't already, you really should play the games - they're absolutely fantastic, they're cheap on Steam, and they'll help you understand all the things I'll be talking about in this post. You won't regret it!

Why should Chell be in Smash?

So, every character needs some kind of reason to be in Smash, right? Well, lots of people certainly think so. And, in Chell's case, she has quite a good reason for inclusion.

Both of the Portal games are universally agreed to be some of, if not the best games of all time. The Metacritic scores for both Portal 1 and Portal 2 are remarkably high, with both games earning the Metacritic "Must-Play" award and having many critics and users alike hailing the games as masterpieces. They are frequently placed on Best Games Ever Made lists, with even Wikipedia including both on its List of games considered the best.

Why is this relevant? Well, as we all know, Super Smash Bros. is intended to be a celebration of video games as a medium by combining all the best ones into one huge potluck of a fighting game. Since we already have reps like Mario, Link and Samus (among many others) who are from some of the best games ever made, isn't it only natural we should include Chell? The quality of her games by itself justifies her inclusion - but there's more.

As you undoubtedly know, Portal has become a major pop-culture entity since its inception back in 2007. Who could forget one of the most widespread memes of all time, that being "The cake is a lie"? That came from Portal. Let's not forget that numerous celebrities have cited Portal as an influence on them, such as film directors J.J. Abrams and Guillermo del Toro. In fact, our very own Shigeru Miyamoto said that he thought Portal was "amazing".

This point also ties into why I think Chell should be included before other Valve representatives, like Gordon Freeman from Half-Life or Heavy from Team Fortress 2. Believe me, I LOVE those two characters and their associated games, and I'd be ecstatic if they made it into Smash. But I feel that Chell should come first, simply because of the impact that she and her games have had on the industry. That's not to say Half-Life or Team Fortress 2 haven't had an impact, or even that they haven't had a large one - they certainly have. But Portal's is a bit more tangible, a bit more pronounced, if you get what I'm saying.

Plus, Portal has the most Nintendo association of any Valve franchise. While it is true that neither of the mainline Portal games have appeared on a Nintendo system, a spinoff game, known as Bridge Constructor Portal, released on the Switch a little over a year ago. There's also the inclusion of a considerable amount of Portal content in the game Lego Dimensions, which released on the Wii U in 2015. Considering Persona is getting representation in Smash with only the a spinoff series on 3DS to justify it (minus the probable future Persona 5 port, of course) I'd say Portal has enough Nintendo-related content to get featured in Smash. Plus, who's to say neither of the mainline games could get ported to Switch if Chell got in Smash? That would be great!

Both Half-Life and Team Fortress 2 have no Nintendo presence at all, as far as I am aware, so that would make Portal the most logical pick for a Valve rep in Smash. Like I said, I'd love to see any of the three, but I just think Portal makes the most sense.

So, that's pretty much all my reasoning, put somewhat concisely.

OK, what's Chell's moveset going to be like?

So, in the past, I've heard a few people say that Chell simply couldn't work in Smash due to her lack of moveset potential. Well, I've thought about it, and I think I've made a general moveset concept that would mostly assuage these fears. Allow me to explain:

1. The Smashes
I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time on this, considering most smash attacks are usually pretty straightforward and what you'd probably expect to see from a character. Basically, Chell would attack using the Portal Gun and her legs. Her jab would be "stabbing" with the prongs of the Portal Gun, and some of her attacks, like her dash, would be a firm kick with her Long-Fall Boots. She can pull some nifty acrobatics like Snake and Simon during some of these, as we know she's quite an agile person. Ultimately, her smashes would be simple and to the point, and probably stuff you can fill in the blanks for anyway. Her range would be considerable, since both her legs and the Portal Gun can stretch a bit. That's all I really have to say about this.

2. The Specials

Now we're getting to the good stuff. I've got some ideas.



(Not a great image but it'll do)

These would work in a bit of a funny way. So, for portals to be useful, you obviously have to AIM them, right? Well, it's a bit tricky to do this in Smash, especially since it's 2D, but I think I've devised a workaround. Basically, for the player to fire a portal exactly where they want to, they hold B to enter "aiming" mode. While they are holding B, they cannot move, but rather use the left analog stick to rotate their Portal Gun 360 degrees around themselves. Using this, they can shoot portals onto any surface on a stage.

Of course, the player won't always have time to do this, so if they just need a portal straight ahead of themselves, they can just tap B and a portal will fire in the direction they're facing. Simple!

These portals function like they do in their home games - all players can pass through them and instantly teleport to the other one. Momentum is kept between them, and objects + projectiles can go through them too. I can only imagine all the weird and wonderful stuff that could be accomplished with this in Smash... so many possibilities!


Aerial Faith Plate (Idea 1)

This is Chell's recovery move. It works a lot like Sonic and Megaman's recovery, which is to say, it's pretty much just a spring that appears and propels them upward. There's a bit of a catch here, though, as Chell moves both upward and forward - pretty much in an arc. This arc always faces the center of the stage, so she's never being fired off to her death. This air arc would reflect mostly how the faith plates function in their home games.

Not a lot to say here, it's pretty simple. I do have an alternate idea for the Up-B, though...

Excursion Funnel (Idea 2)

This would also be Chell's recovery move, but it is much different than the faith plate. See, when she uses this, the funnel will appear below her and send her drifting upwards, like they would in the Portal games. This funnel last until Chell moves out of it, and it moves players upwards at roughly the speed of Snake's Cypher drone.

The thing that makes this an interesting recovery move is that it is a whole beam that stretches vertically from the point it was summoned to the top of the stage. So, if Chell was using this to recover, it could also be used to disrupt other players by stopping them in their tracks and forcing them upwards. Of course, they could move out of it, but it would still be good for throwing them off.


Cube Toss

Upon using the left or right B move, a portal would quickly open behind Chell and an Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube would fly out, travelling a short distance before falling on the ground. The cube could also be occasionally substituted by various other Aperture Science items, like Edgeless Safety Cubes, Frankenturrets, or Aperture Science Bombs.

These cubes have similar properties to Piranha Plant's Neutral-B spikeball. They have a short travel distance, but are fast and hit hard. They would deal similar damage to these spikeballs as well.

Very rarely, when using this attack, a Companion Cube would appear in place of a standard cube. This Companion Cube is an insta-KO to any player hit by it, similar to a 9 on Mr. Game & Watch's Judgement attack. This Companion Cube would also disappear in a small fiery explosion upon staying on the ground for a few moments, rather than simply vanishing like the other objects. This explosion does minimal damage to players.



You probably expected this.

Upon using her Down-B, a portal quickly appears below Chell and she uses her Portal Gun to take a Turret out of it and place it on the ground in front of her. After being placed, the Turret will remain until it is destroyed by any player.

How it works is this: the Turret's range of vision is an invisible triangle that stretches out from its eye to... well, I'm not sure exactly how large it'd be, but it would be sizable. The Turret has a red targeting laser, and it will aim this at whoever it is firing at. Upon seeing a potential target, the Turret will take roughly a second to lock-on to it, while uttering one of its iconic targeting lines ("I see you!" and all that) and then proceeds to fire. The Turret fires VERY fast, and each bullet does roughly .5% damage, as well as small knockback. This would likely be extremely dangerous for whoever is being fired at, and could potentially kill them if they aren't fast enough. The Turret has unlimited ammo, and will continue firing until its target dies, moves out of range, or another target comes closer, at which point it will lock onto that target.

These Turrets would likely be very powerful tools, but they aren't perfect. They can be tipped over with almost any projectile or collision in general. Once they have been tipped over, they will begin their "panic protocol," as they do in their home games. The Turret begins firing wildly in front of itself for several seconds, then shuts down, with a typical guilt-inducing line such as "I don't hate you." They disappear shortly afterwards.

Chell can only have one Turret active at once. If she attempts to summon another Turret when one is already active, the second Turret will be a Defective Turret. It will say one of its lines ("Locked and loaded! ...Uh-oh. This is trouble.") and then detonate in a harmless explosion.

Each player who is Chell can have one Turret at a time. Turrets will not fire at each other, they will only fire at players and Sandbags.

3. The Grabs

I don't have much to say here. Chell grabs using her Portal Gun, and she tosses with her up, left and right grabs. Her down grab uses the Portal Gun to smack the grabbed player into the ground. Not terribly exciting, and it could probably be more interesting, but I usually consider the grabs the least important part of a moveset, so I'll just leave this to you guys.



Upon using a Smash Orb, a cinematic plays where Chell looks up towards the sky and sees the moon. (If the stage is roofed, a hole breaks open to reveal the moon) She shoots a portal on the ground and then one at the moon... then, for roughly a second, silence, until it is broken by a ding! like you hear in Portal 2. All fighters alive get sucked into the portal and are seen flying out on the moon and into space. Chell herself also gets sucked up, but is held back from drifting away by GLaDOS' claw that is used in the original game.

This move is an insta-KO for all fighters over 100%, and for ones not over 100%, it still sends them flying when they return to the stage.

5. Chell's General Characteristics

Chell is agile and and weighs about as much as Zero Suit Samus. Her running speed and walking speed are similar, to reflect how she doesn't really have a distinction between the two in her home games.

A special property of Chell is her Long-Fall Boots. These enable Chell to literally hit the ground running upon landing, no matter what moves she used in the air, or what moves were used on her. She simply lands upright and is able to move instantly. Watch out!

Chell's alternate costumes would change the color of her jumpsuit. There would be four costumes for each color total (orange being default, with blue, red and green being the alts) This is to say Chell would have two orange outfits, two blue, two red and two green. The difference between the colors is her Portal 1 & 2 appearances. So, she has one orange where the jumpsuit covers her whole body, and one where it just covers her legs, and she wears a tanktop.

That should fill in most blanks about Chell's moveset. Let me know if I missed anything, and feel free to add on to this, or talk about your own ideas.

What's Portal's general representation in Smash going to be like? (Stage, music, spirits, etc.)

Portal has a rich lore, a lots to draw on for its potential representation in Smash.

1. The Stage

Aperture Science

Chell's homestage would obviously be Aperture Science, as there's really no other locations from the entire Portal franchise. There is a lot that could be done here, and it could easily be a fantastic stage.

So, I'll just describe my idea outright: The Apeture Science stage would function very similarly to the Mario Maker stage. Every time is a different procedurally generated stage with various stage hazards and platform layouts. In Aperture, there would be multitudes of objects that could appear, such as (but not limited to) crushers, toxic goo, Pneumatic Diversity Vents, Hard Light Bridges, Thermal Discouragement Beams, Gels, and tons of other things. The possibilities are almost endless here.

Now, one notable feature of the Mario Maker stage is that it changes its aesthetic periodically through the player's battle. The Aperture Science stage could replicate this, switching mid-match from the various states of Aperture. I imagine there would be:

Destroyed Aperture (overgrown and malfunctioning, from the beginning of Portal 2)
Regular Aperture (standard and sleek, from GLaDOS' period of control during Portal 2)
Old Aperture (vintage and dilapidated, from the underground sections during Portal 2)
Wheatley Aperture (pictured above; on the verge of meltdown and unstable, from the ending chapters during Portal 2)

There could also possibly be Aperture from Portal 1, which looks innocent and plain, but the four versions I described above are probably enough.

Now, while these changes in look likely wouldn't affect the stage hazards, they would affect a background element - the vocal overseer of the match.

Of course, you can't have a Portal stage without one of the characters participating, could you? The various looks of the stage could accommodate various commentators, such as GLaDOS, Wheatley, Cave Johnson, and the Announcer. Basically, when the stage is in Destroyed form, the Announcer comments on the events of the battle, when it's Regular, GLaDOS comments, when it's Old, Cave Johnson comments, and when it's Wheatley, well, Wheatley comments.

The commentary from these characters would likely be colorful and humorous, seeing as how the dialogue in the original games was so expertly crafted. There is much potential in GLaDOS in particular, and I am sure many of you would love to hear her iconic voice in Smash. She could offer condescending dialogue during the fight, such as scolding the player for getting hit, telling them they have poor skills, insulting their intelligence, and so on. Perhaps she could even give character specific commentary for each member of the roster! I'm sure we'd all love to hear that.

Seeing as how all the voice actors of Portal enjoyed their roles, it is not inconceivable they would be willing to return to voice them in Smash. Ellen McLain in particular has a commitment to voicing GLaDOS wherever possible, so she'd almost certainly be willing to do it. Stephen Merchant has also stated how he would be willing to reprise his role as Wheatley, so him coming for Smash is also likely. J.K. Simmons may be a bit harder to book, but oh man, it would be worth it. Who wouldn't want J. Jonah Jameson in Smash?!

Anyway though, back to the stage. On second though, if all the voice actors were to return, it may be a bit jarring to hear them switch mid-round, so maybe the look of the stage would be randomly determined before the match starts, then it would stay consistent until the end. This would also mean they wouldn't have to create models for things that didn't exist in certain situations, i.e. crushers in Old Aperture. Feel free to share your opinions on this in the comments, though.

I'll provide some pictures of the various states of Aperture for you to mentally construct into a Smash stage:

Old Aperture

Destroyed Aperture

Wheatley Aperture

And so on and so forth. By the way, I HIGHLY recommend looking up some of Portal 2's concept art. It is seriously beautiful! Be warned, though, there are some spoilers.

2. The Music

The Portal franchise has some amazing music. I mean, just fantastic songs. Portal 2 in particular has an exceedingly impressive soundtrack. Here are all the songs I think should be included in Smash. I'll be sure to provide links, so you can hear them yourself.

Science Is Fun (Portal 2)
Concentration Enhancing Menu Initialiser (Portal 2)
Ghost of Rattman (Portal 2)
You Know Her? (Portal 2)
The Friendly Faith Plate (Portal 2)
I Saw A Deer Today (Portal 2)
You Will Be Perfect (Portal 2)
An Accent Beyond (Portal 2)
Almost At Fifty Percent (Portal 2)
I AM NOT A MORON! (Portal 2)
PotatOS Lament (Portal 2)
The Reunion (Portal 2)
Reconstructing More Science (Portal 2)
Wheatley Science (Portal 2)
Machiavellian Bach (Portal 2)
The Part Where He Kills You (Portal 2)
OMG, What Has He Done? (Portal 2)
Bombs For Throwing At You (Portal 2)
Your Precious Moon (Portal 2)
Cara Mia Addio (Portal 2)
Want You Gone (Portal 2)
Some Assembly Required (Portal 2)
Robots FTW (Portal 2)
4000 Degrees Kelvin (Portal 1)
You're Not A Good Person (Portal 1)
You Can't Escape, You Know (Portal 1)
Still Alive (Portal 1)

Whew! That's the whole thing. What can I say? Portal just has really good music! I think all of these would fit right in Smash. I'd be interested in hearing how the music team handles some remixes of them, too!

3. The Spirits

OK, I've been typing this off-and-on again for several days and I'm getting pretty tired, so I'm just going to list who I think could be a Portal spirit:

Cave Johnson
Companion Cube
Morality Core
Curiosity Core
Intelligence Core
Anger Core
The Space Sphere
Rick, The Adventure Sphere
The Fact Sphere
Doug Rattman
The Cake

Yeah, that's pretty much the whole list. Portal doesn't have a lot of characters. You guys can discuss what exactly they'd all do.

That's all I have to say!

Wow, I've spent several days on this, and it's 1 AM, so I am exhausted! I'm going to take a rest. Please tell me what you guys think! I hope you guys love this idea as much as I do.

Here is the list of supporters. I think our name will be "Test Subjects."

ryuu seika

Here's to hoping Chell gets in Smash one day!
Since Terry includes music from other SNK franchises what if Chell featured music from half-life and tf2? They share the same universe so it is possible
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