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Important Read this before creating a new thread! Little Mac Board Directory!

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DtJ Hilt

Little Lizard
Feb 28, 2008
Minnow Brook
Hey guys!

Let's try to keep the Little Mac Board a bit more clean and organized. Lately we've had several threads pop up that could have been better kept in one of our central stickied threads. Those threads are there for a reason. We can't afford to have ten matchup threads flooding the board, or five topics all asking the same question!

Below are the list of threads we have here in the Mac Boards! Please try to keep discussion in them if they relate to what your thread is for!

Defend the Title - Little Mac Main Social Thread
The center of the Little Mac community! A place to hang out with all the other Little Mac players. Can talk about anything, whether it's about Little Mac or not!

Doc's Tips: A Little Mac Q&A Thread
If you have any questions about Little Mac, please ask them in here! It doesn't matter if it's a small or large topic, let's try to keep questions centralized in this thread!

"Are You Ready For The Next Challenge?" -Little Mac Match-Up Thread
The only exception for the Q&A Thread is this. Having problems against a certain character? Have some insight in a match up you're experienced in? This is the place to post!

"I'd Telegraph That!" -Little Mac Video Thread
The purposes of this thread are for players that want to post videos for critique from experienced Little Macs, but this also serves as a directory for all Little Mac videos posted! Check out the first post! They're sorted by player, and show what character the Little Mac is up against in the description!

"Show'em Whatcha Got, Baby" - Little Mac Moveset Thread
Whether you're curious about Little Mac's moves, or came up with a new application of one of his attacks, this is the place to talk about Little Mac's Moveset! The first post contains his basic frame data and damage percentages, while the rest of this thread is for discussion of his moveset.

Who Wants to Rant Next!? - Little Mac Whine/Defense Thread
Think Little Mac's the most stupid, unfair thing to ever enter smash? Tired of all the Little Macs on For Glory? Angry at how often he gets gimped? Maybe you don't think he's as over powered or easy to gimp as people keep saying. Let it all out in here!
Not open for further replies.
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