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Prince Ali joins the fight beyond Oasis! - Prince Ali for Smash Support Thread

So, what do you all think?

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Mar 17, 2018
This is the boy.

If anyone has ever heard of Beyond Oasis (also called The Story of Thor), Prince Ali is the protagonist for this.

When the game was initially released, it had received very favorable reviews, and still has been viewed well in retrospective. This title had been playable on the Sega Mega Drive and Sega Genesis, in addition to Virtual Console for the Nintendo Wii. A sequel, The Legend of Oasis (sounds like something, eh?), was released for the Sega Saturn afterwards. Developed by Ancient, and published by Sega, I guess you can consider him a third-party character by default.

To get to the point, Prince Ali is a young boy who finds himself a gold armlet. This gold armlet was used by a wizard who opposed the evil wielder of a silver armlet instead. The silver one primarily brought destruction and ruin, while the golden one could be used to summon spirits. Four, in fact: Dytto (water), Efreet (fire), Shade (shadow), and Bow (grass). Basically, Prince Ali's mission is to acquire all four of them in order to prevent destruction at the hands of the current wielder of the silver armlet.

None to say the least, similarities to The Legend of Zelda can be seen (not in all its entirety, though). Prince Ali can equip many types of weapons, such as his signature knife, swords, crossbows, and even bombs (Zelda similarity coming through). His knife has unlimited uses, however, every other type of weapon is limited in use. As for spirits, they can be used for magic attacks instead (think of a somewhat less extreme Materia).

I can see him using the spirits for his specials, if anything, and perhaps his other types of weapons can be used for other types of attacks, although I might need to find a way to think of a moveset, but I will in time. Durability, I don't know if it would get added, especially if it isn't affecting about 85.71% of FE characters. I'd say probably not, but that's just a personal thought.

This is my first character support thread, but I appreciate any support as well!


Additional info.

All in all, obviously, SEGA probably won't find a lot of use out of him, but for fans who do remember him, he should be able to revive the nostalgia in them. Given Sakurai's attention to detail, if he and SEGA ever did consider him, I doubt that he would disappoint.

Also, may I note that the main founder of the developer of the game, Yuzo Koshiro, is a well renowned music composer? He has done arrangements for Smash (Brawl, 4, Ultimate), Etrian Odyssey (all titles), KI: Uprising, and even Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, among many great titles!

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Dec 3, 2007
It's a long shot, but I liked Beyond Oasis when I was a kid. I played it on Sega Channel.

Count me in. Although it will be a struggle to see him in because even Sega has forgotten his franchise now.
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