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Post-Apocalyptic Texas Showdown 3 Results [11/30/13 Houston, TX]


Smash Journeyman
Dec 30, 2008
Galveston, TX
Thanks to everyone who came out and supported Texas Melee! Special thanks to Frisbie and everyone who helped run the tournament efficiently, everyone who commentated and helped run the recording setup including GlibbyGlobby, MT, Djphatz, Velox, Jake13, and JR5, everyone who brought a setup, and others I'm probably forgetting that made this event awesome. Hope to see everyone December 21-22 in Austin for Forte!


Singles (52 entrants):

1: Mojo ($286)
2: ARC ($130)
3: MT ($78)
4: Gar ($26)
5: TSC (entered as Von)
5: Tirno
7: Jake13
7: JF
9: Obsoleet
9: Admiral
9: Smiles
9: Velox
13: Kamikaze*
13: Kalo (entered as Sybawave)
13: Jack
13: Dawn
17: RobMoney
17: 52pickup
17: Yumcha
17: Pawl
17: Frisbie
17: DMT
17: Noc
17: GlibbyGlobby*
25: Joe*
25: Keimoney
25: Bill
25: Ezzy
25: G-rabbit
25: MoonStone
25: Taylosun
25: Gabe
33: Risu
33: Nosta
33: Otter
33: Linkbane
33: Wayne
33: Crawfish
33: Wolfeye
33: Shocky
41: Amide
41: KillaWhale
41: Onion
41: DjPhaTz
41: Tropic Thunda
41: Handy
41: Tak
41: Cademan
49: Hartmen
49: GameKirby
49: Cowsaymeow
49: Chill
*Because Kamikaze, GlibbyGlobby (who chose to use Samus because YOLO), and Joe all had a set win:loss ratio of 3-2, placement was determined by game win:loss ratio. 2nd: Kamikaze (7-4), 3rd: GlibbyGlobby (8-5), 4th: Joe (6-5).



Doubles (18 team entrants):

1: Team Pup n Suds (Mojo + Jake13) ($126.00)
2: MT + Tirno ($36.00)
3: B&B Retreat (TSC + Kalo) ($18.00)
4: ARC + JF
5: Smiles + RobMoney
5: Wake n' Bake (Dawn + Obsoleet)
7: Dolan on a river (GlibbyGlobby + Noc)
7: Taylosun + Jack
9: Team Car Ramrod (Pawl + Gabe)
9: Team Nathan (Wolfeye + Nathan)
9: Frisbie + DMT
9: Literacy (Linkbane + Risu)
13: C-kibz + JR5
13: Nosta + Chill
13: One-eyed Wonder Weasels & Their Two Balls (Tropic Thunda + Hartmen)
13: Surprise Us
17: Based Randall (Ezzy + Otter)
17: BlueStone + JickMagger


PATS3 Singles Bracket
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Mar 26, 2006
woo arc! woo mt!! tirno fifth? owo
can't wait to watch vids


Smash Rookie
Nov 24, 2013
Houston, TX
Awesome tournament, my tag is Otter not Otta =_=. Anyway, time for shoutouts!

Mojo - You showed the rest of Texas that you meant business, I was very impressed by your play. You are a great guy Oscar, hope to see you at the next Houston event. Congrats on 1st Place in Singles!
ARC - Nice talking with you, great playing. You seemed really disappointed about losing GF's...I know you'll get that win. I'm really excited to see you again. Congrats on 2nd Place in Singles.
MT - It was really cool seeing you, playing you in pools, and MM'ing you. You are a very determined player, I can see the fire in you when you play. Good stuff. Congrats on 3rd Place in Singles.
Gar - You played so well, really good stuff! First time placing in the money, you should be hype. Your Sheik was sexy and very aggressive, hope to see you at the next big event (or small one). Congrats on 4th Place in Singles.
TSC - You're cooler to me than to anyone else, take that to heart. Let's drive to Austin with Kalo again sometime, that was hella fun. I know you want to win so badly, you'll get there. You have the drive to get what you want, it's apparent in your entire demeanor. Congrats on 5th Place in Singles.
Tirno - Really enjoyed meeting you, you are a cool guy! Your Falco was awesome, I really wanna see you at more events. Congrats on 5th Place in Singles.
Jake13 - Hope you are feeling better mang! It was nice eating next to you at the bar. I know you can place higher, always next time. Congrats on 7th Place in Singles.
JF - You are super cool, no matter what the heck Luci says about it. Keep on being you, I love talking to you and seeing you play well. FULL RESPECT. Congrats on 7th Place in Singles.
Obsoleet - Year of Luigi man, good stuff.
Admiral - Saw some of your games, looked like you were on point. What was your friend Connor's tag, he was cool.
Velox - Sorry for saying Chris and actually be talking to KillaWhale. Good play.
Kamikaze - We should play some time. Good play, and you're a nice guy. Enjoyed our chat.
Kalo - You're hilarious, I enjoy your guidance. We should chill more. I'm glad you are starting to play more Melee, it's really cool to see you at events.
Dawn - You are always awesome, good friendlies before the tourney. Thanks for keeping me chill in my direst of times.
Pawl - Good talk, glad to find another 5'6ish person in the scene. We should play more friendlies at events.
DMT - BFF's for life.
Noc - GOD OF SMASH. Thanks for working hard to record the tourney. You are great for the community man!
Ezzy - Sheik is dumb, stupid, and dumb. Johns, johns, and more johns. Good playing mang. I know you are frustrated with your mid/late game, it will come in time. We gotta stay competitive.
Linkbane - Senpai~
Wolfeye - fun friendlies, you creamed me in teams.
KillaWhale - MAH *****! You are da best mang, you're a big brother to me. Wanna see you win tourneys, if you still have the drive. Thanks for being great.
Onion - Young Link hype! Keep playing him, you'll get some wins under your belt.
C-kibz - Nice meeting you and fun talking to you. I'm glad someone thinks I look mature. You read my roll and f-smashed me in teams, I was seriously impressed. Keep coming to tourneys!
JR5 - Nice talking to you/commentating with you, you were really cool.
Cowsaymeow - Keep on playing, you'll get better!
Cade - We didn't really play much, more friendlies plz.
Frisbie - GODLIKE T.O. WHO DRIVES ME EVERYWHERE...good stuff. Really fun tourney. My tag is Otter btw =_=

FORTE HYPE?!?!?!?!?

Kamikaze Kevin

Smash Cadet
Aug 28, 2006
Manvel, TX
Yeah our pool was super goofy. GlibbyGlobby didn't even use Samus against me lol. He went Falcon (who I beat pretty handily since I"m used to the match-up) and then he beat me twice with Falco (who I'm less experienced against, need to fight some more). Then I beat Joe's Pikachu 2-0, and Joe beat Glibby's Samus 2-1. I thought I was out for win total (Glibby got a win on Smiles and I didn't) but I guess win-ratio makes more since. Worked for me lol.

Shoutouts to:
Frisbie for hosting a great tournament
Keimoney my brother for coming with me and being mediocre
Gar, JF, Shocky for exposing my Sheik weakness
Joe for fun matches with Pikachu
Dawn, good to see you as always
Obseleet (I think) and the other guy I can't remember your name because I'm stupid for getting food
Anyone else I played friendlies with, I'm bad at getting names

Hope to be more active in the future! Didn't expect to make bracket, guess I'm better than I remembered. Need more experience against different characters though.


Smash Journeyman
Oct 7, 2013
Craw land
why i do so bad :crying:
my punishment: 1000 lashings, so i don't do bad again,,jk
it was super fun though! looking forward to my next tournament! :estatic: hopefully i do better next time,


Smash Cadet
Jan 15, 2007
GlibbyGlobby here. I want to thank everybody who showed up early enough to help Frisbie set up the venue! It was quite a few people who showed up so early, and I just want to thank everybody who helped out. It's not like it was particularly back-breaking work or anything like that, but it still definitely did take time and it would've definitely taken more time without so many of you helping. Yes, I still even want to thank the people who showed up early enough to set up the venue and DIDN'T help. Technically, you guys still helped by being so early and it was just kind of awesome to see so many people show up so excited for Melee before the venue was even ready to be used. While I'm at it, I'd also like to thank everybody who stayed behind after the tournament to help put the venue back in an organized fashion. This includes any Texadelphia employees who are probably never going to read this post.

So I'd now like to give a shoutout to Texadelphia. Thank you for the amazing venue and for the food, which was pretty ****ing amazing to the point that I just had the exact same thing for both lunch and dinner and I wasn't even mad about it. I highly recommend the first burger on the burger menu to everybody. It's something to do with bacon and aged cheddar, though I forget the exact name. Remember that all of the sauces come free of charge, which is amazing. I still don't agree with the idea of tortilla chips coming with a burger, but I will forgive it all because the burger was so delicious. Anybody, feel free to ask me about the burger and I will do my best to provide the best idea possible of how amazing the burger is with hopes of further supporting Texadelphia as a venue and getting people to buy food there. Shoutouts to the Texadelphia employees and the owner as well for their miscellaneous helpful deeds throughout the day, like turning on the lights for us in the outside part of the venue once things got dark and for cleaning stuff up and whatnot.

Shoutouts to Frisbie for organizing the whole thing, obviously. 'Nuff said. I want to thank anybody who helped Frisbie with running the tournament, from helping make the bracket to calling out matches to doing scary things like math to help figure out which people got what amount of money for what placing. You all know who you are, and honestly, I was a bit busy running around the venue myself to notice, LOL.

Shoutouts to Clay (Noc) for being amazing. I really want to just leave it at that because everybody already knows how ridiculously amazing Clay is, but to be specific, Clay even went to the tournament venue two days or so before the tournament (and the tournament venue isn't exactly an easy place to get to from the places he typically sleeps at at night) just to check if conditions were right at the venue for streaming the tournament. They apparently were on the day he went to check, but the internet ended up not working well enough on the day of the tournament for him to stream. Still, he set up all of his fancy gizmos, he recorded the **** out of everything he could, and he uploaded damn close to all of the (recorded) tournament on the day RIGHT AFTER the tournament. Sick. Also, his Falcon is amazing. I hope that you and I get to team more in the future, Clay. I honestly do think we could become a pretty good team, it's just that we have nobody to practice against in Galveston. @_____@ Maybe we could practice over winter break?

I'd just like to take this time to say that I don't really understand Jose (the Austin one). It's not like he was even at this PATS or anything, but I just want to say that you confuse me, dude. Please don't say anything about this post being tl;dr. I'm just really trying to describe this tournament and the people who helped out with it in such a way that really does them justice.

1: Mojo ($286) - Good job, man! I'm sorry if Courtney thought Frisbie and I were making fun of you on commentary, lol. If anything, we were complimenting how wild your gamplay is. Congrats on your win! Seriously, none of us even have any clue how you get so good in such a seemingly random fashion...
2: ARC ($130) - Congrats on taking MT out in both winners and losers, but it looks like Mojo was just one step ahead of you...
3: MT ($78) - You made just a few too many crucial mistakes when it really mattered, but that's okay. I'm sure you'll shape up for Forte. Nice performance either way. Good luck on becoming the best player ever or whatever the heck it is you're going for! It always feels like you're trying to become the best to me.
5: TSC (entered as Von) - Congrats on beating Tirno! You've been getting pretty good in the past few months.
5: Tirno - No worries, dude, Forte will be on your home turf. Good to see you again and I hope you'll do better at Forte.
7: Jake13 - You lost to Ivan!??!?!? No, seriously, I would've lost to him too. tfw destiny
7: JF - Pretty good placing, but you need more characters. Have you considered trying Samus?
9: Obsoleet - Your Luigi has gotten pretty good. Congratulations on your placing.
9: Smiles - Good **** in pools, but I intend to win next time. I'm going to study up on my Falcon vs. Peach punishes, trust me! (Or maybe I should just play Falco... >___>; )
13: Kamikaze* - Good **** in pools, man. Your Dr. Mario is really good. Hope to see you around more.
13: Jack - Is this the Mario/Dr. Mario player from Beaumont? If so, congrats on placing so high! I wish I could've watched your matches. You're pretty sick at this game and you always impress every person you play.
13: Dawn - You're kewl.
17: RobMoney - I heard you refused a money match against TSC's Kirby.
25: Joe* - Dude, what the ****ing ****? I've already told people this, but I'm going to say it again for the public record: WHEN DID YOU GET SO GOOD!?! I mean, people had been telling me how much better you became. TSC even mentioned you before the tournament at a Tuesday night Smashfest without even being prompted. He just brought you up because he felt you were that worth mentioning. Anyway, I'm proud of you, man! Your Pikachu became so much faster. I just don't even understand. Keep it up, guy who prevented me from getting out of pools! I don't care if it was my Samus, you still earned the win.

Shoutouts to Velox and Admiral for no particular reason, lol.

Shoutouts to Dj_Phatz and Yumcha for being the homies. We did an after-tournament Smash circle for three hours BY OURSELVES in the Texadelphia parking lot. It was a lot of fun.

Shoutouts to all of the striving new players I saw. I have no idea where you guys came from, but some of you very clearly have potential and I was really impressed. Also shoutouts to any new players who are just willing to come back after getting beaten pretty hard. Nobody said that playing this videogame would be easy, so shoutouts to anybody who's recognized that already.

Blanket shoutout to mostly everybody, now! Especially the people who wanted to come but couldn't make it. I'm not exactly sure what "shoutouts" means in this context, but just take it as some kind of positive and run with it so that I don't have to think of anything to actually say to you guys. This tournament was a great showing by Texas Melee (mostly Houston Melee, of course) and it's really gotten me excited about Smash again. I mean, up until spring semester starts, BUT THAT'S A LITTLE WHILE AWAY.


And now I'd just like to talk about my commentary a bit. I've gone back and reviewed all of my commentary and I think it could've definitely been better, but I don't think it was bad for my first crack at commentary, especially considering that I didn't plan at all to do commentary. I've already gotten a few ideas on how to improve my commentary should I ever be doing commentary again, most of these ideas coming from Wife's AMA on Reddit. I want to thank the people who have given me positive feedback on my commentary and I really hope everybody else enjoyed it too. Otherwise, I'll stop; I wouldn't want to hurt Texas Melee's image or just make our videos annoying and unwatchable. But - and I'm hesitant to mention this - Wife did mention that he thinks a commentary pair is extremely important for commentary because a single person commentating can be very difficult. Just saying!

Hope to see you all at Forte!


Smash Journeyman
Jul 24, 2008
Austin-UT/San Antonio
Congrats to MT_ for being the only good player here. Maybe there is something in what Edgar says about TIO being bad. Mojo I am delighted. Austin ggs dude. Edgar wtf dude srsly MT sucks and you should've beat him. OMG IVAN IS THE GREATEST BANZAI. JF did edgar apologize to you for losing to TSC? he really ruined it for everyone, huh? Omg tsc beating tirno? You proud of yourself ,bro? Jake13 I kno you're disappoint. There's next time doe. Glibby, tell me how u really feel ;)


Smash Lord
May 4, 2008
Otter, this is Conor. Ha, that sort of rhymes

This was my first tournament and I don't remember most people's names here but I had a lot of fun. Hope to see you all soon!


Smash Journeyman
Oct 26, 2010
Sorry these shoutouts are so late, school johns. I'm really happy with the way this tournament turned out. Everything ran on time, there was plenty of time for friendlies, and there were plenty of hype matches. Special thanks to everyone who brought a setup and helped me set up the venue, it was cool to see so many people get there early ready to play Melee. Shoutouts to everyone who helped clean up too. Also special thanks to Tirno and MT for helping me out with creating the brackets and running them when I had to play, you guys were a huge help. Kevin it was fun commentating with you, your commentary was pretty good. Also thanks for helping me out with the tournament. Clay, as always you were so helpful, there's really nothing I can say to do you any justice, you did so much to help me out this tournament.

1: Mojo ($286)- You didn't go Doc at all! That's probably for the best though, your fox is a monster. You were on fire this tournament, congrats on the well earned win.
2: ARC ($130)- Always good to see you man, it's always fun to hang with you. Good **** getting second, you'll get em next time!
3: MT ($78)- I really enjoy watching your Marth. I don't think it will be long before you start winning some of these big tournaments. I'm so hyped for Forte, see you then!
4: Gar ($26)- You did so well this tournament. Congrats on a hard earned 4th!
5: TSC (entered as Von)- You've been getting really consistent, I don't think it will be long before you start taking sets from the A-tiers. Well, I guess you did beat Tirno, so it looks like you're already there!
5: Tirno- You lost some really close sets that could have gone either way. Your have a very smart Falco and I enjoyed watching it. See you at Forte!
7: Jake13- I don't think I saw you play Falco at all. I don't know what was up, but I know you'll **** **** up at Forte!
7: JF- Always good to see you, you're a really smart player. Good **** taking a game off of Mojo, not too many people did that this tournament.
9: Obsoleet- Glad you could make it, it's always nice to see the Mario bros getting represented. Good **** taking a game off MT!
9: Admiral- TRUFFLES!!! Also good **** taking a game off Jake.
9: Smiles- Glad to see some SA rep! I hope I see you at the tournament next week!
9: Velox- You were playing amazing this tournament. I'm glad you had a good day, cause it always made me sad to see you underperform. I had fun playing you in friendlies and talking to you. Your Yoshi is really good too.
13: Kamikaze*- It's nice to see some Doc representation! That suck that you had to fight so many sheiks, I know how that feels. I hate that matchup haha
13: Dawn: Thanks for helping me set up, GGs as well
17: Yumcha- What a fun way to celebrate your birthday huh? I'm glad you made it out, it's always fun to talk to you. Next time we'll rig it so you and I get out!
17: Pawl- I didn't see any of your matches, but something tells me you didn't go all Gannon. Have faith in your Gannon, it's really good when you believe in it. Don't let you convince yourself otherwise.
17: DMT- Your pool was so hard, as it was last time too. Next time I'll make sure that you don't have the hardest pool haha. Also I'm sure we're both salty about teams, we definitely could have done better. Although I'd say that we did pretty well against ARC and JF, I wish I didn't suicide twice in the last game :/ It's hard to play and run the tourney. WE'LL GET EM' NEXT TIME
17: GlibbyGlobby*- You ****ed your pool up by being a sandbagging hoe >.> But you were pretty helpful otherwise, so thanks for that.
25: G-rabbit- Thanks for bringing all that equipment, glad you could make it out!
33: Otter- Keep it up brah
41: KillaWhale- You could have definitely made it out of the pool you were in, idk why you thought you were in a pool with ARC and Mojo haha. GGs though, glad you made it.
41: DjPhaTz- Thanks for bringing a recording setup and helping out!

GGs to everyone I played in pools, you guys were all pretty good. Sorry if I forgot anyone, there were so many people to remember! See everyone next time!
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