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Play Super Smash Brawl Online

Rage NF

Smash Lord
Mar 11, 2014
Puerto Rico (Boricua de puro zeta)
Do you not see my comments? I need help...!
Sorry about that uh hmm first did you delete all your save data from the game? in order to work you need a brand new FC if you did it then try again maybe there is some bug in your program

Second if Rivolution still doesn't work try to re downloading again if still continue like this then try Gekko again and this time try many time until you see on the screen launch

I think that error code must be coming off obtaining a Friend code or something.

Note: if your Wii is already hack for a while now then these method doesn't work what you really need is the hack method not the hackless method which is for the Wii with no hack.

I will be around tomorrow too so message me if you have other questions :)


Smash Champion
Jun 25, 2010
New york
Man would I like to play this. I got Apex coming up and I need to get back into shape for brawl. This time I'll be here more often to play. Message for some matches or reply here.
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