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Pikachu and the Cyber Chase! Rotom for Smash Ultimate


Smash Lord
Jun 7, 2014
Your guess is as good as mine
They want me in Zzzmash?

Who is Rotom?
Rotom is a Pokemon introduced in Diamond and Pearl. It is classified as the Plasma Pokemon, an Electric/Ghost type pokemon that has the unique ability to enter machines and cause havoc. In the Pokemon games this comes across as Rotom being able to possess 5 different appliances: A fan, washing machine, fridge, oven, and lawn mower, to change what moves it has access to and in gen 5 onwards, to change Rotom's typing. In gen 7 your actual Pokedex is inhabited by a Rotom, giving commentary and tips during your entire journey, with Ultra Sun/Moon introducing Roto Loto for a variety of beneficial effects.

How would Rotom fight?
As with most Pokemon, Rotom has a variety of moves to pull right from the Pokemon games: Astonish, Thunderwave, Charge, Discharge, Hex, and Trick are a few moves this Pokemon can learn for a wide variey of moveset potential in Smash. In addition, Rotom's different forms also each carry a unique move: Fan Rotom gains Air Slash, Wash Rotom is Hydro Pump, Frost Rotom is Blizzard, Heat Rotom is Overheat, and Mow Rotom is Leaf Storm. Combining all this together gives Rotom massive potential. In my moveset I incorporate the different forms into Rotom's normal attacks, with the last form used changing what Rotom's neutral special does.
Jab: Simple one part jab like Zelda's or Palutena's. an electrical jab forwards with the arms that can be held for a flurry that has Rotom spin in place similar to Luma.

Ftilt: Turns body to extend head spike forwards.
Utilt: Extends head spike upwards.
Dtilt: Spins with arms extended along the ground for 3 hits.
Dash: Rotom spins forwards for a multihit Megaman-type dash attack, only less hits

Fsmash: Heat Rotom claps its oven mitt hands forwards hard.
Usmash: Wash Rotom extends its water pipe upwards, shooting a blast of water straight up.
Dsmash: Mow Rotom revs along the ground in a circle to hit both sides.

Nair: Crackles electricty over it's body. Like Pikachu's new Nair.
Fair: Fan Rotom shoots a small gust of wind out of its fan. Technically a projectile, though doesn't travel much distance.
Bair: Same as Fair but backwards.
Uair: Rotom extends its head spike upwards.
Dair: Frost Rotom delays in the air for a second before plummeting downwards.

Grab: Frost Rotom grabs the opponent and shoves them into their fridge body.
Pummel: Shocks the trapped opponent.
Fthrow: Wash Rotom does a spin cycle with the opponent inside before blasting them away forwards.
Bthrow: Heat Rotom juggles them back and forth above a few times, as if they're piping hot and just came out of the oven, before throwing them backwards.
Uthrow: Throws them upwards into a whirlwind created by Fan Rotom, blasting them straight up. Animated like the tornadoes on Hyrule Castle.
Dthrow: Throws them to the ground as Mow Rotom revs against them.

B: Switches moves depending on the last Rotom form used. Only lasts for one attack, as using this attack again immediately after using it has Rotom do Thunder Wave. Using an attack by regular Rotom does not change the form used in this attack, only using an attack by a different specific Rotom form or using B will do that, allowing for combos into this move.
Rotom: Thunder Wave. Creates a shock of lightning a certain range ahead (1/4th FD), stunning the opponent for a short time. Good for comboing into side B.
Fan Rotom: Air Slash. Essentially the Cutter ability from the Kirby games. Shoots a slash of air that flies forwards for a bit before moving backwards.
Frost Rotom: Blizzard. Creates a whirlwind around itself, just like Abomasnow's Blizzard pokeball attack. Good coverage for dodges, but punishable if shielded.
Heat Rotom: Heatwave. Heat Rotom flashes with red sparkles around it for a second, before opening the door of the oven and blasting out searing heat a short distance ahead. Rotom's best kill move, but heavy endlag and notable startup.
Mow Rotom: Leaf Storm. Mow Rotom charges ahead, surrounded by leaves. Works pretty much like Bowser Jr's side B only the move has a set distance it always travels (half of FD) and can't be jumped out of to cancel.
Wash Rotom: Hydro Pump. Weaker version of Mario's FLUDD without the aiming.

Side B: Trick. Rotom zips forwards a set distance (around 1/4 FD) then zips back, rather like doing Pikachu's up B back and forth. Steals the held item of the first opponent touched and does weak damage and knockback.

Up B: Shock Wave. After a small start up, Rotom emits a pulse of electricity to both sides before zipping straight upwards. Upwards range is rather nice, though the end point is pretty predictable. Both the pulse and the upwards climb do nice damage to opponents.

Down B: Discharge. Chargeable move with super armour. Rotom holds in place and visibly stores electricity for around 2 seconds, after which it can then use Discharge: a wide shockwave attack that covers all around Rotom. There's a small delay before creating the shockwave in which Rotom has super armour, so this move is mostly defensive and can be used as a pseudo-counter.

Final Smash: Switch Rotom. Rotom creates a shockwave around it. Any opponents hit by the shockwave are stunned as Rotom pops up above their % bar before jumping into it, essentially hacking their % higher than it is before blasting them away. If multiple opponents are hit then multiple Rotom pop up.

Taunt 1: Rotom turns into the Rotom Dex and waves at the camera.
Taunt 2: Rotom Dex takes a picture facing the camera, as if it's taking a picture of the player.
Taunt 3: Rotom zips around erratically.
Why would Rotom be chosen?
In the most recent games of Gen 7, Rotom accompanies you throughout your entire journey as your Pokedex and map on the lower screen. Being one of the only characters in the series who appear as a fighting Pokemon and as a companion through the game, this could give Rotom an edge above other potential choices.

  1. Luminario
  2. Vingag
  3. AirMac1
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Smash Apprentice
Jun 2, 2018
I had completely forgotten how much I want Rotom as a fighter until this moment. Thank you for reminding me, and please add me to the list of supporters!


Smash Journeyman
Sep 23, 2018
I forgot about him, and Sakurai could of forgot about him to. But, at the same time, he could be the obscure choice. I support


Smash Obsessed
Jun 29, 2012
i was thinking that his increased role in the games would make him a reasonable character for smash (then again meowth fans have been saying that about the anime this whole time)

any way i support, id love it if they make it either rotom dex or rotom phone
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