People are still sleeping on Ness


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Jan 30, 2019
Why should I play Ness when Lucas is playable? That's the only reason why he's irrelevant to me. :V
Ness is just better at this point in the game, although Lucas has potential

Ness has: better damage output, better grab game, a significantly better ledgeguarding tool in Yo-Yo. Way better tournament results, better kill options, better matchup spread and much better kill consistency than Lucas. Way better buttons, the best directional airdodge and kill throw in the game. And is much harder to combo than Lucas. He also has a superior neutral and punish game, and on top of that a more consistent combo starter. Oh yeah forgot one thing. Ness has way, waaaaaaay better out-of-shield options than Lucas

Lucas has: better mobility, better edgeguarding, better zoning and recovery. Better off-stage game, and much more edgeguarding options, and more killpower than Ness, but that's really it
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