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Our Fuzzy Neighbors: Further Confusion 2016 (Part 1)

Discussion in 'News' started by Smapps, Jan 19, 2016.

Smapps, Jan 19, 2016 at 9:27 AM
  1. Smapps

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    Smash Hero

    Dec 9, 2012

    With one the largest most spectacular events Smash has ever seen taking place it might surprise many that right in the very same venue another Smash tournament was taking place. In many ways it is similar to any other tournament: the room is filled with friends being reunited after such long spans apart, the clicking of buttons pierces the air, and the venue is packed to capacity with people who love Smash. The real difference was the event took place at Further Confusion 2016, the furry convention right next door to Genesis 3.

    At the last minute upon learning a Smash tournament was taking place at the event I reached out in hopes of attending and was surprised to not only get a response but was offered free entry into the event with a media badge. I not only entered the tournament myself but decided to take the opportunity to learn about something I had never seen before to try and see what I could bring back to Smash. Come and see all that I learned.



    To say my welcome was anything less than the most warm one I have ever received would be criminal. I was met at the entrance by Bliz Fox, one of the many people that make FurCon so successful. He took me to get a badge, made sure the fee was waved, and then proceeded to give me a tour of the entire venue so I could know where everything would be.

    He introduced me to top organizer at other conventions so I could ask questions about how the events worked all while explaining the furry culture so an outsider like me could understand. We passed by a photo shoot with at least fifty suits by the same maker and was told how most suits cost at least $2,000. I was surrounded by $100,000 of fursuits. The quality was impressive.

    Everywhere I went every single staff member already knew my name and what I looked like before I managed to say a word, they really wanted to go out of their way to make sure it was an incredible experience. After our tour I was given free reign for reporting which I later learned is incredibly rare in the community. Most reporters are escorted, as many show up to events having been specifically paid to try and get footage that can be edited in a bad way or used for a biased reporting which hurts their community. I was honored to have that trust from my first time attending.

    Smash 4 At Further Confusion 2016

    ToaEnemis stands on a chair directing the crowd. This is second time working on Smash at FurCon. Last year he was co-host but now it's his time to shine all on his own. While many people had asked me if the tournament would be casual before I went in, I quickly found it was not. The only things different in the event were that Castle Siege and Delfino Plaza were legal (still not too uncommon at events) and that the event was single elimination due to time constraints.

    Vespa26 and Reep, two volunteers for the event, are forced to turn away people at the door: the room is already packed to absolute full capacity. A few players are no shows and everyone groans at the thought of taking a free match . Nobody just wants to win, so I take one of the spots (replacing Lupo) and decide to enter the fray.

    The first matches are already bringing on the hype. A last minute Bowser up-b takes out a Wii Fit trainer and everyone cheers. A Fox gimps a Lucas player then a spectator exclaims “YOUR MOMMA WOULD BE PROUD SON!” and the room erupts in laughter. In full suit Rithuld goes around entertaining players and volunteers alike.

    Just as the players play under a professional ruleset some of them are very skilled. I managed to take a match but was eliminated by ParanoidPimp, a Pikachu main with agility skills to rival ESAM. In the end I take 17th place. With so many people and being a bit rusty it's a good performance. Plus it's hard to be mad losing to the player who eventually got 4th.

    The matches continue and top 8 is set on a projector so everyone in the room can see. Lenoh, the man in charge of the game room, booms out the names of the final two competitors in an impressive fashion. Ben The Dragon vs Shikan grand finals. Two players who did incredibly well during the event, honestly being capable of breaking round one pools in Genesis 3 here at its next door event fighting for first prize.

    The first match is on Smashville, some things just never change. It's a Saturday night and KK Slider plays, a fun coincidence everyone points out from the crowd. Shikan's Greninja manages to take game one but Ben The Dragon brings it back just as quickly changing to Bowser and using his newfound throw combos to take the next match. Shikan being knowledgable on many characters makes a switch to Duck Hunt which proves to be just the right counterpick for another win.

    With the Bowser proven to have issues Ben The Dragon pulls out his last hope: Yoshi. Shikan yet again makes a change switching to Fox and the match to determine Ben The Dragon's tournament life begins. While he tries his hardest it was Shikan's day to shine, and in the end he would be the Further Confusion 2016 Smash 4 Champion.

    The Night: Further Confusion 2016

    This wasn't the end of my adventures at the convention however. With a full day pass for Saturday it seemed silly not to use it to attend some panels and enjoy some of the events. I was able to talk to fiction writers and pull some heartstrings at karaoke singing Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt. Everyone continued to be incredibly friendly, and then on Twitter I was offered a chance to have the full "furry experience" by Toby and for the sake of reporting (who am I kidding, I was curious and it sounded fun) I decided to head over for a party and a chance to try on a fursuit.

    Thanks to Tav I was able to try on a partial suit which I learned included feet, sleeves, paws, tail, and a head which was all worn with regular clothing. The suit was old but trusted and true and was surprisingly comfortable. The head even had the ability to let me open my jaw if I was clever. It wasn't easy to see and talk at first but I was able to get the hang of it and soon found myself headed towards the dance party they hold every night.

    689299788727074816 is not a valid tweet id

    Hint: I'm In The White Shirt

    Other than the amazing dance (which was incredible to say the least) I got to learn how to use a straw and get drinks while in a suit (very difficult) and learn the general ethics and etiquette that goes along with fursuiting. It's a good thing I was a quick study, there really was a lot to learn.

    It really is hot in suits and I was only in a partial, I can't image some of the full suits I saw walking around so I was shown the room that was a safe haven for those in suits where they could take off their heads without ruining the magic for others and cool down. The place was set up brilliantly with lots of fans and a special homemade device used to cool off the fursuit heads. I met with many other people in suits and was amazed at the modifications I saw from led lights hidden with fur to full electronic muzzles capable of moving quite realistically.

    Unfortunately the party cannot last forever. I had Genesis 3 top 8 to cover the next day and the others had to prepare for their own final day of festivities so we headed back to the room, I removed my suit, and headed back to regale friends with the stories of the night.


    Many Smashers, me included, went to Genesis 3 knowing that the FurCon would be taking place next door and all came in with expectations, biases, and stereotypes, but almost every Smasher I talked to had them broken just as I had. It is hard to meet kinder people and seeing how open they were to show the outside world just how great they are to just one member of the Smash community was awesome.

    I learned a valuable lesson: it is smart to expand your horizons and not judge others for what they enjoy. No matter what, there are always commonalities that bind us. In this case it was Smash but for other times it may be something else.

    There are many things we could learn from our furry neighbors next to Genesis 3 and one of those things was how to better our own events. Did you meet new fluffy friends at the event? Surprised to see a Smash reporter in the suit? Leave a comment below and stay tuned for part two here we'll talk on what Further Confusion 2016 taught me on how to better run Smash events!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Smapps, Jan 19, 2016.

    1. Lily♫
      Well there's an article I never thought I'd be reading on Smashboards. Interesting, to say the least.
      Last edited: Jan 19, 2016
      BagrB0y, -crump-, GunBlaze and 25 others like this.
    2. Rocket Raccoon
      Rocket Raccoon
      Hell yeah man! Furries are cool! We all aren't into NSFW ****.

      EDIT: I'm super excited to see comments from here! Furries can be really cool if you can find the right group. We're just average people like you. Screw the media, you need to know one of us on a personal level before you judge.
      Last edited: Jan 19, 2016
      BagrB0y, BoTastic!, GunBlaze and 25 others like this.
    3. DE235
      That is nice to hear.
    4. Kokonoe
      20xx has reached real life.
      BagrB0y, -crump-, Raize and 50 others like this.
    5. SlurpySloth
      If you give any animal boobs does that make it a furry?
    6. Browny
      OF COURSE a fox player would win the furry tournament.
      BagrB0y, Djent, GunBlaze and 26 others like this.
    7. Burgundy
      This was a nice read! It's unfortunate how much negative stigma the furry community gets.
    8. rr3draws
      really nice read.
      I can totally see them having their own struggles defending their turf, explainning their passion, just as smashers have.
      Wishing them the best and expecting the next part of the article
    9. Nintendrone
      The year is 20XX. Everyone is Fox.
    10. ChikoLad
      I never really had problems with the furry community myself. I've always been curious to attend a convention for furries like this, just to see things from the other side.

      That Lucas comment was just uncalled for tho.... :c
      Last edited: Jan 19, 2016
    11. Silvia
      I love furries, and this looks awesome. I consider myself to be a furry Smasher too. :p
      Last edited: Jan 20, 2016
    12. LovinMitts
    13. jaffex
      I'm really impressed with how accepting and supportive the smash community is with the whole furry thing.

      I can't say I understand it myself, but I won't think any less of people who do.

      Good on you smashboards!
    14. Lily♫
      I can say I do, and really nothing makes them different from any other person. I don't really understand you guys too much, but I couldn't care less what people do with their free time.

      If you enjoy doing something, do it.
      GunBlaze, Red Ryu and Rocket Raccoon like this.
    15. Muskrat Catcher
      Muskrat Catcher
      I love this! I am not a furry myself, but I know firsthand that furries are some of the friendliest people ever. They are accepting of pretty much everyone, and probably because they receive so much prejudice themselves, they have no prejudices over anyone else, and they don't see anyone as below them. They are also hard working, selfless, and helpful. I am glad that an unbiased reporter finally did a true article on a furcon. Great job! And I loved the article, all completely true!
      Last edited: Jan 19, 2016
    16. Lime Cultivist
      Lime Cultivist
      Wasn't expecting this. I didn't even know the convention was that close to Genesis, but nice article!
    17. Banjodorf
      Glad to see such positive coverage of the event and good reception from the Smashboards community.

      As someone with some furry tendencies and some great furry friends who explain the highs and lows of the fandom, it bothers me to no end to see the Internet frequently **** on them as a collective.

    18. Agent Emerald
      Agent Emerald
      On this episode of "things I'd never thought I'd see hit front page of smashboards..."
    19. SSGuy
      Eh. To each their own but really isn't my thing with all the you know what that looms around it.
      Jackson likes this.
    20. PND
      My first reaction to the title: Fuzzy neighbours? Canadians?

      This article was definitely not about what I thought it would be about.
      BagrB0y likes this.
    21. DahremRuhar
      Some of my closest friends have been furries and tbh I've always thought the amount of hate they get is disproportionate. Like I've known a ton of them and afaik only one of them was into the... uh... weird stuff and she has a myriad of other issues anyway, so I wouldn't relate it to her being a furry. My girlfriend is a furry, one of my longest running practice partners is a furry, blah blah blah etc. etc.

      Seriously almost everything everyone knows about these people is from biased tv reports about them and "accidentally" stumbling upon the porn that a small portion of the community makes.

      Smash has always been something that transcends pretty much any barrier and as I've said many times, that is part of what has kept me in the community for so long. Let's try to keep it that way ya'll.
    22. RIP|Merrick
      Not even against furries by any means, but ugggh, for me personally, as a kid who used to have immense nightmares over the critters from my own stuffed animals, I still admittedly get the spooks over them. I dunno, something about the costume works eyes often, and the fact that I'm often looking right into the eyes of like a six foot fox who looks to want nothing more than to delve their teeth into my bare skin. :( Your childhood never truly leaves you.

      My own horrible nightmares aside, it honestly makes me really happy to hear you had a great experience, I love hearing stories of such welcoming and kind hearted staff. Amazing.
    23. Pyromancer
      I thought this was a nice read! I always turned a blind eye toward the furry fandom as most gamers do, following the stereotypes I had seen from online. It wasn't until a few months ago did I actually meet some of them and look into their community, and as everyone here has said I found that they are just an incredible nice and welcoming group. I find some of them can be uncomfortably weird, but most that I've seen are just every day kind people who happen to have the furry hobby among other common interests

      Haha I still expect a response every time the communities clash (I had no idea Genesis was sharing a convention center with FC), but I'm glad it seems the stigma is fading a bit. I have a lot of respect for communities like that
    24. Zink Imp
      Zink Imp
      I'll be the first one to say it.

      Furries are weird.

      The bad kind of weird.
    25. Red Ryu
      Red Ryu
      The Aura is real with that Lucario.

      Me like.
    26. Rocket Raccoon
      Rocket Raccoon
      Not all of them.
    27. ocarinas on wheels
      ocarinas on wheels
      I really like the thought (and enjoyment) that went into the writing of this article.

      I hope the fandom leads you to writing more articles, SmashCapps (they don't necessarily have to be involved with smash, *wink* )
    28. link2702
      furries creep the hell out of me....

      *all characters on wow are female pandaren or worgen*

      ok but seriously....i don't get the fursuits, i can understand the drawings, animation and stuff like that...but...the full blown fur suits?
    29. ocarinas on wheels
      ocarinas on wheels
      some people see it as a form of expression. It's similar to cosplay, but as your OWN character, instead of a copyrighted character.
    30. Xermo
      Normality is weird.

      The bad kind of weird.
    31. PragmaticEnigma
      I don't understand the drawings and animations. Really the only thing anthropomorphic animals should be for is comedy. Which many cartoons do well.
    32. Pyromancer
      Think of it like cosplay. It's just for fun, being able to be a mascot or a unique character just for the joy of expression or being something else. Why else would you costume?
      BagrB0y, Infinite901 and GunBlaze like this.
    33. Jmanthesmasher683
      the word "furry"can describe both an animal given human traits or people who dress up as those animals. the latter is more relevant today though.
      BagrB0y likes this.
    34. F. Stein
      F. Stein
      Sounds like this event was a ton of fun. I'd attend it if I went to watch genesis three in person. It sounds like a much more welcoming experience then I've received at a lot of tournaments I've attended in the past. Great article, any chance that some of their top matches were on stream?
      BagrB0y likes this.
    35. THK
      Considering how many furs are in the community I think it's cool to see an article like this in addition to the tweets and stuff over Genesis to make these people feel more comfortable and let those on the outside looking in feel a little less uncomfortable.

      Now I still don't like fursuits BUT I've befriended some furries in the past few years and they're all really cool people I don't have a problem with. Well one SWEARS his Jigglypuff is nice when that's hardly the case but that's neither here nor there. :p
    36. SSGuy
      There isn't anything wrong with being normal because it is normal.
    37. Rocket Raccoon
      Rocket Raccoon
      It's an easier way to express yourself through ways where reality can't. It is easy to draw and colour something than it is to actually become your 'sona. It ultimately is "Why not?" instead of "Why?"
      Infinite901 likes this.
    38. Jmanthesmasher683
      I don't mind furries. Unless they publicy show that they are furries (like bronies wearing MLP shirts). Its not the kind of thing someone normally would do but still my local hot-topic store has shirts like that and i'm thinking, "Who would wear that outside?". Something about it just doesn't feel right.
    39. Rocket Raccoon
      Rocket Raccoon
      It's people expressing themselves. I have a Rocket Raccoon shirt that I wear. It's normal for me.
      -crump- and Infinite901 like this.

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