Official Samus Missile Guide

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Apr 27, 2007
OK, this is a Samus Missile Guide. It has 9 sections:

1) What are missiles?
2) Homing Missiles
3) Smash Missiles
4) What is a Missile Cancel?
5) The many ways to shoot Missiles
6) Approaching with Missiles
7) Edgeguarding with Missiles
8) Vids
9) Credits

If you see any mistakes, please post it or pm me about it.

Section 1: What are missiles ?

Missiles are projectiles that Samus shoots from her cannon. There are 2 types of missiles: homing and smash. Missiles are fired my moving the control stick left or right and pressing B simantaneously. However, if you just move the control stick, you'll shoot a different missile than if you smash the stick. Missiles are mainly used for spamming and edgeguarding, but are also useful for approaching, retreating, and mindgames.

Section 2: Homing Missiles 2-5%

Homing missiles are fired by moving the control stick either left or right and pressing the B button. When Samus fires the missile, it slowly advances forward while homing toward the opponent. Homing missiles have limited homing capabilities and are fired slower than the smash missiles.

Samus' frames of firing sequence: 59
Missile comes out(ground) on frame: 22
Missile comes out(air) on frame: 24
Missile lasts: 111 frames

Homing missiles have low priority and knockback. Homing missiles are best used for edgeguarding, mainly if you do a MC Missile(covered in Section 4). Research has shown that homing missiles are the better option for edgeguarding compared to smash missiles, but smash missiles have their uses. (MANY uses)

Section 3: Smash Missiles 6-12%

Smash missiles are fired by smashing the control stick either left or right and pressing the B button. When Samus fires the missile, it advances straightly forward at a somewhat slow speed, but then quickly speeds up. Smash missiles are overall shot faster than homing missiles, and progress faster.

Samus' frames of firing sequence: 49
Missile comes out(ground) on frame: 22
Missile comes out(air) on frame: 15
Missile lasts: 76 frames

Smash missiles have higher knockback than homing missiles, despite having the same low priority. Smash missiles are the missile of choice for Missile Cancelling, covered in the next section.

Section 4: What is a Missile Cancel?MC
A missile cancel is when Samus, while airborne, fires a missile right before she lands on the ground. When she lands, it cancels all but 4 frames of lag, allowing Samus to move almost right after she lands and, in the case, right after she fires a missile. If Samus fires a missile from on the ground, she has lag after firing it. A missile cancel prevents this lag and allows more missiles to be fired. IN ORDER TO OWN WITH SAMUS, YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO MISSILE CANCEL. First, do a SH. When Samus is about 1/4 of a second from landing, fire a missile(preferably smash). Tada! You just missile cancelled(hopefully). MCing is used in many of the techniques described below.From now on, in my guide, whenever it says "shoot a MC", it means shoot a missile that is MCed.

Section 5: The many ways to shoot missiles
All of the following techniques are assuming you're using the smash missile, unless otherwise posted. All the technique abbreviations will be used in future sections.

MC MissileMCM
After doing a MC, fire another missile after the 4 frames of lag. Easy. Useful for edgeguarding.

Edgehop MissilesEHM
EHM is useful for edgeguarding. You do an EH and move onto the stage and fire a MC.

Short Hop Fast Fall Missile CancelSHFFMC
This technique is hard to do, but allows Samus to do a MC faster. First, do a SH. As soon as Samus can FF(frame 28) DO SO, then immediately fire a missile. This is hard, as you only have 2 frames after the FF to fire a missile before Samus lands.

Double Jump Fast Fall Missile CancelDJFFMC
The DJFFMC is pretty much an easier version of the SHFFMC. Instead of a SH, do a DJ from the ground. Samus' DJ takes her slightly higher than her SH. When you do a DJFFMC, you have a little more time to squeeze in a FF and MC.

Short Hop MissileSHM
lol SHM vs. SHL
This technique is like a noob version of the SHFFMC, and even the DJFFMC. If you think your little fingers can't press the jump button twice fast enough to do a from-ground DJ, or can't FF, even during the DJFFMC, just do a SH and fire a MC.

Now for the pro stuff...
If you fire a missile fast enough on the way up, you can waveland when you get near the ground. Pros know that wavelanding toward the opponent and doing a Jab or Fsmash is good.

Dual Missile JumpDMJ
The DMJ is useful for firing missiles at ground and Samus' FJ height quickly. Do a FJ and fire a missile on the way up. When the lag is done, which should be on the way down, fire a MC. You can then do another DMJ after the 4 frames of landing lag are over.

Triple Missile JumpTMJ
The TMJ is similar to the DMJ. In fact, in order to do the TMJ, you must first start the DMJ. After the first missile is fired(in the DMJ) and the lag is over, do a DJ and fire a missile. Then fire a MC on the way down. You can also squeeze in a homing missile in the TMJ.

Short Hop Platform Cancel MissileSHPCM
The SHPCM, along with DJPCM(covered in next technique) are Samus' best way of firing missiles at a constant rate. On the (popular) stages Yoshi's Story, sometimes Fountain of Dreams, and Pokemon Stadium, there are platforms slightly raised above the ground. To do the SHPCM on these stages, first get below the raised platforms. Do a SH and quickly fire a MC. After the lag, drop through the platform and fire a MC. After the lag from the MC, repeat. If you can effectively do this technique successfully, you should see missiles flying all over the place. You can also do the SHPCM with homing missiles.

Double Jump Platform Cancel MissileDJPCM
On the (popular) stages Dream Land, Battlefield and sometimes Fountain of Dreams, there are platforms slightly raised above the ground as well. However, these platforms are a bit too high for Samus' SH to reach. Recall from the DJFFMC that Samus' DJ takes her slightly higher than her SH. So, instead of doing a SH, do a DJ, but repeat the steps for the SHPCM. You can do the DJPCM with homing missiles as well.

Triple Missile with BombsTMwB
The TMwB is useful for firing missiles at ground level. You must know this, first: When Samus drops a bomb and stays right on top of it, she'll get pushed up when it explodes. But if you stay to the side of the bomb, but still in it's exploding range, Samus will still get pushed up, but not as high. Using this to your knowledge, drop a bomb and go to the side(out of its exploding range). As soon as Samus can, drop a 2nd bomb and move over to the first one, not on top of it, but still in its explosion range. When the 1st bomb explodes, fire a missile. The 1st bomb's explosion will push Samus toward the 2nd bomb, so fire a missile when the 2nd bomb explodes. When Samus MCs the 2nd missile's lag, fire another missile. If Samus was right on top of the 1st bomb, ready to be pushed up for the missile, since she was right on top of it, she'll get pushed higher than she's supposed to. In order for Samus to be pushed up by the 2nd bomb, she must first MC the 1st missile. If she gets pushed too high and is still in the missile lag, she won't be pushed up by the 2nd bomb. Remember this.

You can also do the TMwB with homing missiles. The way I've done it with HM is drop a bomb and go forward. Drop the 2nd bomb and move back to the first bomb. 1st explosion=1st HM MC. 2nd explosion=2nd HM MC. When you land, fire the last missile.

Uni Jump Bomb MissileUJBM
The UJBM is similar to the TMwB, but you don't need as much space as the TMwB needs. Do a FJ and at the peak drop a bomb. Samus, after the first dropped bomb, should have a small amount of time(3-6 frames) to drop another bomb, so do so. 1st explosion=1st MC. 2nd explosion=2nd MC.

Section 6: Approaching with Missiles

Do SHFFMCs while advancing forward to occupy the foe and approach as well.

Pretty much like the SHFFMC. You can also do a MCM after the SHM.

Missile RunMR
The MR is an approach that has many options to do from. All you do is fire a MCed missile, and then run behind it(after the frames of lag). The following are possible reactions your opponent will have:

The opponent will put their shield up. The most obvious thing people do for this reaction is to grab the opponent while they are having shield stun. This is why opponents usually don't use this reaction too much.

The opponent will reflect the missile.(i.e. Fox/Falco, Mario/Doc, Ness, Zelda or powershield). The best reaction to this reaction is to SH over the reflected missile, then hit them with an air attack, preferably the Dair, while the opponent is in reflecting lag.

The opponent will jump over the missile. You can easily FJ or SH, depending on how high they jumped or if they SHed, and Nair or Dair them.

The opponent will hit through the missile. While they have lag from hitting through it, you could do a dash attack. Watch out for their attack hitting you as well.

Wait for your chance with PCM
Self-explanitory, but it isn't really terminology. Just fire PCM(SH or DJ) and when you find a hole in your opponent's defenses, go in and attack.

Section 7: Edgeguarding with Missiles
Keep in mind that when using missiles to edgeguard opponents, you can make them recover the way you want them to, then punish them for it.

While edgeguarding an opponent, you'll be doing MCM in many of the techniques described below.

Do EHM, but shoot the missiles in the opponent's direction.

During edgeguarding, the DMJ is useful for shooting missiles at opponents quickly and at 2 levels of height.

Same as DMJ, except with 3 levels of height.

One of the best edgeguarding techniques. The opponent will either be over the missiles and have to recover over you, which is hard, or the opponent will be below the missiles and sweetspot. PCM homing missiles is especially effective.

Although hard to pull of quickly, the TMwB is especially useful with homing missiles because, if you do it right, you can fire 3 HM in a short time.

Same as TMwB, but without homing missiles.

Shoot homing missiles
Recall from Section 2 that homing missiles are the missile of choice for edgeguarding. The best ways to edgeguard with HMs is to MCM or TMwB.

Section 8: Vids
This section will have vids with missile techniques just in case some of you need visual aid/evidence.

Mission Briefing created by Aftermath has sections, and is a Samus tutorial. The 4th section is the missile section, which starts at 2:55-4:30. It has footage on the SHPCM, EHM, DMJ, TMJ, and SHFFMC(on there it's called SFM)

Phanna Phun created by phanna is a vid that has Samus doing tricks and treats. It has footage on DJPCM using smash and homing missiles.

Phannacies created by phanna is a sequel to Phanna Phun. It has footage on PCM smash and homing missiles, and again (seperately) homing missiles and SHFFMC.

Phanna Mint ll created by phanna is a Samus combo video that kinda has sections. The missile section starts at 1:49-2:24 and has SHPCM and DJPCM, . There are also some missile firing squeezed into the rest of the video.

Missile_Silo created by Esam of the Blue Bloodline Crew is a combo video that has "a specialty in missiles". I wouldn't recommend it for ownage purposes, but it has footage on PCM(kinda), DMJ, MR, EHM, and a lot of just missile firing.

The Bomb, The Missle, and the foot created by Supernove63 has footage on info on homing and smash missiles, MC, SHM, DMJ, TMwB, TMJ, and apparently 6 steps to successfully SHFFMC.

Section 9: Credits
Me, Wii4Mii 99 for creating this guide.
coreygames for giving me the idea of putting in vids, although I didn't have any in mind at the time.
Aftermath for telling me to seperate the PCMs, providing me with Mission Briefing and Phanna Phun, and for his vid, Mission Briefing.
phanna for his vids Phanna Phun, Phannacies, and Phanna Mint ll.
Esam for his vid Missile_Silo. (His username on SWF is Eternal_Samus. Credits to phanna for informing me on this)
Supernova63 for his vid The Bomb, The Missle, and the Foot.
1048576 for informing me that you can do the TMJ with homing missiles.
mach5 for informing me that Fox/Falco can't jump out of their reflector right after reflecting a missile.
Everyone else who posted on here for saying "Good Job", etc. :)
You for reading this.
and, to a lesser extent...
REDRAGON for being my bud :estatic: and letting me "copy his sig and title". :bigthumbu


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Jan 29, 2007
wow! you must have putted a lot of effort in the post, nice job and very usefull too.


Mar 16, 2007
All of these are good techniques, and you've done a great job compiling them, but I have to nitpick on terminology because I'm OCD about that kind of thing.

You're "edgeguarding techniques," IMO are just general missile techniques, as all are used as part of Samus' approach/retreat/mindgames as well. PMC and Double Missiles are useful for edgeguarding characters that recover around stage level, but I wouldn't call them edgeguarding techniques.

Generally, the one that's more often used in edgeguarding is the Homing Missile. An idea along those lines is a canceled homing missile with another homing missile. Hope it helps.


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Dec 26, 2006
Sunnyvale, CA
i disagree with your terminology for dual missle jump. it should be just double missle, though ambiguous i suggest you just keep it the same as it has been the term for it.

otherwise good job.


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Mar 23, 2004
Portland, OR
Separate SH PMCs and DJ PMCs, it's better to tell people where each will work rather than them thinking they're doing something wrong when trying it.

As for video, just chop up some sections of my guide (the missile part), phanna phun (a trick vid with dj pmc), and maybe some of your own footage and put it up. This ensures that the stuff is good quality and that you can spend more time writing the guide rather than preparing a video.

Yeah, pretty general explanations but they do the job I guess.


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Oct 1, 2006
I'm pretty sure you can triple missle (with the double jump) even if one of the missles is homing. You have to be really fast, though.
Apr 27, 2007
Ok, Aftermath, I separated the PMCs and put links to your's and phanna's vids.

REDRAGON, its all cool. We're buds, right? (eh, not really)
Apr 27, 2007
WE ARE NOT BUDDYS???1/1??!!?
I thought you liked me??? :(:(:(

lol whatever. :p
whoa whoa WHOA! I didn't mean it like that! I just snapped. Really! We can be buds.

Wait, lets keep this a missile thread. :p

idk, it seems like there's some things I might've missed. If there's any type of mistake(besides speling oar gramr) post it. Even a silly mistake. Also, if there's any sort of more stuff to add to the "What are Missiles" section, Approaching section or Edgeguarding section, post it as well(oar pm mii).
Apr 27, 2007
Woot, there are 10 sections now.

I'm going to need some advice on the recently added section, "Missiles against specific opponents." In the section, there will be what the opponent can do to missiles, what missiles can do to them(mainly edgeguarding) and anything else of importance that should be added.

All I have right now is Fox/Falco, Sheik, and Marth, and they arn't complete yet, either.

EDIT: 6-16-07
I added to Sheik and also put in Peach and Captain Falcon. I'll probably put in Ganondorf, Ice Climbers, Jigglypuff, and Samus next.

I just added Ganon, IC, Puff and Samus. I'm going to try to complete the first few.


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Jan 27, 2007
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
where you said a fox/falco can wavedash out of their shine it is impossible to wavedash out of your shine if the missle hits the reflector. i asked my friend why he never jumped out of his shine when he reflected my missles. he told me it makes that stupid lag animation and it can't move till it stops.
Apr 27, 2007
I know Sheik's needles can hit through missiles, but why would Sheik take the time to throw a needle when a quick, 2 frame Jab can get rid of it? Also, I've experienced that when Sheik throws a needle at an oncoming missile, both at ground level, the needle will sometimes go right under the missile.

But I will add it anyway. :)

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Jul 24, 2006
Impressive guide, I especially liked the section with how to adapt to all the other character.

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Apr 27, 2007
Hey, dont forget to put me in the credit :mad:

Don't worry. I will. You're my bud, remember?

Yes, everyone else that was in the credits will go in them again. :bigthumbu

Well, time to start the next section...

Edit:Teh missile guide is done being recreated!


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May 21, 2006
good job, but it seemed to me that there were too many acronoms in it... i spent some time trying to find out what ******** FJ stood for :(
lots of good info though


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Sep 19, 2007
k so jw.. but has there ever been a video of samus shooting her double missle
and the creater of the video putting words for her timing of when to smash >B?
is there is could someone post it.. or if not.. create one? o.O
sorry if im asking to much.. if i am, could someone just explain maybe
how far from the ground you should smash >B when you finish the full jumped missle fire?
thnx in adv.
Apr 27, 2007
I just got rid of the 8th section, "Missiles against specific opponents". It was unfinished.

Whatever happened to my "bud" REDRAGON? He's not giving mii support...

Until wii meet again,
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Apr 7, 2006
Pittsburgh, PA
I'm having trouble with the double jump platform cancelled missiles. Should I just be double tapping the jump button as fast as possible, because it always seems like I am going just a bit too high to do the technique effectively
Apr 27, 2007
I'm having trouble with the double jump platform cancelled missiles. Should I just be double tapping the jump button as fast as possible, because it always seems like I am going just a bit too high to do the technique effectively
First of all, make sure you're trying to do DJPCM on stages with platforms that are too high for your single jump to reach, like Battlefield. Then, you have to press the jump button twice fast so that it looks like Samus DJed from the ground and you couldn't even see her first jump. Then you shoot a missile that will be MCed when Samus lands on the platform. Then you go down through the platform and shoot a missile before you land, which will be MCed. Then you repeat.

Check out some of the vids there. I'm sure there's footage on the DJPCM.

Until wii meet again,
Wii4Mii 99


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Apr 3, 2006
Check out some of the vids there. I'm sure there's footage on the DJPCM.

You don't want to DJC PMC on the normal formation of Pokémon Stadium, or on Yoshi's Story. You do want to on Jungle Japes, Battlefield, Dreamland, most of the platforms on other formations of Pokémon Stadium, etc.

The trick is, if you can get there with a SH PMC, then use that. Otherwise, DJC up to the necessary height (Battlefield, Jungle Japes you want to do it as quickly as possible, whereas on a level like Dreamland, you need to take a little bit of time).
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