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"More Flags, More Fun, More Fighting": Mr. Six/The General Six Flags for MutliVersus Support/Discussion Thread


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Oct 2, 2019
New Jersey

What is Six Flags?

I feel this brand is definitely another one that really does not need a lengthy introduction. However, the next part about the former Six Flags mascot, Mr. Six is going to have a bit longer of an introduction.

Anyway…Six Flags is one of the biggest American theme park corporations. The brand itself owns the highest amount of theme parks and waterparks combined. Since then, across the multitude of theme parks, there have been over 32 million guests. You may recognize the brand for being a thrill ride theme park by having said names of roller coasters/theme park rides at the various Six Flags parks such as Kingda Ka, Nitro, El Toro, Goliath, etc. While I am not that much of a thrill ride person (aside from the non loop-de-loop roller coasters), Six Flags is the place for thrills. Also, not many people know this but Six Flags actually started in Texas. It was named Six Flags based on the flags of the six different nations that have governed Texas in 1961. In fact, I live about an hour away from one of the most iconic Six Flags theme parks being Six Flags Great Adventure itself.


Who is Mr. Six?

Now, for those who did not know, Six Flags actually had a mascot from 2004 to 2010 named Mr. Six. Believe it or not, he is actually played by Danny Teeson, a British dancer who is not an older man of Mr. Six’s age.

Basically, Mr. Six is the Ambassador of Fun. He was the one who drove the big Six Flags bus into suburban neighborhoods telling all people to come to the Six Flags parks in the advertisements during the mid 2000s. Basically, his personality is just a funny older man who loves having fun and loves to dance.

Even after his retirement in 2010, he returned as a bobblehead in the Six Flags New for 2017 announcement video. Also, he has been parodied in Saturday Night Live recently in an um…very bad skit as SNL has been lately in my opinion.

Therefore, he is still remembered by all as the former Six Flags mascot and how Six Flags still has some desire to use him in some form.

What is the connection between Six Flags and Warner Bros?

In 1984 when Six Flags acquired the Great America property, they also obtained the rights to Time Warner/Warner Bros. Since then, various characters from Looney Tunes and the D.C. Comics made appearances at the parks. Throw in the fact that there are attractions based on those IPs and characters and the characters are still present at the theme parks. There were even some appearances from the Scooby-Doo characters as well I believe (and an attraction in one of the theme parks) alongside a Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network themed area called Camp Cartoon located in Six Flags Great America from 1998 to 2017.

Beyond that, there have been various Cartoon Network ads displayed across the theme parks due to Six Flags being owned by Time Warner. I feel it’s worth noting that Six Flags has had licensing deals with non-Warner brands such as The Wiggles, Thomas the Tank Engine, Tony Hawl, Evel Knievel and Terminator. Funny enough, The Wiggles and Thomas the Tank Engine have/have had some sort of connection to Warner Bros.

Even in China now, Six Flags has had licensing partnerships with Garfield so this shows they are not afraid of partnerships in any form whether its a music band, TV show, food brand, etc.

Why should Mr. Six get in and/or why should Six Flags get content in MultiVersus?

Due to MultiVersus being projected to be a HUGE Warner Bros crossover and soon a crossover of everything, Six Flags is perfect to show the scope of all that is owned under the Warner umbrella. After all, there are not much miscellaneous characters that are not a TV show character, cartoon, book, video game, etc. However, there was a leak by the same person who said MultiVersus was going to be developed by NetherRealm but there are rumors of Ted Lasso joining so advertisement mascots may be on the table.

Mr. Six just seems like the oddball-ish fighter that belongs in a wacky crossover. Even if it can be proven that there can be stage-only franchises, Six Flags is perfect for this. I’m just surprised there has not really been much of an attempt of a true Warner Bros theme park given how much is owned by Warner Bros nowadays.

Imagine if Player First Games and Six Flags did some form of partnership to have a MultiVersus circuit across the theme parks and at some big grand finale event…the grand reveal of Mr. Six coming out of retirement to join the MultiVersus roster with a Six Flags stage would be super hype, not gonna lie.

What content can the Six Flags franchise bring?

Well, there is Mr. Six. I can imagine him as a support due to him just being a happy man who just wants to dance. There’s this moveset on Reddit I found that captures Mr. Six’s essence super well. Credit to Spriteacola for the moveset on Reddit.


Also, the stage is quite obvious, a Six Flags theme park stage where you will fight in the theme park with roller coasters and the thrill rides as hazards. There are lots of ways you can go about a stage here. I feel like I won’t get into specifics as there are many ways to do a Six Flags stage. Given that MultiVersus is going to get the original song treatment, I can imagine a background song inspired by We Like to Party by The Vengaboys (the original Six Flags theme when Mr. Six was around).


Overall, I feel given Tony Hyunh and the dev team are willing to add anyone, Mr. Six would be a great choice due to his zany nature. Any Six Flags content would be incredible to have in MultiVersus to represent the multiple franchises Warner owns/has had partnerships with. We like to party here of course! Discuss how you would incorporate Six Flags content into MultiVersus!

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