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MomoCon 2019: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Recap


MomoCon 2019, held in Atlanta, Georgia, is the second summer major of this year. This tourney was filled to the brim with over 1,200 entrants for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Singles alone! MomoCon 2019’s Top 8 consists of Gavin “TSM | Tweek” Dempsey vs. James “CLG | VoiD” Makekau-Tyson and Tyler “PG | Marss” Martins vs. Leonardo “EchoFox | MKLeo” Lopez Perez in Winner’s respectively. MomoCon 2019’s Loser’s Bracket includes: Nairoby “NRG | Nairo” Quezada vs. Saleem “MVG | Salem” Akiel Young and Ricardo “DA | Sinji” Mathison vs. Ezra “eUnited | Samsora” Morris.


The Winner’s bracket was intense. Despite taking Game 1 against Tweek, VoiD wasn’t able to handle Wario’s combos with his Pichu. Tweek proceeded with a 3-1 victory over VoiD. After Tweek and VoiD, MKLeo and Marss went head-to-head and MKLeo finished off Marss with a close 3-2. Marss and VoiD were both sent to Loser’s Quarter-Finals. In Winner’s Finals, the two potential best players, MKLeo and Tweek duked it out. The battle was a clean 3-0 for MKLeo putting him in Grands and sending Tweek to Loser’s Finals with Marss.


For Loser’s Round 1, Samsora and Sinji went up. Samsora’s aggressive playstyle crushed Sinji’s campiness in a swift, yet elegant manner in a 3-0 victory for Samsora. The other match of Loser’s Round 1 had Nairo and Salem face off. Salem tried his best against Nairo. Salem went as far as switching up characters all 3 games. He played Snake, Lucina, and Shulk and despite getting a reverse 3-0 on Dabuz with his Shulk, Salem was unable to keep up the luck thus giving Nairo a 3-0. Sinji and Salem were both sent home at 7th. In an unorthodox move from Nairo, he decided to go Wolf, his mascot Pink Robin, and Dark Pit. Against the constant mixup of characters from Nairo, Marss took the victory in a 3-2. VoiD and Samsora’s battle was not as close as the previous battle. Both VoiD’s Pichu and Sheik were unable to take a single game from Samsora, giving Samsora a 3-0. Nairo and VoiD both ended up in 5th place. In Loser’s Semis, Marss was able to triumph over Samsora in a quick 3-0. After Marss lost Game 1 in Loser’s Finals as Zero Suit Samus to Tweek, Marss’s Ike had to pick up the slack and won Game 2 but lost in the end as a 3-1 for Tweek.

Grand Finals

Game 1 showed MKLeo’s true skill as he managed to get a 3 stock on Tweek on his Roy, hyping up the crowd. In the second game, Tweek’s was able to successfully adapt to MKLeo and he brought it back from a 3 stock to a last hit situation. Tweek was able to clutch out Game 2 with Wario’s Chomp. MKLeo was able to take Game 3 with Joker’s combo upair strings. On the fourth game, MKLeo was able to utilize Joker’s full potential and took Game 4 and the tournament in a 3-1.


1. Leonardo “EchoFox | MKLeo” Lopez :ultjoker:
2. Gavin “TSM | Tweek” Dempsey :ultwario::ultroy:
3. Tyler “PG | Marss” Martins :ultzss::ultike:
4. Ezra “eUnited | Samsora” Morris :ultpeach:
5. James “CLG | VoiD” Makekau-Tyson :ultpichu::ultsheik:
5. Nairoby “NRG | Nairo” Quezada :ultpalutena::ultwolf::ultrobinf::ultdarkpit:
7. Saleem “MVG | Salem” Akiel Young :ultsnake::ultlucina::ultshulk:
7. Ricardo “DA | Sinji” Mathison :ultpacman:
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