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Smash Wii U Mods Freeze the Game


Smash Rookie
Aug 17, 2019
So I love the Smash games. Recently, I've been trying to add the DatPags Meme Modpack to Smash 4. I'm using the latest Wii U Firmware with the latest update on Smash 4. I'm able to load the mods with SDCaffine, and the modded intro plays. Then I can scroll through the menu, with all the edits made. But when I try to load a regular Smash game, it lets me hover over the characters, but when the art for the character loads, it freezes. I've managed to select a character in Classic mode, and even that froze for 5 seconds. I don't make Smash mods myself (I don't even have Sm4shExplorer), so I don't know what's wrong. In the past, I've managed to load matches with no problem, but now it never works.
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