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Mewtwo is TOO cool.

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Smash Hero
Oct 10, 2004
Rylai the Crystal Maiden's Igloo
Seriously guys. Mewtwo is so awesome. Why? Well..i'll give you a short list:

1. He is the only character in the game that can literally teleport out of combos, making people who have never played a good M2 always go "WTF!?"

2. He is the most embarressing character for most people to lose to for obvious reasons. People really hate losing to M2s. If you can make someone feel horrible and crappy at the game just by beating them with a specific character, thats just too raw

3. M2 has the most stylish and most embarressing ways to kill someone. Sure Fox has his little shine spike and Mario has his little blanket, but M2 is so awesome when he kills someone. A few examples:
-Using disable on a recovering space animal during their lag.
-Taj's Shadowclaw when he jumps out and kills that fox with his charging B move
-His spike. It comes out as a complete surprise to alot of people. Normal reaction would be
"WTF. M2 has a spike!? Thats too raw"

4. This dude just teleports all over the place for spacing. Your trapped against a ledge at high % and you need to get away from there? Teleport behind your opponent! Your opponent is charging at you, and even though you can probably shield grab or counter attack..you wanna look all stylish and teleport behind them! It normally frustrates people who dont play against M2s

5. Disable. Its one of the most embarresing things to do to an opponent for some unknown reason thats probably obvious to everyone but me(it still looks cool). Your opponent is charging at you and attacks, then all of a sudden DISABLE. And their character is frozen. It'll surprise people. It always does.

6. Seriously guys. Just the way he moves is so cool. All of his attacks make him look like some kind of god. This dude is just too cool.

Man...M2 is just TOO raw. Seriously, he is just so awesome. There are so many other things that make this dude so much cooler than all the other characters in the game.
The tier list is pretty much a list of uncool characters to the most awesome-est characters in the game obviously. I mean..Roy is pretty cool too(so are Bowser, DK, etc..). But none are even close to being as cool as Mewtwo.


Smash Champion
Nov 17, 2005
Bay Area, Cali
um...good enthusiasm

your theory with the teir list, i'll break it with a couple examples

c falcon is awesome

pikachu is lame

i feel you though, the animators did a real good job when it comes to mewtwo's moveset.


Smash Journeyman
Nov 19, 2006
Green Bay Wisconsin
we should close this thread because everyone here already knows that. JK!!!!!
yes I totally agree with you, and yes M2 is the sweetes characer in smash! (what other character makes an evil laf and floats upwards when you win a match, only m2 and it's a great insult to injury! lolz I Love U
actually I love M2
I love every m2 player on the boards! (including forward because from what he has told me he plays m2 as well! woot!! (now only if he would switch mains.......) lolz
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