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Lurantis (ラランテス) For Smash Bros. Switch


Overkill Sarcasm
Dec 24, 2013
The Fabulous Friendly Super Sparkle Train

The idea of a new Pokemon hailing from Sun & Moon has been hotly discussed since its way before its release, and while the usual names are Mimikyu, Tapu Koko, and especially Decidueye, I think there are...well I think there's several possibilities, this thread is dedicated to one of the less talked about ones, Lurantis.


Lurantis, the Bloom Sickle Pokemon, is a Grass-type Pokemon that was introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Evolving from Fomantis, it is said to be the "most gorgeous of all Grass Pokemon" due to it's appearance and elegant moves. It looks and smells like a flower, which it uses to attract prey - which it then cuts down.

It has a signature move, "Solar Blade", an attack similar to Solar Beam where Lurantis charges up for one turn and then releases a massive blade of light from its claws.


So what are the merits of having Lurantis join the next Smash Bros.? Simply put, Lurantis has a lot of traits that add up to provide it a lot of moveset potential. It fills some niches that aren't covered by Smash's current cast of fighters. For one, It's a Grass-type, so it fills out the classic starter type trio (Grass, Fire, Water).

Its design, inspired by the orchid mantis, makes it stand out visually from the cast (Smash has never had an insectoid fighter), while also potentially making its standard moves very distinctive. In less broad terms, it can also learn several Bug-type moves that it can draw inspiration from when designing its moveset. More on that below.


Lurantis might seem somewhat miscellaneous compared to other options. Its only major role in Sun & Moon is as a Totem Pokemon - essentially a powerful boss Pokemon - and Mimikyu is also that, but way more popular. And Decidueye is one of this game's starters and covers the Grass typing.

Its biggest chance lies in timing. It's reasonable to assume that if Sakurai picks a new Pokemon for Smash Bros. on Switch, like Greninja, the decision would have been made before Pokemon Sun and Moon was released, giving Lurantis an edge. Even still, I think it is at least popular enough to be looked at.

--- MOVESET(S) ---

I've put together an example moveset of what Lurantis could possibly play like in Smash Bros. Check it out below.



A mantis-like Pokemon that fights with it's large, sickle-like claws. Lurantis's playstyle is of the keepaway variety - it uses it long claws to quickly hit enemies from afar. Should it want to close the gap, it has a large assortment of fast, strong, and flashy moves to finish opponents off in style. Be careful though - Lurantis is very light and easy to KO.

Uniquely, Lurantis's claws are incredibly durable - they can even get hit by projectiles with no damage, like Link's shield. When Lurantis is idle, its claws are drawn up to its chest, and it's safe from most projectiles.

Overall, Lurantis is elegant, but also an extremely efficient killer with an answer to pretty much everything. Fans of Sheik, Greninja, Fox, Zero Suit Samus, and Captain Falcon will enjoy Lurantis.

Special Moves:

Neutral Special: Solar Blade:
Lurantis lifts its claw into the air and begins gathering solar energy; upon pressing the button again, Lurantis releases the light energy as a blade of light that it slash in an downward arc.
At full charge, the blade extends to almost double Lurantis' claw's range and hits on both sides. (Lurantis starts off a stock with half a charge of solar power. After the first full use on a stock, subsequent uses of this move will take longer to charge.)

Side Special: Petal Blizzard: Lurantis tosses a handful of pink petals into the air, then slashes them, launching them as stunning, high-speed projectiles.
Holding the button changes how many leaves are launched. They're similar to Sheik's Needle Storm, and like that move, the petals are launched diagonally in the air.

Down Special: Stun Spore: The flower on Lurantis's spins, and then it poses as the flower releases spores that hover over itself in a cloud. For a few seconds, any attacks to Lurantis will not damage it, instead damaging and stunning the attacker.
The length of the stun is determined by the opponent's % and how long you charge. The spores disappear after 5 seconds, regardless, and grabs don't affect them.

Up Special: Fairy Wind: Lurantis does a rising, spinning slash and finishes with a claw uppercut as a whirlwind of petals fly around it.
A straightforward recovery move that can be angled left or right.

Final Smash: Bloom Doom: This is the brand-new "Z-Move" for Grass types in Pokemon Sun & Moon. Lurantis rises into the air and summons a whirlwind of petals that can be moved left and right across the stage. When a button is pressed or after a certain period of time, Lurantis will summon a massive Solar Beam from the sky on top of the wind, launching opponents for massive damage.

The whirlwind draws in enemies so that the Solar Beam can easily hit them and is essentially a way to "aim" the attack at your enemies.


>Jab: Lurantis does quick jabs with its claws straight forward. Good range, great speed, good for keeping people out.

>Dash attack: Lurantis does a spinning slash with one claw and then follows up with a stab from the other. Very good for punishing openings from the enemy.


>Forward: Lurantis leans forward and does a tonfa-like swing of one of its claws. It's sweetspot makes it good for knocking back close opponents while doing good damage. (Similar to ROB's)

>Up: Lurantis slashes overhead with both claws while spinning (similar to Falco's Up Smash)

>Down: Lurantis does two rapid jabs from its claws.


>Forward: Lurantis lifts both claws into the air, praying mantis style, and then strikes with both in quick succession. Obviously unlike any other Smash, it is incredibly powerful when spaced properly and when both claws hit.

>Up: Lurantis does three fast swipes with its claws upwards. (Similar to Pit's)

>Down: Lurantis sweeps with both claws twice.


>Neutral: Lurantis does two quick, diagonal jabs with it's claws. (Similar to Little Mac)

>Forward: Lurantis rears back, then stabs forward with both claws diagonally down. When sweetspotted, becomes a moderately strong diagonal launcher.

>Back: Lurantis daintily jabs with one of its talons thrice. (Similar to Mii Swordfighter's Forward aerial)

>Up: X-Scissor. Lurantis stabs with both claws upwards in X-formation, then swipes them apart in a huge arc; a two-part attack. The first hit catches enemies, while the second launches with massive power.

>Down: Lurantis spins rapidly with it's arms out on either side. Auto-cancels and is fast. Good for getting close while stopping projectiles.


>Grab&Pummel: Lurantis clutches the enemy with both its claws and knees them.
>Forward: Lurantis rears back and then impales the enemy with one of it's claws. (Similar to Captain Falcon)
>Back: Lurantis tosses the enemy behind it and then kicks them away with both feet.
>Up: Lurantis throws the enemy up with both claws and slashes them with both at once.
>Down: Lurantis pins the enemy down, then, it raises both claws and stabs the enemy with them simultaneously.


Jul 12, 2014
An elevator
Lurantis is one of those weird cahracters that if they were more important or more popular would be really high on the likelihood list.

Having scythe hands and grass attacks is pretty much 2 gimmicks that I could see Sakurai foaming at the mouth for. But otherwise, it's just one pokemon out of hundreds

Plus the final smash writes itself because blasting zone is great
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Smash Hero
Sep 4, 2014
Switch FC
Overlooked it earlier, so my apologies for not posting this sooner, but I still support Lurantis. It's my favorite Alola Pokemon; cute and elegant, but also did well as a decent tank in Sun playthrough. I'm sure it'd be a fun fighter to use with a dual-wielding moveset thanks to its scythe-like arms. It's among the Alola Pokemon I'm most interested in seeing in Smash alongside Primarina, Decidueye, and Tapu Koko.

Seems like the reason Lurantis isn't catching on right now could be due to lack of hope in the Pokemon, particularly when compared to its competition in the form of other popular and prominent Alola Pokemon such as the starters, Mimikyu, Tapu Koko, or even Buzzwole.


Creator of Lego Theory
May 22, 2012
Switch FC
Well in this time of uncertainty, I'm putting my support behind all the Gen 7 Pokemon I think have a chance. Lurantis got a lot of pre-rlease hype so it could very well be the Gen 7 rep for all we know.

Add me to the support list.
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