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Lucas vs. Sonic

Who wins?

  • Lucas

    Votes: 9 100.0%
  • Sonic

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


Smash Rookie
Dec 25, 2015
This matchup has me really confused. He moves really fast, and my reaction timed was not good enough to stuff approaches. It seemed like I could stuff some with nair, as it seemed more disjointed that any of sonic's B moves. Anyone have any tips on how to approach this matchup?

D e l t a

That one guy who does the thing with a camera.
Oct 5, 2013
PKF stops Sonic cold most times
Dash dance & bait with magnet / pivot grab
Hit him a lot and use your disjoints vs Sonic's negative disjoints (his hitboxes are inside his body, lolwhy?)
Ledge guard his super linear recovery without a jump
DI everything of Sonic's away and he has almost 0 guaranteed followups
You can also CC a fair amount of Sonic's stuff

+1 or +2 Lucas' favor. Sonic's speed is literally the only thing that keeps him from getting roflstomped by Lucas and many other characters.


I'm having a main identity crisis.
Aug 24, 2015
His dash attack's hitbox is so sad and hilarious


Smash Lord
Nov 20, 2013
Puerto Rico
Its even, punish game wise lucas has a better combo game and kill options on earlier percentages overall but he has a hard time trying to edgeguard Sonic compared to other members of the cast, the only instance Sonic's recovery can ever be linear is if he is forced into up b from really low, and even then he can reverse up b to bair into the stage or use wall jumps if available to stall and juke. Sonic has a pretty good combo game un Lucas (his weight benefits Sonic's combos), the difference is that Sonic kills at a much higher percent that lucas does, but he has much, much better gimp and edgeguard options, dair spike combos are letal and if you want to die to one of those you should definitvely di away. Neutral wise its actually quite even if not slightly in Lucas' favor, while lucas has a lot of disjoints that can stuff out a lot sonic's b move options, Sonic should not use specials that much vs this archtype in the first place, instead just regular dash dance game and some occasional b move options for additional mobility makes Sonic a hard target to pin down. It is also good to mention that Sonic's bair well spaced beats out most of lucas moves or at least trade (Except empowered moves). When I have the time I might add more to this, feel free to ask about anything you might be confused with or opposed in the meantime.
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