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Lucas FAQs and Thread Directory

Master WGS

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Oct 25, 2004
Canal Winchester, OH
I feel like we have a lot of repeat questions/threads that have popped up, so I'm starting this thread. I'll update it after work tomorrow, but in the meantime feel free to post specific questions you feel like you hear all the time (with answers if possible)/threads you think are must-see for aspiring Lucas players.

C'mon guys, we have a spotlight on our favorite character now thanks to some killer players. We're gonna need to make these boards more inviting!

General Discussion

Hitbox and Frame data (@Burnsy if this is actually 3.02 accurate, you should definitely change the title if you can)

Match-up Discussion/Guide (Work in Progress)

Uthrow Kill %s

Utilizing Footstools
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Jan 3, 2013
I support this idea. I would have started a similiar thread myself, but I didn't know what to put there. You should probably list the general discussion thread, because quite a few threas with one-liner questions get posted, that would be better off just being asked in the general discussion thread. And most of the Lucas wisdom is probably scattered in there, though that doesn't help too much.

For the frame data thread: The only thing that changed from 2.6 to 3.02 is the repeating portion of magne: No (extra) shield damage and now loops in a slower (2)8(2)8... pattern instead of (2)6(2)6...
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