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List of all possible character states (ie DownDamage, DownWait)?

Discussion in 'Melee Discussion' started by killazys, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. killazys

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    Smash Cadet

    Nov 20, 2011
    I've been searching forums and using Google for about 30 minutes now and can't seem to find a comprehensive list of all the possible character states and when they happen and what they do. As I listed in the title as an example, DownDamage or DownWait.

    Other examples include AttackAir and LandingFallSpecial.

    I'm interested in what situations each state happens. Framedata that generally applies to all characters would be nice as well.

    Has anyone made a list like this?
  2. Massive

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    Smash Champion

    Aug 11, 2006
    Kansas City, MO
    Pardon the lack of formatting.
    Number    Action State    Description
    0000    DeadDown    Standard downward death
    0001    DeadLeft    Standard leftward death
    0002    DeadRight    Standard rightward death
    0003    DeadUp    Upward death used in 1P "Team Kirby", etc.
    0004    DeadUpStar    Standard Star KO
    0005    DeadUpStarIce    Star KO while encased in ice (Freezie)
    0006    DeadUpFall    64-esque front fall, unused, I believe
    0007    DeadUpFallHitCamera
    0008    DeadUpFallHitCameraFlat
    0009    DeadUpFallIce
    000A    DeadUpFallHitCameraIce
    000B    Sleep    "Nothing" state, probably - it is the state Shiek/Zelda is in when their counterpart is the one currently playing
    000C    Rebirth    Entering on halo
    000D    RebirthWait    Waiting on halo
    000E    Wait    Standing state
    000F    WalkSlow
    0010    WalkMiddle
    0011    WalkFast
    0012    Turn
    0013    TurnRun
    0014    Dash
    0015    Run
    0016    RunDirect
    0017    RunBrake
    0018    KneeBend    Pre-jump animation
    0019    JumpF    First jump forward
    001A    JumpB    First jump backward
    001B    JumpAerialF    Aerial jump forward
    001C    JumpAerialB    Aerial jump backward
    001D    Fall    Falling straight down
    001E    FallF    Falling with forward DI
    001F    FallB    Falling with backward DI
    0020    FallAerial    Falling after the second jump
    0021    FallAerialF    Falling after the second jump with forward DI
    0022    FallAerialB    Falling after the second jump with backward DI
    0023    FallSpecial    Special fall after UpB or airdodge
    0024    FallSpecialF    Special fall with forward DI
    0025    FallSpecialB    Special fall with backward DI
    0026    DamageFall    Tumbling
    0027    Squat    Going from stand to crouch
    0028    SquatWait    Crouching
    0029    SquatRv    Going from crouch to stand
    002A    Landing    Landing state, can be cancelled
    002B    LandingFallSpecial    Landing from special fall
    002C    Attack11    Standard attack 1
    002D    Attack12    Standard attack 2
    002E    Attack13    Standard attack 3
    002F    Attack100Start    Start of a looping standard attack
    0030    Attack100Loop    Middle of a looping standard attack
    0031    Attack100End    End of a looping standard attack
    0032    AttackDash    Dash attack
    0033    AttackS3Hi    High Ftilt
    0034    AttackS3HiS    High-mid Ftilt
    0035    AttackS3S    Mid Ftilt
    0036    AttackS3LwS    Low-mid Ftilt
    0037    AttackS3Lw    Low Ftilt
    0038    AttackHi3    Uptilt
    0039    AttackLw3    Downtilt
    003A    AttackS4Hi    High Fsmash
    003B    AttackS4HiS    High-mid Fsmash
    003C    AttackS4S    Mid Fsmash
    003D    AttackS4LwS    Low-mid Fsmash
    003E    AttackS4Lw    Low Fsmash
    003F    AttackHi4    Upsmash
    0040    AttackLw4    Downsmash
    0041    AttackAirN    Nair
    0042    AttackAirF    Fair
    0043    AttackAirB    Bair
    0044    AttackAirHi    Uair
    0045    AttackAirLw    Dair
    0046    LandingAirN    Landing during Nair
    0047    LandingAirF    Landing during Fair
    0048    LandingAirB    Landing during Bair
    0049    LandingAirHi    Landing during Uair
    004A    LandingAirLw    Landing during Dair
    004B    DamageHi1
    004C    DamageHi2
    004D    DamageHi3
    004E    DamageN1
    004F    DamageN2
    0050    DamageN3
    0051    DamageLw1
    0052    DamageLw2
    0053    DamageLw3
    0054    DamageAir1
    0055    DamageAir2
    0056    DamageAir3
    0057    DamageFlyHi
    0058    DamageFlyN
    0059    DamageFlyLw
    005A    DamageFlyTop
    005B    DamageFlyRoll
    005C    LightGet    Picking up an item
    005D    HeavyGet    Picking up a heavy item (barrel)
    005E    LightThrowF    Throwing items at standard speed
    005F    LightThrowB
    0060    LightThrowHi
    0061    LightThrowLw
    0062    LightThrowDash
    0063    LightThrowDrop
    0064    LightThrowAirF
    0065    LightThrowAirB
    0066    LightThrowAirHi
    0067    LightThrowAirLw
    0068    HeavyThrowF
    0069    HeavyThrowB
    006A    HeavyThrowHi
    006B    HeavyThrowLw
    006C    LightThrowF4    Throwing items at Smash speed
    006D    LightThrowB4
    006E    LightThrowHi4
    006F    LightThrowLw4
    0070    LightThrowAirF4
    0071    LightThrowAirB4
    0072    LightThrowAirHi4
    0073    LightThrowAirLw4
    0074    HeavyThrowF4
    0075    HeavyThrowB4
    0076    HeavyThrowHi4
    0077    HeavyThrowLw4
    0078    SwordSwing1    Beam sword swings
    0079    SwordSwing3
    007A    SwordSwing4
    007B    SwordSwingDash
    007C    BatSwing1    Home Run Bat swings
    007D    BatSwing3
    007E    BatSwing4
    007F    BatSwingDash
    0080    ParasolSwing1    Parasol swings
    0081    ParasolSwing3
    0082    ParasolSwing4
    0083    ParasolSwingDash
    0084    HarisenSwing1    Fan swings
    0085    HarisenSwing3
    0086    HarisenSwing4
    0087    HarisenSwingDash
    0088    StarRodSwing1    Star Rod swings
    0089    StarRodSwing3
    008A    StarRodSwing4
    008B    StarRodSwingDash
    008C    LipStickSwing1    Lip's Stick swings
    008D    LipStickSwing3
    008E    LipStickSwing4
    008F    LipStickSwingDash
    0090    ItemParasolOpen
    0091    ItemParasolFall
    0092    ItemParasolFallSpecial
    0093    ItemParasolDamageFall
    0094    LGunShoot    Raygun shots
    0095    LGunShootAir
    0096    LGunShootEmpty
    0097    LGunShootAirEmpty
    0098    FireFlowerShoot
    0099    FireFlowerShootAir
    009A    ItemScrew
    009B    ItemScrewAir
    009C    DamageScrew
    0009     DamageScrewAir
    009E    ItemScopeStart
    009F    ItemScopeRapid
    00A0    ItemScopeFire
    00A1    ItemScopeEnd
    00A2    ItemScopeAirStart
    00A3    ItemScopeAirRapid
    00A4    ItemScopeAirFire
    00A5    ItemScopeAirEnd
    00A6    ItemScopeStartEmpty
    00A7    ItemScopeRapidEmpty
    00A8    ItemScopeFireEmpty
    00A9    ItemScopeEndEmpty
    00AA    ItemScopeAirStartEmpty
    00AB    ItemScopeAirRapidEmpty
    00AC    ItemScopeAirFireEmpty
    00AD    ItemScopeAirEndEmpty
    00AE    LiftWait
    00AF    LiftWalk1
    00B0    LiftWalk2
    00B1    LiftTurn
    00B2    GuardOn
    00B3    Guard    Holding shield
    00B4    GuardOff
    00B5    GuardSetOff    Shield stun
    00B6    GuardReflect
    00B7    DownBoundU    The "failed to tech" bounce, facing up
    00B8    DownWaitU    Laying on ground facing up
    00B9    DownDamageU    Getting hit laying on ground facing up
    00BA    DownStandU
    00BB    DownAttackU    Get up attack from ground face up
    00BC    DownFowardU
    00BD    DownBackU
    00BE    DownSpotU
    00BF    DownBoundD    The "failed to tech" bounce, facing down
    00C0    DownWaitD
    00C1    DownDamageD
    00C2    DownStandD
    00C3    DownAttackD
    00C4    DownFowardD
    00C5    DownBackD
    00C6    DownSpotD
    00C7    Passive    Neutral tech
    00C8    PassiveStandF    Forward tech
    00C9    PassiveStandB    Backward tech
    00CA    PassiveWall    Wall tech
    00CB    PassiveWallJump    Walljump tech/plain walljump
    00CC    PassiveCeil    Ceiling tech
    00CD    ShieldBreakFly
    00CE    ShieldBreakFall
    00CF    ShieldBreakDownU
    00D0    ShieldBreakDownD
    00D1    ShieldBreakStandU
    00D2    ShieldBreakStandD
    00D3    FuraFura    Shield-break tottering
    00D4    Catch    Grab
    00D5    CatchPull    Successfully grabbing a character - pulling them in
    00D6    CatchDash
    00D7    CatchDashPull
    00D8    CatchWait    Grabbing and holding a character
    00D9    CatchAttack    Pummel
    00DA    CatchCut    When opponent breaks of a character's grab
    00DB    ThrowF
    00DC    ThrowB
    00DD    ThrowHi
    00DE    ThrowLw
    00DF    CapturePulledHi
    00E0    CaptureWaitHi
    00E1    CaptureDamageHi
    00E2    CapturePulledLw
    00E3    CaptureWaitLw
    00E4    CaptureDamageLw
    00E5    CaptureCut
    00E6    CaptureJump
    00E7    CaptureNeck
    00E8    CaptureFoot
    00E9    EscapeF
    00EA    EscapeB
    00EB    Escape
    00EC    EscapeAir    airdodge
    00ED    ReboundStop
    00EE    Rebound
    00EF    ThrownF
    00F0    ThrownB
    00F1    ThrownHi
    00F2    ThrownLw
    00F3    ThrownLwWomen
    00F4    Pass    Drop through platform
    00F5    Ottotto    Ledge teeter
    00F6    OttottoWait
    00F7    FlyReflectWall
    00F8    FlyReflectCeil
    00F9    StopWall
    00FA    StopCeil
    00FB    MissFoot
    00FC    CliffCatch    Catching the ledge
    00FD    CliffWait    Hanging on the ledge
    00FE    CliffClimbSlow    Climbing the ledge, >100%
    00FF    CliffClimbQuick    Climbing the ledge, <100%
    0100    CliffAttackSlow    Ledge attack, >100%
    0101    liffAttackQuick    Ledge attack, <100%
    0102    CliffEscapeSlow    Ledge roll, >100%
    0103    CliffEscapeQuick    Ledge roll, <100%
    0104    CliffJumpSlow1
    0105    CliffJumpSlow2
    0106    CliffJumpQuick1
    0107    CliffJumpQuick2
    0108    AppealR    Taunt right
    0109    AppealL    Taunt left
    010A    ShoulderedWait
    010B    ShoulderedWalkSlow
    010C    ShoulderedWalkMiddle
    010D    ShoulderedWalkFast
    010E    ShoulderedTurn
    010F    ThrownFF
    0110    ThrownFB
    0111    ThrownFHi
    0112    ThrownFLw
    0113    CaptureCaptain
    0114    CaptureYoshi
    0115    YoshiEgg
    0116    CaptureKoopa
    0117    CaptureDamageKoopa
    0118    CaptureWaitKoopa
    0119    ThrownKoopaF
    011A    ThrownKoopaB
    011B    CaptureKoopaAir
    011C    CaptureDamageKoopaAir
    011D    CaptureWaitKoopaAir
    011E    ThrownKoopaAirF
    011F    ThrownKoopaAirB
    0120    CaptureKirby
    0121    CaptureWaitKirby
    0122    ThrownKirbyStar
    0123    ThrownCopyStar
    0124    ThrownKirby
    0125    BarrelWait
    0126    Bury
    0127    BuryWait
    0128    BuryJump
    0129    DamageSong
    012A    DamageSongWait
    012B    DamageSongRv
    012C    DamageBind
    012D    CaptureMewtwo
    012E    CaptureMewtwoAir
    012F    ThrownMewtwo
    0130    ThrownMewtwoAir
    0131    WarpStarJump
    0132    WarpStarFall
    0133    HammerWait
    0134    HammerWalk
    0135    HammerTurn
    0136    HammerKneeBend
    0137    HammerFall
    0138    HammerJump
    0139    HammerLanding
    013A    KinokoGiantStart    Super/Poison mushroom states
    013B    KinokoGiantStartAir
    013C    KinokoGiantEnd
    013D    KinokoGiantEndAir
    013E    KinokoSmallStart
    013F    KinokoSmallStartAir
    0140    KinokoSmallEnd
    0141    KinokoSmallEndAir
    0142    Entry    Warp in at beginning of match.
    0143    EntryStart
    0144    EntryEnd
    0145    DamageIce
    0146    DamageIceJump
    0147    CaptureMasterhand
    0148    CapturedamageMasterhand
    0149    CapturewaitMasterhand
    014A    ThrownMasterhand
    014B    CaptureKirbyYoshi
    014C    KirbyYoshiEgg
    014D    CaptureLeadead
    014E    CaptureLikelike
    014F    DownReflect
    0150    CaptureCrazyhand
    0151    CapturedamageCrazyhand
    0152    CapturewaitCrazyhand
    0153    ThrownCrazyhand
    0154    BarrelCannonWait
    0155    Wait1
    0156    Wait2
    0157    Wait3
    0158    Wait4
    0159    WaitItem
    015A    SquatWait1
    015B    SquatWait2
    015C    SquatWaitItem
    015D    GuardDamage
    015E    EscapeN
    015F    AttackS4Hold
    0160    HeavyWalk1
    0161    HeavyWalk2
    0162    ItemHammerWait
    0163    ItemHammerMove
    0164    ItemBlind
    0165    DamageElec
    0166    FuraSleepStart
    0167    FuraSleepLoop
    0168    FuraSleepEnd
    0169    WallDamage
    016A    CliffWait1
    016B    CliffWait2
    016C    SlipDown
    016D    Slip
    016E    SlipTurn
    016F    SlipDash
    0170    SlipWait
    0171    SlipStand
    0172    SlipAttack
    0173    SlipEscapeF
    0174    SlipEscapeB
    0175    AppealS
    0176    Zitabata
    0177    CaptureKoopaHit
    0178    ThrownKoopaEndF
    0179    ThrownKoopaEndB
    017A    CaptureKoopaAirHit
    017B    ThrownKoopaAirEndF
    017C    ThrownKoopaAirEndB
    017D    ThrownKirbyDrinkSShot
    017E    ThrownKirbySpitSShot    
    #2 Massive, Apr 23, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2015
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  3. AirFair

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    Marth tho

    Jul 1, 2014
    Houston, Texas
    Wow. I didn't know there were separate states for different DI lol
  4. Yeroc

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    Theory Coder

    • Back Roomer
    Feb 28, 2004
    In a world of my own devising

    Those are just the global ones. Specials have their own list, which obviously varies by character.

    Also, this is essentially a list of animations, not actual action states. There is some overlap between action states and animations that accompany those states. But it gives a general sense of what those states are.
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  5. Army805

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    Smash Cadet

    Aug 7, 2015
    So aside from up b (which will put you in FallSpecial), other special moves will put you in different states depending on the character/move?

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