Link Has Some Mechanical Breaks In Ultimate


The Strangest Link Main
Feb 24, 2019
DISCLAIMER: This is not a thread designed to promote my videos or YouTube channel, merely I am using one of my videos to showcase one of the breaks with Link that I find to be important for Link mains and those who have a pocket Link to take note of and prevent, as these situations can cost you a game (as they have done me multiple times now).

You can click this SOURCE VIDEO to see one of the examples, or use the spoiler below. The example is the first clip of the video.

Link's Falling Up Special: I am fully able to replicate this issue. When on the edge of a platform or on the ledge of the stage, Link's Up Special can in fact go down instead of up. You read that correctly, and if you saw the video, your eyes do not deceive you. This situation can only happen if an opponent attacks your shield, and you use Hero Spin out of shield and the opponent blocks it WHILE your character is still being pushed back by the attack you shielded prior to using Hero Spin. Since Link is not in the air, and on the ground, the game script does not tell Link "go upward", instead, it treats him as it should, him being grounded. It worked this way in other smash titles as well with Up Special Ledge Grabs. This, while more often than not can result in you losing your stock, it isn't so bad to happen on a platform as the first thing someone does when shielding a Hero Spin is attempt an out of shield option, which means that as you are falling, a few of those stray hits from Hero Spin WILL hit the opponent, preventing them from chasing you all together.

Again, I am able to perfectly replicate this consistently, and because of Link being grounded when performing this situation, I can't call it a glitch, but what it is, is a mechanical break with Link that could at some random moments, cost a Link player the game.

Yes, in the video I called Link TRASH TIER because not only did that DK get out of the forward smash (which happens WAY more often than it should) but Link then SDs by using up special not OFF stage.... but ON stage. There is a growing list of reasons I say Link is a mid tier, and these are just another couple. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and I hope this info is helpful or at least interesting to you. Peace.
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